Vaporshark rDNA 40

Ah, the Vaporshark rDNA 40, a great memento of the Tampa VCC event, and a very fine box mod, despite the DNA 40 board’s tendency to fail or screw up.

The Vaporshark Review video is the epitome of a Cold Open video. If you ever wanted to tell someone what these videos are like, point them to this one. It’s the most revealing video I’ve made, and probably why it hasn’t been published to YouTube. It’s the “warts and all”, shoot from the hip thing that reflects how I behave in the real world.

I call this The Lost Review, originally filmed back on March 5, 2015 and uploaded to YouTube on March 6th, 2015. Why was it lost? I don’t know, I really don’t. I kinda like it, as a Cold Open video anyway. So today I decided to make it public.

Sure, there are better reviewers out there, but for me these are personal videos, not attempts to make money (did you notice we don’t monetize our videos?), I see them as a way of reaching out beyond the corporate layer of Spinfuel eMagazine, and have an almost direct interaction with the vape community. These videos are not produced to encourage you to buy anything, they just show you the product as I see it, good or bad.

Why make it public now? I have my reasons, let’s leave it at that. Enjoy it, don’t enjoy it, it’s okay.

Now for the technical stuff:

The VaporShark rDNA 40

– Zip High Speed Charging
– Atomizer Resistance Lock for Nickel Builds
– Larger Screen
– Reverse Polarity Buzzer
– LG 2500mah 35A 18650 Battery
– Gold plated, Spring-loaded center pin
– Integrated wireless charging, with available Micro-USB port
– Matte Black
– Magnetic Battery Door

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