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What a difference a year makes in the world of e-cigarettes! Just about a year ago the Vivi Nova was all the rage. Never mind the leaking or the dry hits, the Vivi Nova sold like there was no tomorrow. The Vivi Nova, with all its faults, sold for $14.99 ($13.99 on sale), through most vendors, and it was generally regarded as a fantastic clearomizer tank. Today, well, not so much (today’s price is $9.95). 2013 has been a great year in Clearomizer technology and the year is only a bit more than half over.

Vision has been leading the way in clearomizers for some time now, followed closely by SMOKTech, and with the recently released new products is there any company that can beat them to the top? Hmmm… Take Tom’s review on the Vision Victory, or my review here for the V-Fate as examples. Both are good products, and so much better than last years crop of clearomizers, but where the Vision Victory succeeds the Vision V-Fate doesn’t quite get there.

So, is the V-Fate a new Vivi Nova?

Yes, ceSpinfuel eMagazine reviews the new Vision V-Fate Glass Nova Tank System MyVaporStorertainly it is. Only better. Admittedly the 2ML V-Fate is heavier than the mini Vivi’s of the same capacity, and the use of Pyrex instead of plastic makes every bit of weight worth it. As far as the price goes, the Vivi Nova’s have dropped to under $10 while the new V-Fate is $12.89 (MyVaporStore). With the introduction of the V-Fate I can’t see the Vivi’s hanging on much longer.


  • Tempered Glass Tank housed in metal sleeve
  • Window Cutouts for easy viewing of liquid
  • Easy to fill
  • 510 Threaded
  • Ego Cone Cover Included

The V-Fate has a replaceable 510-drip tip along with four threaded pieces making it extremely easy to assemble, clean, and change atomizers. The V-Fate screws together smoothly and provides a leak-proof seal, much more secure than the Vivi Nova’s I used to own. The V-Fate “Nova” is as easy to fill as the older Vivi’s and features the replaceable atomizer head we’re all used to. Simply unscrew an end cap, remove the atomizer head and replace it with a new one. If you’ve ever used a Vivi Nova it will be the same procedure. The glass tank, however, won’t leave behind any residue of previous eLiquids.

So What’s The Big Deal Then?

Unless you are new to vaping, or new to this level of vaping (beyond the cig-a-like), or you’ve never used a Vivi Nova or similar devices there really isn’t much to say. It is, for all intent and purposes and upgraded Vivi Nova.

If you are new to vaping or this level of vaping, the heads of the Nova series produce good flavor, vapor and throat hit, most of the time. I’ve only been using the V-Fate for about 10 days now and I haven’t ran into any of the problems that plagued the Vivi Nova, i.e., dry hits, but that’s not to say they won’t develop later. While the long-wick atomizers look like last years I’m hoping they’ve improved upon them. If you’re not too fond of long wicks you can easily trim them, though in my experience I wouldn’t trim them too much or you’ll have to top off your tank more often. Personally, I like long wicks so I haven’t bothered to trim them.

To fill the V-Fate remove the top end cap and fill to just under the plastic cap on top of the atomizer. It’s easy to fill with a dripper bottle or an eyedropper. If you wind up getting liquid into the center tube just blow through the drip tip and get it out.

The V-Fate Nova Tank includes two atomizer heads, both long wicks, rated at 2.4ohms. It’s a 510 Threaded Tank and it’s compatible with Joye eGo’s and most 510-threaded batteries out in the market, from the ProVari to the Bolt to the ZMAX.


I was never crazy over the Nova tanks after the first month or so of using them. The V-Fate has a few improvements that make it a much better product than last years model, but the 2ML capacity is not large enough for me anymore, it would need to be at least 3.5ML to make it worth using consistently. That said, I have no real complaints about the V-Fate as a tank system. It produces a fine throat hit with the proper eLiquid, and the same can be said for the vapor, with the right eLiquid. Hardly innovative though, nearly every similar tank system works the same or better.

As with any device you use for your eLiquid it’s the atomizer/coil heads that do the heavy lifting, the external parts are all for show. While I like the metal outer shell with the new modern holes to see the level of the eLiquid in the tank, the long-wick atomizer is the heart of the tank system. I like these atomizers better than the standard Vivi Nova atomizers though. They are shorter, seem to screw in a little better, but at $2.95 an atomizer it’s a little too expensive for my blood.

Spinfuel eMagazine reviews the new Vision V-Fate Glass Nova Tank System MyVaporStoreAnother Take

I gave one of the V-Fates to Keira and she loved it. Her take on it was that it is a huge improvement over the standard Vivi Nova and she loves the Pyrex tank, the new shape of the holes on the metal tube, and claims the atomizer works much better than the standard Vivi Nova atomizer. On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being worthless and 5 being amazing, I give the V-Fate a 3.0, and Keira gives it a 4.99. Now you know why there are so many different models, and so many products to use for vaping.

Given the choice to use the V-Fate or the Pyrex DCTank by SMOK, I’d choose the DCTank every time. Both cost the same amount and the DCTank holds 3.5ML of eLiquid. Am I missing something?

Package Contents: $12.89

  • 1 x Glass Vision V-Fate Nova Tank – 2.0ml
  • 2 x Atomizer Head
  • 1 x Ego Cone Cover
  • 1 x 510 Delrin Drip Tip