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Holy Moses! I’ve reviewed a veritable boatload of pod mods since joining the Spinfuel VAPE team more than two years ago. But I never expected to get one like the VGOD Stig from the folks that designed and created such high performance vape mods and tanks (VGOD TrickTank or VGOD Pro Mod) , creators of some of the most beloved high-end vaping devices on the market (Tricklyfe, anyone?). Not only a pod mod, but a DISPOSABLE pod mod? Yeah, this came out of left field.


The Perfect Disposable e-Cigarette?

You know what’s even crazier? This tiny disposable just gave me the most potent, flavorful, satisfying jolt of nic salt goodness since I started reviewing these things.


Is it perfect? Of course not, not even the JUUL, another closed system pod mod (rechargeable) is perfect – it’s a disposable product with a limited performance time, and far too little e-liquid in each one. But while it lasts, the VGOD Stig is a better transition from tobacco than 1,000 mass-market pod mods ever could be, although fairly expensive.


Visually, the Stig isn’t all that impressive. Resembling a USB thumb drive with heavy branding on both sides, and less heft than one would expect, the Stig doesn’t feel like a solid product. But once you take a long draw of the (admittedly strong) pre-filled e-liquid, I’m not sure you’ll care.


Using a draw-activated setup, the wide mouthpiece allows for a suitably snug, but still airy inhale that will satisfy smokers’ tactile needs, while also being accessible to experienced vapers looking for a backup system.


That said, experienced vapers are also tinkerers – well, don’t try that here, folks. There is no logical or safe way to disassemble the VGOD Stig, so don’t try to get cute with modifications. VGOD includes three Stig disposable pod mods in each package for a somewhat reasonable price considering what it is. While that won’t challenge the industry’s most economical offerings, the Stig will certainly challenge their performance and longevity.


Yes, I know I questioned the longevity a few paragraphs ago, but the truth is, I’m not the target market. And, as a vape tester, I probably used the VGOD Stig much differently than a new user likely would. No, the Stig isn’t a marathon runner, but for casual vaping this will outlast most disposable cig-a-likes still permeating gas station shelves.


Part of that is due to the fantastic e-liquid inside the Stig’s prefilled cartridge. The smooth, flavorful nic salt liquid in my Tropical Mango samples went down like a calm Florida breeze. Even with a ridiculous 60mg nicotine level. Sure, for those of you using 3mg cloud fuel, the Stig is going to take a little getting used to. But for ex-smokers looking to make the jump, the Stig offers tremendous flavor with the right amount of throat hit.


I’m not entirely sure what nic salts actually do other than delivering nicotine in rapid fashion. But the resulting vape quality is fantastic, to the point where the Stig gets just as much use as the dual-18650 beasts on my crowded desk.

VGOD Stig Disposable Pod Mod Review

Some Minor Concerns

It wouldn’t be a Spinfuel review without some honest criticism, and the Stig is open to a few. And since we’re already discussing the strength, let’s address it here. It would have been nice to see VGOD include several strength options, rather than assuming a max-nic draw is what we all want.


I get that most Stig buyers will be former smokers or MTL vapers looking for a stealthy road warrior. But if you look at the still-relevant cig-a-like market, there are plenty of nicotine strength options. Yet these superior pod mods are only available at max strength. And if new vapers want to lower their dependence on nicotine, this is NOT the way to do it.


The vape quality is tremendous, but even the heartiest of vapers will struggle with 60mg of nicotine after a while.


Secondly, I feel like 1.2mL of liquid just isn’t enough, even at this strength. Most pod systems are open systems, with refillable 2mL pods, but the Stig is a closed pod mod system (like the JUUL Vaping System) and the Stig would have benefited from a similar setup, since several of my sample units lost flavor long before they lost power. (The 260mAh battery isn’t bad for a disposable, after all.)


Another mild complaint? There should be more flavor options. While Cubano will likely appeal to the tobacco fans, and Mighty Mint will do the same for menthol enthusiasts, the other flavors seem a little limited. Sure, a cool watermelon (Lush Ice) is intriguing, as was my Tropical Mango, but whatever happened to trusty ol’ vanilla? Cherry? RY4?


(Yes, I just name-dropped “RY4” in a 2018 vape review. Strange times we live in, folks… strange times.)


But these minor quibbles don’t change the fact that VGOD just made a disposablepod mod one of the best AIO setups I’ve ever used. The flavor, vape quality and satisfaction FAR surpasses 99% of the open systems currently clogging the marketplace. Instead of making six more versions of those lacking devices, companies should take a long, hard look at the VGOD Stig and see how they can follow suit. Very, very impressive, from a reviewer who’s rarely impressed.


Score: A

VGOD Stig Specs and so on...

VGOD Stig Contents:

  • 3 x single flavor disposable STIG pods individually sealed in fresh-seal foil packets


VGOD Stig Specs:

  • Draw activated
  • 100% disposable
  • 1 Stig should equal approx. 20 cigarettes or 250-270 puffs
  • 6% Nicotine by volume (60mg salt-nic)
  • 1.2 ml salt-nic e-liquid pre-loaded
  • Pre-charged 260mAh Li Ion battery
  • Available in Lush Ice, Tropical Mango, Cubano, Mighty Mint