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Virgin Vapor e Liquid Review

 A Spinfuel e Liquid Team Review – 2014This Review is 5 Pages Long

The last time we paid a visit to Virgin Vapor was way back in July of 2013. A lot has happened since then, but boy are we glad to be back together for this very special e-liquid review by Team Spinfuel, for some amazing new flavors from these amazing e liquid artists.

Joining me in this review will be Keira, Tom, and Jason, who have brought their A game with them today. Hardware for this review came from two sources; our own personal hardware, and several eGo batteries and accessories obtained through Virgin Vapor. Virgin Vapor has a wide array of eGo batteries, starter kits, cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks, (including Kanger ProTanks) and more. You’ll be very impressed with their selection, especially their prices. (It’s a great place to pick up unusually colored Vision Spinners too!)

The four of us spent three days vaping the seven flavors provided by Virgin Vapor.  Out of these seven flavors only two are 50% PG, 50% VG mixes, the rest are all 100% VG. All seven are 18mg nicotine.

Virgin Vapor Quality Ingredients

Virgin Vapor has a great reputation in the vape community for their magnificent flavors of e liquids, and the high quality of the ingredients they use to create them.

Virgin Vapor uses only USDA certified organic flavorings, never artificial flavoring. Nor do they ever use artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners. This is the main reason why you won’t taste any chemicals in their juice.

Several of the e liquids reviewed today come from the Absolute Virgin Line, and a few from the Original Virgin Vapor Line.

Here’s the official “copy” from Virgin Vapor describing their Absolute Virgin Line:

The Absolute line of Virgin Vapor flavors is certified organic under U.K. organic standards.  They are all pure extractions from fruits, flowers, vegetables and nuts (any flavor that includes nuts is noted on the product page for those with nut allergies).  However, unlike the original Virgin Vapor line, these flavors do not contain any alcohol.  They are pure flavor extractions created by a proprietary, multi-stage technology that produces flavors that are so true to life; you think you actually taste fresh fruit, flowers, coffee beans or nuts!  They are also extremely potent, with the average usage being only one drop per millilitre instead of the more traditional 25 to 35% or more of total volume that is used in most e-liquids.  This means that you are vaping less flavor while getting more flavor!  Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, no colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives.  These precious floral and fruit essences are an amazing delight to the senses!

The Original, or Standard Virgin Vapor line is created using USA extracted nicotine and organic flavors in a base of organic ethyl alcohol.  The Absolute line uses the same extracted nicotine used in the Virgin Vapor line but they use a different line of flavorings, flavorings that do not contain alcohol. The Absolute flavor line is also ultra pure and highly concentrated.

It should be noted that ‘some’ of their organic flavors could interact with the plastic tanks that will cause them to crack.  Real fruit ‘acids’ that are found in organic flavors do not take kindly to some plastics. While the flavors below did not react to the plastic tanks used in the X.Jet and Aspire clearomizers, we tried to use Pyrex whenever possible. We went through a few Innokin iClear X.I glassomizers for this review.

Note* We have reviewed Virgin Vapor a couple of times in the past (not nearly enough as we have wanted to though) and if you have not yet tried them there are a couple of things to know, up front, before you do.

For Virgins of Virgin Vapor

The authentic organic flavorings used in Virgin Vapor e liquids have a different flavor profile than the vast majority of other e liquid brands that use some organic and some artificial flavorings.

You’ll find Virgin Vapor flavors to be much more ‘true to the real thing’ then many other brands. Raspberries are real raspberries, blueberries are blueberries, and so on. They taste like the real thing. And because there are no artificial sweeteners being used they are not overly sweet. Fruit flavors that have a tart taste in the real fruit will have the same tart flavor in the e liquid.

Most vapers that shop for organic e liquids usually go for high VG or all VG, and if you vape 100% VG from Virgin Vapor you’ll experience a lesser throat hit than an e liquid made from artificial flavoring and propylene glycol, but you’ll also experience huge clouds of thick, aromatic vapor. Many ‘cloud chasers’ vape 100% VG because of the massive vapor clouds, and when you combine that 100% VG with 100% organic flavoring you’ll have an unforgettable experience. As a virgin to Virgin Vapor, get ready to make some memories you won’t soon forget.

Lastly, if you are a virgin to Virgin Vapor but you have experienced 100% VG or 100% organic flavoring, then don’t be afraid to order larger bottles to save a little money. We can promise you that if you like organic flavors (not everyone does) and you’re looking at Virgin Vapor for the first time, you’ll absolutely love this brand.

If 100% organic is new to you, or if you want to try 100% VG for the first time, we recommend moving slowly by trying out a few sampler bottles first. We want you to know what you’re getting into before making a large investment in a brand that is new to you.


Here is the copy Virgin Vapor displays for their samplers:

All sample bottles are premixed at 12 mg nicotine in 100% VG (completely PG free).  If you would prefer a PG mix, these are available in larger sizes.  Please note, there is no customization available for any sampler bottles.

1/8-ounce glass bottles overfilled to 4.3 mL each!

You can pick up a 3-flavor sampler pack for $11.99, and a 3-pack from the Absolute Virgin Line for $13.50. On a per-ML basis it’s expensive, but considering the savings of trying 3 flavors first to see if this is a line you can get behind, it’s a bargain.

  • Pricing
  • ¼ ounce – $6.99
  • ½ ounce – $11.50
  • 1-ounce – $19.99
  • Nicotine Options
  • 4mg
  • 8mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg
  • 24mg
  • Zero-Nic

The Seven Flavors

All e liquids from Virgin Vapor are available in both 100% VG and 50/50 ratios (50% PG 50% VG)

We did not pick these flavors, Virgin Vapor did. These are the newest flavors to come from the artistry of the resident genius, Annette. The newest flavor, released, I believe, just yesterday, is Razzamatazz, which we will review first. Another flavor, Butterscotch Blond is not yet available, but will be in another day or so.

Ready? Go!

Organic Razzmatazz 100% VG – 18mg – Absolute Virgin Line

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

 Virgin Vapor says – “The latest addition to Virgin Vapor’s line up of stellar, true-to-life fruit flavors!  Razzmatazz is an explosion of sweet, juicy raspberry!”

Spinfuel Choice Award Winner Virgin Vapor e Liquid Review – February 2014Julia: Over the past few months I’ve spent time with a few raspberry flavors and I’ve liked many of them. I much prefer the taste of raspberry to strawberry any day, so while friends might buy various strawberry or blueberry flavors I’m always looking for a new raspberry concoction. When I looked at Razzamatazz I knew this was something that was going to be “interesting,” if not surprising.

Before you decide to try this raspberry e liquid I would like you to remember if you’ve ever eaten real, fresh, raspberries before or if your only experience with the flavor was another e liquid or some kind of raspberry flavored syrup for pancakes or ice cream. The reason is, Razzamatazz has, without a doubt, has an identical taste of real, fresh-picked raspberries. I’ve never tasted another raspberry e liquid that hit authenticity this hard before. I could not stop myself from falling head over heels for this super incredible true-to-life raspberry wonder.

Massive vapor clouds, a surprisingly good throat hit, and the purest raspberry flavor I’ve experienced as a vaper, Razzamatazz is a solid 5 Star vape. A Must Try

Tom: I think every one of us said the same thing the first time we took a drag from our battery loaded up with Razzamatazz, and that was “Oh my God.” Folks, this is real, honest to god raspberry flavor.

I’ve never tasted anything so authentic, so real, and so naturally delicious. Hey, I love me some tobacco vapes, but man, there is no way I’m not keeping a bottle of Razzamatazz around for times when I want a delicious fruity vape.

Raspberry is the King of berry fruits, and Razzamatazz represents the apex of the raspberry. 5 Stars on a rocket, you have to try this one, if you like raspberries.

Jason: I’ve always liked raspberries, but I don’t think I can say I ever ‘loved’ raspberries. I do remember having a bowl of fresh raspberries and light cream once, with about 5 or 6 teaspoons of sugar on top, and it was a delicious dessert.

I’ve also had, and enjoyed, a few raspberry e liquids too, and they were as sweet as can be. I liked them, but didn’t love them. Until now.

I think for the first time in my life I now know what a real raspberry tastes like. An unadulterated raspberry, with just enough natural sweetness to take the edge off of ‘tart’, but with a real flavor that made me think; “Vapor can’t taste like this”. Ah, but it can. A great new addition to Virgin Vapor, and a flavor I will add to my rotation immediately. So good you’ll want 60ML bottles. Seriously. 5 Big Stars

Keira: I don’t want to embarrass anyone here today, but someone here has been fighting me for months about eating fresh raspberries, only to find out how delicious they are from an e liquid! Ha!

I’ve always eaten raspberries, fresh from the bush, or the supermarket. I buy them, chill them, and eat them one by one, or in a bowl of cream, or put some on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So I was ready to see just how good Virgin Vapor was in creating a natural, organic, raspberry vape.

After spending a few hours with Razzamatazz I am willing to bet that no one will be able to tell the difference, in taste, between an actual raspberry and this outstanding e liquid.

Incredible vapor clouds, a more than decent throat bump, and the freshness of real raspberries get a big 5 Star rating from this gal!


Organic Butterscotch Blond – 100% VG 18mg

Virgin Vapor says – “A flirty companion to our wildly popular Crème Caramel flavor, Butterscotch Blonde is so rich it practically melts on your tongue!  This flavor invokes an old fashioned, home made real butterscotch rather than the artificial butterscotch flavor used to flavor candies.  Sweet, decadent and delicious!  As they say, “Blondes have more fun!””

Julia: All seven Virgin Vapor e liquids in this review are bursting with flavor and Butterscotch Blond is no exception.

This brand new, yet unavailable e liquid is destined to be a major success for Virgin Vapor because while having a butterscotch flavor profile, it goes deeper than what you usually expect from an e liquid.Virgin Vapor e Liquid Review – February 2014

Virgin Vapor says it’s like a home made butterscotch and I think I can see that. It’s a creamy, thick butterscotch flavor that tastes more like a spoonful of melted butterscotch cookie ‘drops’ then butterscotch pudding.  I think it’s the creamy aspect that gives it that unique flavor. Together with massive vapor, a light, but bigger than expected throat bump, I’m giving this one 4.75 Stars.

Tom:  What I like about Butterscotch Blond is that this is a dark, brooding butterscotch. Not what you would expect, but then again, there aren’t that many butterscotch e liquids out there, not to my knowledge anyway. Judging it on the authentic taste of butterscotch, the huge clouds of vapor, and a mild throat hit from being 100% VG, I would easily say that for anyone who enjoys butterscotch ‘anything’, this is something you would treasure. So, for them; 5 Stars.

Jason: Tom and I talked about how few butterscotch e liquids there are that we know of, and I couldn’t think of any. Well, that is until I remembered one that John M vapes on occasion. So, because I had never tried one before I asked John for a clearomizer full of his to compare to Butterscotch Blond.

In all honesty, I liked the other one just a little more because it was a little sweeter. I like super sweet e liquids mostly, but Virgin Vapor’s Butterscotch Blond, while maybe not as sweet, was bolder, stronger, and braver than the super sweet one. If I had to guess which one most people would go for then I would have to say Virgin Vapor’s. This one is more authentic, and produces a lot more vapor than the other one. 4.75 Stars

Keira: I don’t see how anyone could give Butterscotch Blond anything but a 5 Star score. This one has it all. Big butterscotch flavor, creamy, with a slight, so-slight, razor thin taste of coffee in the exhale. I adored the flavor, loved the vapor clouds, and enjoyed this deep vape for hours. Butterscotch Blond is huge, and it is definitely a 5 Star e liquid!

Organic Coffee Monkey – 100% VG 18mg

Virgin Vapor says – “Who knew bananas and coffee tasted so good together?  You can taste a nice, strong shot of espresso softened and sweetened by plenty of banana.  The final flavor has a rich, almost caramel finish to it.  This flavor is a favorite with the Team Virgin Vapor staff.  Yummy!

Julia: Coffee Monkey freaked me out a little for the first few minutes of vaping it. None of us had read any of the descriptions before we vaped the flavors, so when I first inhaled Coffee Monkey I got this deliciously sweet espresso flavor, but on the exhale a distinct hit of banana. I thought my taste buds got their signals crossed, but with every drag it was the same thing; a smooth, creamy, sweet espresso (not harsh at all) going in and a pleasant banana flavor on the exhale. What a treat!Virgin Vapor e Liquid Review – February 2014

The vapor gave off more of a coffee aroma than anything else, and there was lots and lots of vapor, while the espresso lent itself to providing a solid throat bump, despite being 100% VG.

Overall, a truly delightful e liquid. There is one caveat to liking this one though; if you don’t like espresso or coffee I don’t think you’ll like this one. On the other hand, if you say you don’t like banana but you’re find with coffee, this is a good choice for you because Coffee Monkey presents the banana flavor in a whole new way. Certainly the strangest of the seven flavors, but very much a 4.5 Star vape.

Tom: For my vote of the best of the seven e liquids in this review it would be a ‘battle royale’ between Razzamatazz and Coffee Monkey. Razz is the best raspberry I’ve had to date, but you know me and coffee and tobacco flavors. There isn’t anything I don’t love about Coffee Monkey.

Coffee Monkey has a great espresso flavor. Maybe it’s the VG or maybe it’s the organic flavoring, but whatever it is, all I know if that this deep espresso flavor doesn’t have a bit of harshness to it. It’s a smooth, satisfying espresso flavor. Combine that with an authentic and organic flavored yellow (meaning ripe) banana flavor and you have a winning combination to write home about. Truly something very special, Coffee Monkey deserves the award. 5 Stars, gladly.

Jason: I’m beginning to see why organic flavors are becoming so popular. I love coffee flavors, but I do not love the harsh, slightly burning feeling you can get with a “lesser” coffee flavoring. Coffee Monkey is both smooth and deeply flavored, naturally sweet by way of a deep banana flavor; it is both unusual and delicious.

All of the seven flavors have plenty of vapor, but Coffee Monkey gave out just a little less vapor than the others. I have no idea why that would be. In the end though, I had to decide if there was room in my vape life for Coffee, and I decided there was, so 5 Stars for you!

Keira: I need to be careful the way I put this, I don’t want to be flippant about it. I enjoyed my time with Coffee Monkey, but I’m not a huge fan of espresso (though I do enjoy some now and again), and I don’t think that espresso and banana go together “that” well. It was good, plenty of flavor, vapor, and so on, but it was also a little… kinky. Espresso and banana? Either genius or madness, it’s a thin line anyway. I’m going to say, 4.5 Stars

Organic Hunger of Persephone –

50% PG 50% VG – 18mg – Absolute Virgin Line

Virgin Vapor says – “This flavor is named after the Greek myth in which the goddess Persephone was tempted by the luscious seeds of the pomegranate fruit.  Taste this flavor and you will understand why!  A pure, luscious fruit flavor that is both nicely refreshing and lightly sweet.”

Julia: I just do not understand the appeal of pomegranate, I really don’t. I am so glad I didn’t read the description first because I know it would have had a tiny bit of influence on me had I done so. The thing is, when I started vaping this one I thought it was okay, I almost enjoyed it. It was the first one out of the seven, and I chose it because of the word ‘Persephone’ (hey, I’m being honest), and even though I kinda almost enjoyed it, I was slightly disappointed. I love Virgin Vapor, and I vape their stuff a lot, so for this one to be the first of seven, and it being only an okay flavor, well, it didn’t sit well with me.Virgin Vapor e Liquid Review – February 2014

When Keira loaded up a clearomizer with it the first words out of her mouth was “Ah, Pomegranate!”. She loves the stuff, she drinks that weird shape bottle of pomegranate juice everyday, and so when she said it I instantly knew what my problem was.  For vapers that like pomegranate this is a 5 Star e liquid, for me, it’s a 3 Star. If pomegranate is your juice, this is one you need to try.

Tom:  Oh, I just know this one isn’t going to sit well with Julia because pomegranate is so strong of a flavor. And since this is a 100% organic flavor it will hit her even harder. But I liked it, a lot, and it’s way out of my usual comfort vape zone.

As a 50/50 PG/VG e liquid there is definitely has a more powerful throat hit, which I loved, and since PG is a flavor carrier the pomegranate came through very clean, and very authentic. More than enough vapor to please the majority of us, this is an e liquid all pomegranate lovers will want to try. 5 Stars

Jason: I know variety is the spice of life and all that, and I agree. But what I don’t understand is why pomegranate is a fruit people use in an e liquid. Surprisingly though, I did not hate this flavor. I hate pomegranate, a lot, but as an e liquid, it’s not terrible.

Unlike the other flavors in this review, this is a 50/50 PG/VG, and as such, it’s a stronger flavored, stronger throat hit vape. I couldn’t tell by the amount of vapor, it was still has enormous clouds of vapor, and I was happy about that. I guess the best I can offer is this; for vapers looking for a good pomegranate I would definitely say this one is worth looking at, but if you’re not sure about pomegranate then try a sampler size first. For vapers; 4.5 Stars, for me, 3 Stars

Keira: Authentic, natural, pure, unadulterated Pomegranate!

Oh, man, this one is one of my favorites! Easily as authentic as Razzamatazz, and just a deeply flavored. With big clouds of vapor, and a definite throat bump, Hunger of Persephone is an ideal vape for people who are looking for a strong pomegranate vape that delivers on all points. I will keep a bottle handy at all times. 5 Stars

Organic Plum Crazy 100% VG – 18mg

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Virgin Vapor says – “Vaping this flavor is just like biting into a plump, ripe, juicy plum!  It even gives you the layered experience of both the sweetness of the fruit and the slight tanginess of the skin.  We have a hard time keeping this one in stock!”

Spinfuel Choice Award WinnerJulia: I don’t know if this is a secret or anything, but for me to get the best possible experience from a 100% VG e liquid, especially one made with a bit of alcohol, before I vape it I give a big shake, probably a full 20 seconds, as hard as I can muster, and then open the bottle and leave it open for about an hour. I try to do that with every Virgin Vapor and other 100% VG e liquids I use. I certainly did it with Plum Crazy. The result was a phenomenal, naturally sweet, deep plum flavored vape that was like sucking on a perfectly ripe black plum. So special, so satisfying, so amazing.Virgin Vapor e Liquid Review – February 2014

But, try as I might, I didn’t taste any of the ‘tang’ of the skin on the plum, which, if you’ve ever eaten a plum you know what we mean, for me it just wasn’t there. I’m not crazy about “tang” anyway, so it was actually a plus for me.

Completing the profile for Plum Crazy, my time with it produced thick vapor cloud, not very aromatic though, and a light but okay throat hit. It’s a 5 Star e liquid though, I could tell that from the very first drag.

Tom: When I was ready to score Plum Crazy I didn’t think I would give it 5 Stars because, well, its plum. But I did. Here’s why:

I’ve had a couple of plum flavored e liquids before and the taste of real plums was never quite right. I like plums, especially the red ones, when they are just shy of being over ripe. They are sweet, delicious, and unlike many other fruits. Maybe I just like tree fruit better than plant fruit, I don’t know. But the plum flavor here was completely natural, very deep plum flavor, and just enough sweetness (natural) to make it ‘tang-less’.

Plum Crazy produced a crazy amount of vapor, and although the throat hit was sort of on the light side, it was still there enough. Overall, I really enjoyed it. For vapers that enjoy the flavor of plums, this is the real deal. Virgin Vapor does fruit right. 5 Stars

Jason: I never thought I would “love” any kind of plum flavored e liquid. I’ve had plums before but they are not my go to fruit, so I never even bother to consider plum flavored e liquids. But, since this was one of the seven flavors, I had no choice. I filled a clearomizer, let it sit for half an hour, and started vaping. Man, was this ever a delicious vape!

The plum flavor was perfectly natural, real, and authentic to a fault. Whatever sweetness was there was there because of the natural organic flavoring. I would call the flavor of the plums in this e liquid, ‘fat’, as in well rounded, loaded, big…

The taste of plums showed through in every drag, along with an abundance of thick aromatic vapor (a slight fruity scent filled the room for just moments), and a good throat hit, especially for a 100% VG juice. If you like plums you will want to try this one, and if you’ve never had a plum e liquid this would be the one to try. You never know, like me, you might wind up with a new fruity vape in your collection. 5 Stars

Keira: Virgin Vapor presents a singular flavor in Plum Crazy, and of course that flavor is the flavor of plums. Deep, dark, black plums, with a natural taste and a full, natural sweetness that doesn’t overpower, but does bring the flavor full circle. Any vaper that likes fruit flavors like grapes, peaches, apples, and pears would love Plum Crazy. Plums have a deeper, stronger profile than pears and apples, and about the same depth of flavor as a good peach e liquid, but… like ‘all’ of them, it’s all about the fruit, not add-ons that you can find in certain combinations of plum e liquids. All plum, all the time. 5 Stars for authenticity and deliciousness.

Organic Hummingbird Fuel – 50% PG 50% VG – 18mg

Virgin Vapor says – “This complex and adventurous flavor is a beautiful mix of floral notes and fragrant honey.  If you’re a fan of our award winning floral flavors or looking for something unique, this one’s for you!

Julia: I so wanted to like this one; the name alone makes me want to like it. My problem is that I don’t like florals all that much. On occasion maybe, but rarely. I thought I did once upon a time, but it turned out to be a phase.

In this case, mixing a natural, authentic honey notes with floral flavors produced a funky tasting e liquid I just couldn’t get behind. I bet some people will love this one for originality and because they might love a high quality floral, but not me. I can’t vote on this one, because I couldn’t vape it more than a couple of minutes.Virgin Vapor e Liquid Review – February 2014

Tom: I have an e liquid flavor in my rotation that is all honey. It has a weird flavor profile, but about once a week I have to have it. Real, authentic honey is an amazing flavor for vaping. But, adding that flavor to a floral is too strange. Florals make my nose tingle, makes the inside of mouth dry, and it makes me think I pulled a rose petal off a rose brush and popped it in my mouth. That’s the god’s truth.

So, with all that going on, here comes a natural, authentic honey flavor that wraps itself all over the floral flavor and produces a new original flavor that is so unusual, so different, that I would bet anything that some vapers, perhaps vapers that love florals, would die (as in, love) over this one. Though try as I might, I just couldn’t find a way to enjoy it. Definitely unique though. 4 Stars for originality

Jason: I wish we had someone on the team that understood floral flavors. It’s not me though, not at all. Vaping a floral e liquid is like eating flowers. When I vape I want something that’s the opposite of a floral. I’m not that hard to please, but floral vapes just don’t do it for me.

But wait. Instead of just passing this one by, I have a friend who has a girlfriend that vapes only florals.  So, I had her vape it for me.

She thought that adding a natural honey flavor to a floral was genius. Her words were like “I never would have thought to do it, but honey binds the floral into a whole new flavor that is both sweet and flowery. It’s a new category really, I would definitely buy it!” So you see, some people are going to love a floral and honey vape. Her vote? 5 StarsKeira: Never in the million years would I have ever thought of adding a natural honey flavor to that of a deep floral flavor. Together they combine into the most original flavor I’ve ever had. Still, despite finding it very interesting, it was just too strange for me to vape very long. I give this e liquid 5 Stars in order to get the message out that for vapers of floral e liquids this is a must try juice. I think floral vapers would love the honey addition. 5 Stars for vapers, 1 star for me.

Organic Maple French Toast – 100% VG – 18mg

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Virgin Vapor says – “Our Organic Maple French Toast brings together the bakery flavor of battered bread with hints of cinnamon and vanilla with a strong maple finish. Some of our customers even swear they can taste the butter the French Toast was cooked in! This sweet flavor is perfect for breakfast time and a long time customer favorite!”

Spinfuel Choice Award WinnerJulia: As the lead writer on this review I wanted to end on a high note, which is why I placed the Hummingbird Fuel above this incredible Maple French Toast. If there were ever a thing called the Super Spinfuel Choice Award, this one would have it (but then, so would Razzmatazz)

First, I love French toast. Keira and I will make French toast once a week, usually a Saturday or a Sunday. Whole milk, a couple of eggs, a little sugar, an a cap full of vanilla flavoring, dip some thick sliced white bread in the mix, and toast on a griddle. Top with powered sugar and some real New England Maple Syrup, and you have a great breakfast, brunch, or even dinner. So, can we turn this into a delicious e liquid? Yes, we can.Virgin Vapor e Liquid Review – February 2014

Virgin Vapor has created what is essentially a real French Toast breakfast, with maple syrup, in vapor form. I mean, you taste it all, you taste that unmistakable French toast flavor with that hint of vanilla, a sweet maple syrup, and maybe even that powered sugar and a bit of cinnamon sugar. Huge clouds of vapor, a nice, but not heavy throat hit, and a finish of satisfaction like you’ve pushed yourself away from the breakfast table. I love this e liquid so much I don’t think I can be a happy vaper without knowing I have a bottle of it nearby. 5 Golden Stars

Tom: Sometimes, on super rare occasions, I will love an e liquid that is so far removed from my normal everyday vapes that some friends find it hard to believe I’m enjoying it. Take this one for instance.

Virgin Vapor has created one hell of an amazing French toast vape that I’ve added it to my rotation the first day I had it.

I began my time with French Toast by filling a clearomizer and then letting it sit for a while. Once I started vaping it the room filled with this unmistakable maple syrup aroma that was just as delicious as the vape itself. As you vape you get a deep, buttery flavor of French toast, with maple syrup notes. On the exhale comes a nice, small vanilla finish and a touch of cinnamon. There is a lot going on, but somehow your mind will put it all in order as though it would have you been sitting at the table enjoying a French toast breakfast.

The vapor is thick, voluminous, and aromatic. The throat hit is moderate, but pleasurable. The vape satisfaction is through the roof. If you buy just one e liquid today from Virgin Vapor, let it be this one. If you can’t see yourself enjoying a French toast breakfast in vapor form, then the Razzamatazz should be your choice.

The perfect vape would be to have a clearomizer of French Toast ready, and a clearomizer of Razz. Vape the French toast for a while, and then switch off for dessert with the Razz. That my fellow vapers is exactly what I did last night, and it was the perfect vape evening. 5 Amazing Stars

Jason: I loved French Toast and Maple Syrup, every magical minute of it. When I finally read the description for it, and I saw that there was so much going on, I made the decision to start over and see how many of the elements I could detect. You see, the first ‘vape’ I didn’t analyze it, I just enjoyed it, and so I didn’t taste each of the components. When I vaped it again I was able to pick out everything, so I’ll explain how this one is layered.

On the inhale you get the definite taste of buttery grilled toast with maple syrup. After that, but before the exhale, you can taste a bit of vanilla and a hint of a bakery flavor. On the exhale you get this wicked combination of vanilla and cinnamon. Very complex, but very delicious.

Sometimes a simple flavor, delicious but singular, like the raspberry in Razzamatazz, or the plums in Plum Crazy, is all it takes for an amazing vape. But sometimes, something like Maple French Toast is so deeply satisfying that you never want to stop. This is a very special blend, and an award winner all the way. 5 Stars

Keira: If I don’t see a Spinfuel Choice Award under Maple French Toast I’m going to be pissed off. I’ve never vaped a 100% VG blend that had more complexity than this one. Each of the components in Maple French Toast is unbelievable. It’s like having a fantastic French toast breakfast whipped into a thick vapor and shoved deep inside a clearomizer. This is where 100% organic flavors come into play in a big way.

Organic fruit flavors are one thing, but how do you make an organic flavor of French toast? I don’t know, but if you think you “might” like Maple French Toast, I can say with confidence that you will “love” Maple French Toast. 5 Toasty Stars


During our review conversations it became pretty clear that in order to have such a successful experience with so many of the 100% VG flavors the one common aspect was that we all shook up the e liquids more than usual, and we all let them steep for at least an hour with the caps off.

Keep in mind that we vaped these seven flavors before reading about them, so for all we knew there could have been a bit of alcohol here and a bit of alcohol there, so shaking them up more than we usually do, and leaving the caps off we allowed any alcohol to dissipate. As it turned out, there wasn’t any alcohol to begin with, but I still think it made a difference is marrying all of the ingredients. We plan to do this on all e liquid reviews as we forward.

To be honest, 100% VG e liquids are not what we usually look for. No one has a PG allergy, and we just like PG as a flavor carrier and for the throat-hit helper that it is. These seven e liquids went a long way toward providing us with an incentive for adding more 100% VG flavors into our personal collections.

Vaping with 100% VG

We have received comments and emails about thick e liquids and certain clearomizers and I can think of no better venue to address those concerns than here.

Virgin Vapor offers many hardware choices on their online shop and you’ll see several tanks and clearomizers for sale. I don’t think they would sell them if they didn’t work with their own e liquids.

This supports my position that as long as you take a couple of small extra steps when vaping 100% VG you shouldn’t have any trouble with 99% of all tanks and clearomizers.

We used several X.Jet and Aspire clearomizers in this review and we didn’t have any issues with dry hits or clogged up atomizers. The secret, if you want to call it that, is to allow plenty of time for the atomizers to surround itself with ample e liquid. Doing so will minimize any chance for dry hits later.

We also made it a habit, with 100% VG and even the two 50/50 e liquids in this review, to shake up our tanks and clearomizers if we’ve let them sit longer than 5 minutes. It doesn’t have to be shaken for a long time, a couple of seconds is fine, but giving it a quick shake after its been lying down will force the thick 100% VG liquid into and around the atomizer. It works for us, and it will work for you. Just keep in mind that thick juice doesn’t absorb as easy as thin, runny juice, but it does absorb.

Virgin Vapor – A New Attitude?

Getting back to Virgin Vapor e liquids specifically, we’ve all noticed a certain, new liveliness coming from Virgin Vapor in the last few months. Even the names of the new e liquids seem lighter, more fun, than even a year ago.

The flavors, always a highlight at Virgin Vapor, are better than ever. Their 100% VG e liquids are every bit as flavorful as their 50/50 e liquids. And although their flavors have always been authentic, we’ve noticed an improvement to their fruit flavors from a year ago.

I know some people are of the mind that a grade of A and A+ are equal, and still constitute an ‘A’, but for us Virgin Vapor flavors have always been grade A, and now, they are all A+. Does it matter? With competition in the e liquid marketplace, we think it does. Virgin Vapor isn’t sitting on its successes, they are moving forward, improving even the best of their e liquids, and coming out with some extremely fine flavors.

Virgin Vapor has always been our 100% VG, 100% organic e liquid go-to brand, despite the fact that they offer a full line of 50% PG and 50% VG. For us, it is their 100% VG offerings that put them on the map. And, because Virgin Vapor has always had a few flavors in our e liquid collections, for the most part they have been the all VG flavors we keep on hand. That might not be fair, but when we think of all-VG we think of Virgin Vapor.

Lastly, the new flavors, Razzamatazz and the upcoming Butterscotch Blond, show an even higher level of artistry than last year, if that‘s possible. Both flavors, we believe, will appeal to vapers who have never liked 100% VG juice before.

Buying Advice

Naturally, for vapers looking for all-VG e liquids Virgin Vapor is highly recommended by the entire team. Going further, even if you’re not looking for all-VG you need to give Virgin Vapor a look-see because the 50/50 availability for all their e liquids make them a huge mass-appeal brand.

Out of the seven flavors we reviewed above, there was complete agreement on the top three that we would highly recommend at the end of this review; they are in this order:

  1. Razzamatazz – The most authentic and true-to-the-fruit raspberry vape in 100% VG we’ve ever encountered.
  2. Maple French Toast – A full on breakfast of delicious French Toast with maple syrup, made with cinnamon and vanilla notes, for added complexity and total vape satisfaction.
  3. Plum Crazy – Squeaking out to win over Coffee Monkey, Plum Crazy delivers a true to life plum flavor that is naturally sweet, but not overly so. Fruit lovers will adore it.

One final mention of the only floral e liquid of the seven. Hummingbird Fuel (awesome name!) will delight floral vapers, and its presence on this review of seven has showed us that we need a floral vaper on the team.

Floral e liquids have a very distinct taste, one that just doesn’t agree with any of us. But, if you like florals, like many people do, just imagine what a bit of natural honey can do for it. This is the birds and the bees in action.

As always, your comments are most welcome. If you’ve tried any of the above flavors we would love your input in the comments below. Your experience with these flavors adds to our own, making this review even more valuable to the reader that will come in the weeks, months, and years down the road.

Thank you for sticking with us to the end of this 6700-word review.

Julia, Tom, Jason, and Keira