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Spinfuel Reviews The VOX II From Vaporfi

Vox II 3/4 Turn VideUPDATE: As of February 2nd 2016 the Vaporfi Vox II has been discontinued. It is replaced by the VOX TC.

I really didn’t expect too much when I had agreed to review the new Vaporfi VOX II. I mean, honestly, I’ll admit that they (Vaporfi) make good products, but when it comes to high-end, high performance box mods I thought that the few select ‘brands’ had that category all locked up. As it turns out, the VOX II is serious contender in that small arena, and one that has earned a seat at the table.

 VOX II – The Box Mod

The Elephant in the Room – The completely redesigned, feature rich VOX II is $30 less then the previous VOX 50. However, the VOX II is still expensive at $169.99. That $169.99 price tag is somewhat lower than most of the other high-end mods in this category, but is equipped with high-end features that secure its place among the top brands.

The VOX II is probably not a product that will appeal to the price sensitive buyer, of which there are plenty. I get that, and more importantly, Vaporfi gets that. But, like ‘some’ other high-end box mods, the VOX II is worth the price you pay, not only in the pure hardware aspect, but the critical post sale aspect, which I will expand on below. Try buying another expensive box mod and asking for a full refund because you “don’t like it” and see the response you’ll get.

VOX II Specs:

Adjustable Output Power from 7 w – 50 w (in 0.1 w increments)

5-click on/off

Lock/Unlock by holding down the + and – buttons at the same time

Accepts Atomizer Resistance from 0.2 ohm (sub) – 3.0 ohm

Digital OLED Screen

Output Voltage Range: 3.0 v – 8.5 v

Input Voltage: 3.2 v – 4.2 v

Maximum Output Current: 22 Amps

510 Threading with Spring Loaded Pin

Replaceable Battery

Output Short-Circuit Protection

Reverse Battery Protection

Auto Ohm Resistance Meter (Finds the ideal voltage for your RBA/RDA)

Low Voltage Protection

Device Lock Feature

Low Resistance Protection

Input High Voltage Warning

Temperature Protection

USB Pass Through Charging System

Vented Battery Casing

Pocket Sized: 94mmx43mmx24mm

Hardware And Post Sale Experience

The takeaway from my experience with “big name” players in this industry is the reminder that Vox II 3/4 Turn Videcustomer service is critical. I’ve learned that post sale relations with customers are vital to a healthy, growing company. Without confidence in the company you would be foolish to continue purchasing anything from them. This is also one of the top reasons I believe that Vaporfi is an electronic cigarette company more people should, at least, consider. Their customer service is, from email reports and second hand stories, stellar. In writing, Vaporfi has one of the best warranties out there. Though to be honest, a warranty is worthless if the company behind doesn’t back it up with action. (cough* Vapor Flask *cough)

Every piece of hardware sold by is backed by a 30-day 100% Money Back GuaranteeFor any reason. If it’s not what you hoped it would be, or if you have any other issue with your purchase, Vaporfi will return 100% of the money you laid out. You should never feel like you’re going to be ripped off when you buy vape gear, and with Vaporfi I sincerely think you won’t.

Like the VOX 50 the VOX II is covered by a 6-month warranty, so if anything is discovered to be defective in that time you’ll receive a replacement product, unlike some others in this category that will make it extremely difficult to resolve any issue, post sale.

I’ll wrap up this section of the review with this: I’ve been in this business for almost three and a half years and I have dealt with nearly every single hardware manufacturer in that time. I can assure you that Vaporfi is a company that understands that its not the marketing that keeps customers, it’s the product AND the post sale experience that keeps customers coming back. Like real, live human being in North America in the tech support department that are made available to talk to 6-days a week, a liberal return policy, and the sincere desire to offer good products to every customer. Unlike some companies, I get the feeling that these guys from Vaporfi actually care about you after the sale. If I am ever proven wrong about this, I will shout it from the rooftops, I promise you. But I don’t think I am wrong.

What I Think And What I Know

When the VOX II arrived here for review I began using it immediately. I wanted to make sure I put in the hours before laying word to virtual paper so that when I wrote my review it would be based on heavy, extended use of the product, not some 2-day play date with it and a rushed out review in order to be “first”. Don’t get me wrong, I love making videos that demo a brand new product, but I won’t commit to that product until I’ve used it extensively.

The reason I wanted to be on sure footing with this review (like all other reviews in Spinfuel) is because as a reviewer you put your reputation on line every time. There are readers of Spinfuel that believe all Vaporfi products are over priced, and while I will admit that they are certainly not “under priced”, when adding it all up the product is worth it. Not everyone will agree, I know, but the important thing is that what I believe is based on actual usage, not something I read about on a forum somewhere.

Vox II 2/3 ViewI could never understand why certain people criticize a movie without seeing it, or a TV network without watching it, or music without hearing it. The same thing happens in this industry with vaporizers, or eliquids, or tanks (especially subohm tanks), without actually having used it. Sometimes all it takes is a random post somewhere, and if its worded just right the ‘bandwagon effect’ takes hold and either the ‘product’ is the best thing in the world, or the worst, while the truth could be completely opposite of what the viral opinion happens to be. Without knowing for yourself, a truthful opinion is impossible to state.

After unboxing the VOX II my first impressions (before using it) were that it was somewhat smaller the VOX 50, somewhat taller, with an awesome finish on it, and a very solid feel. But that has little to do with the actual worth of the product.

Battery – Unlike most replaceable battery box mods the VOX II comes with a 35amp 2500mAhVox 2 Battery battery, a $12-$15 value anywhere. When first inserting the battery there was a lot of rattle going on. That was disappointing…until I read the manual (I really have to start reading the manual before touching a vaporizer) and learned that the end cap had an adjustable screw that allows you to eliminate 100% of the rattle. I adjusted the screw and the VOX II became a very solid, very ergonomic box mod that instantly gave me the impression that I was holding in my hand something very well made.

The battery was just about fully charged, so I gathered up all the subohm tanks I have, nine of them, and began vaping. Initially I spent about 5 minutes with each one. After that exercise I settled on three tanks for the reminder of the review. The three tanks were chosen on my impressions of the tank, not the vape experience with the VOX II, and they were the Joyetech Delta 2, the Horizon Arctic tank, and the Kanger Subtank. These are the tanks I use most of the time, though these days the Delta 2 is my preferred tank for flavor and vapor, the Arctic tank is second, and the Subtank by Kanger has recently fell to third place.

Each of the subohm tanks, all nine, worked well, seated flush to the top of box mod (the adjustable pin helped out a lot) and with ample wattage I was able to get maximum performance with every 0.5-ohm coil and ‘almost maximum’ performance with the 0.2-ohm coil. Despite every 40 or 50 watt mod, a 0.2-ohm coil won’t peak out at maximum wattage; it takes a bit more power to max the performance of resistances this low, especially if you like warm vapor.

The 5-Day Review

During my 5-day review period I laid my other vaporizers to the side and committed myself to just Vox 2 Starter Kitthe VOX II and only occasionally picking up another one for some comparison vape. It was during this time that I learned that Vaporfi’s 2500mAh, 35amp battery, combined with the battery management in the electronics provided a bit more performance as all my Sony VCT4 batteries I use. (Sony VCT4’s are 2100mAh, 30amp batteries) When the Vaporfi battery needed recharging I replaced it with a Sony and the performance was equally impressive. Inside the VOX II it takes about 2-3 hours to recharge fully.

The USB port is on the bottom of the mod, so using its pass-through charging feature is comfortable and not at all annoying. Charging the battery in the device is not the fastest way to charge it, I much prefer removing the battery and putting it into one of our Nitecore chargers for a faster charge, usually less than 90 minutes for a 2500mAh battery. But, while working at the computer it is not uncommon for me to use the pass-through charging as a way of vaping without having to worry about the battery life.

If you’ve used several vaporizers in the past you know that not all voltage or wattage readings offer identical performance. Some vaporizers hit harder at, say, 30w, than others do at the same power setting, some hit less. With the VOX II I learned that the power of 30w, 40w, 50w, etc., lined up with my experience with my Vaporshark, which is excellent.

My VOX II was not the Starter Kit version. I received a USB cable, a manual, a battery, and the VOX II.


Like others that review vaporizers I own several of them and as such I’m not about to tell you something stupid like “I dumped all my other mods so that I could use the VOX II full time”. I don’t work for Vaporfi and I am not in the business to sell you a vaporizer, I just report on my own experience. If you’re looking for one of those reviews you’re in the wrong place. That said I truly enjoyed using the VOX II. Here’s why…

Vox 2 in handThe VOX II feels great in my hand. Small enough to wrap my fingers around it completely, light enough to carry around all day, but also hefty enough to know that this is not some cheaply made box mod. The VOX II has an all stainless steel exterior with a fine matte finish for a firm, non-slip grip. My vape experience was excellent, as should be expected, and the firing button is firm, while the + and – buttons were sure-footed and easy to use. Because the wattage is increased and decreased by 0.1w increments it doesn’t take long to find just the right power setting for your eliquid of choice. And with the VOX II you can get to wattage settings even faster.

Presets – One of the features that stood out for me was the series of preset power settings. I could go up or down by 0.1w or I could use any of the preset power settings by tapping the + button. I can also fine-tune those presets by adjusting the presets…

Adjusting The Presets: Go into sleep mode (attaching the tank to the mod and not hitting the fire button for a few seconds takes it into sleep mode), choose your preset (M1-M5), then use the “-“ button to change that preset, say from 30w to 33w and then hold the power button for a couple of seconds so it locks in to the memory. All 5 presets can be set to your specific needs, which will come in handy when changing tanks or coils. Each tank, each coil has their own characteristics and once you find their sweet spot setting you can lock it in and get to it which a click or two.

Manual – The manual is written in perfect English, and is very thorough and easy to understand. A not-insignificant thing.

Bottom Line

I said it before and I will say it again; the cost of the VOX II is not for everybody. It’s not cheap, and its not cheaply made. If you change out your vaporizers quickly, always jumping from your current device to a new device regularly you’re probably better off not buying the VOX II. But if you’re not afraid of dropping $170 for a high quality box mod that will last you years instead of months than the VOX II just might be the device you’re looking for.

The VOX II is an original design, 100% proprietary device exclusively made for Vaporfi under their complete control and meeting their demanding specification. Every part used in the device was created for the VOX II exclusively.

The VOX II won’t be my “one and only” box mod, but it will go into my device rotation. It’s small size, its feel-good finish, its powerful wattage, and it’s compatibility with a wide array of tanks, RBA’s and RDA’s it won’t sit lonely in a drawer somewhere. The VOX II features advanced specs, high-end materials, and it’s backed by one of the best guarantees and 6-month warranties out there. What’s not to like?

Stay tuned to a video demo of the VOX II in action in the next Cold Open video.

John Manzione