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Vaporetti’s Vaporetto-T

Vaporetti’s Vaporetto-T – As much as I love my various mods there’s just no way I’m taking one with me when I go out in public. Sure, around friends, even parties where there will be other vapers I don’t mind pulling out an eGo sized eCig, but when it comes to being in public I don’t want to draw attention to myself by vaping an alien-looking device that the majority of people have never seen. That’s when the Vaporetti’s Vaporetto-T comes in handy!

I’m betting most of you reading this feel the same way. It’s perfectly natural not to want people staring at you and wondering what the hell you’re doing. So, that being the case I’m always on the lookout for new eCigs that would look good in public while providing a more-than-decent vaping experience. And it’s that desire for a good vaping experience that always gets in the way.

There are literally hundreds of mini-eCigs on the market, and once you become familiar with the way things are done and where these various brands stand in the area of quality and price you can discount 99% of them right away. It doesn’t make much sense to invest in a great mod and delicious eLiquids and then, as your ‘public vaping’ solution, you use some cheap mini brand with awful-tasting Chinese eLiquid like V2, Bull Smoke, Green Smoke, Smoke Frii, and on and on and on. Instead, you want something that offers you the discretion of a mini-eCig and your choice to use any American-made eJuice you want, along with power and long lasting batteries.

Even if you eliminate the 99% of the cheap minis on the market your choices are becoming better. Thankfully there are a few companies that have been around a while that know how to do it right, and a few of the new companies are starting out on the right path. While some brands are fine solutions to more discrete vaping, I want something with style and with even more power that they can deliver, and even a bit of sophistication. While these companies are fine for most people, I want the performance of a large battery in a small battery footprint. And until I find that solution I’ll keep looking.

Well, I think I have found that company.  And I’m ready to share with you what I found. Not only is this brand an excellent source for those of us that want a powerful and discrete way to vape in public, it is also a great brand for newbies coming from analogs.

A Brand That ‘Gets’ Me

Since my business life (and to an extent, my personal life as well) is all about electronic cigarettes and part of my job is to search for solutions for the modern Vaper I’m always testing new products. And because I vape, a lot, I know exactly what I am looking for. Thankfully most of us are looking for the same thing, so when I find something worth writing about chances are you’ll be as interested as I am. I hope so anyway.

I’ve been secretly vaping with some new products for a couple of weeks. The company that makes these products is Vaporetti. I’ve been using their Vaporetto-T starter kit and it’s been a blast. My experience with their batteries and eLiquids show that these products has performed excellently, and they’ve remained excellent performers under several different circumstances, and I believe they will remain so in the months ahead.

Based out of Rhode Island, Vaporetti has, apparently, carefully analyzed the vaping community and found the same ‘hole in the market’ that I wrote about above. They too recognize the need to bring a level of sophistication and quality to that area of the market that targets people like me, people that want the same quality of vaping, in public, that they can get at home, without making a spectacle out of it, as well as new ex-smokers entering the vaping community with a strong desire to skip the usual sad experience of the old guard that produce cheap minis with cheap eLiquid.

Vaporetti has put together a set of products that not only gives you and me the opportunity to really enjoy vaping at home or in public, but also provides a way to do so that is gorgeous to look at, comfortable to hold, and powerful enough to deliver outstanding flavor and remarkable vapor output. It’s like getting the performance of an eGo-sized eCigarette, or better, with a footprint no bigger than a mini-eCig. Slender, sleek, and beautiful, the Vaporetto-T is now the only product I use when I am away from the office or home. In fact, I find myself picking it up more and more when I’m home because it’s so gorgeous and performs so well.

Before I get into specifics I want to make something very clear. Spinfuel has always been inundated with requests to review products. In addition, we also contact companies that interest us and inquire about reviewing their line. In recent months there has been an uptick in the number of new companies getting into the eCig business. This new uptick is both good and bad for the vaping community because the number of crap companies versus the number of good companies is still lopsided.

As a reader of Spinfuel you’ve placed a certain amount of trust in our viewpoints and our reviews and we all appreciate it. I want you to know that no matter what we will continue to write the truth about the products we review. If I tell you a product is good you can take it to the bank, and if I tell you a product is lousy you can take that to the bank as well. I am reminding you of this again because the performance of the Vaporetto-T has been so excellent and so satisfying that you may, for a moment, believe that I am exaggerating it somewhat. I am not. Nor will anyone that writes reviews for Spinfuel. Vaporetti is not a perfect company, and there is room for improvement (as there is for any company) but the performance of the products that make up their Starter Kit has been flat out amazing.

The Vaporetto-T

The long, slender, Vaporetto-T is a powerful 280mAh battery that outputs at 4.2v when fully charged, and falls gradually to about 3.6v before you need to recharge it. That lifespan from 4.2v to 3.6v is literally hours, plenty long enough for a long night out on the town.

To make sure that 280mAh is put to good use Vaporetti made the Vaporetto-T a manual operation battery with an excellent pushbutton. (White button for the white battery, black button for the black battery and so on) Not only does this manual activation provide an excellent vape, it extends the battery life significantly, just as our larger mods do.

Recharging times are very short, which surprised me. The li-ion battery charges in about an hour or so, sometimes less. You can recharge it via the USB port on your computer or USB hub (which is what I use for my batteries) or you can use the wall charger. Accessories also include a car charger but since I didn’t have one I cannot offer any input on it.

Unlike most minis, which are vastly underpowered (by about a hundred mAh), the Vaporetto-T uses a tank system that puts the eLiquid directly onto the atomizer, providing a cleaner, truer, burn-free taste than the normal cartomizer. The clear (or black) tank has a rubber cap one end and a rectangular tip at the other end. While the tank performs extremely well my personal preference has always been a round tip at the end, not the rectangular end. That rectangular tip is the only negative about the tank.

The tank holds as much juice as a regular cartomizer, allowing a couple of hours of vaping without running dry. However, if you are a heavy Vaper, like myself, you might want to take along small bottle of eJuice to refill your tanks if you plan on being away for more than 4 or 5 hours and spending much or that time vaping. The tanks holds 0.5ML of juice, and without any fiber in the tank like a normal cartomizer has it’s a clean burning vape, one that will last as long as a single regular-size cartomizer. Still, if you vape a lot you’ll want some backup in the way of a 5ML bottle of juice you can keep in your purse of pocket to refill the tank, or perhaps prefilling a couple of tanks and taking them with you. You can also use any 510-threaded cartomizer if you want. Vaporetti offers their own dual coil cartomizer just in case you want to ditch the atomizer/tank setup. I haven’t used one of the cartos from Vaporetti but I’ve used plenty of other cartomizers with the battery and the performance is great. I can only imagine how well their own dual coil would perform. I’m thinking “pretty damn good!”

The Tank itself will last you between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on how often you remove the rubber cap to refill it and how often you switch up flavors. And really, that rubber cap is the only thing that can wear out. Since you get 5 tanks with your Starter Kit you’re all set for a month or so. Picking up a 5-pack of tanks from Vaporetti will cost you a very affordable $7.99.  (Hint: If you get yourself a 1ML syringe with a small flexi-needle you may be able to refill from the top, thereby extending the life of the rubber cap.)

The Vaporetto-T comes with an atomizer that seems to do an excellent job of vaporizing the eLiquid (again, you also have the choice to use regular cartomizers.) Every brand and flavor of eJuice I’ve used with the Vaporetto-T has worked well. However, I can’t recommend running a thick juice through a Vaporetto-T tank/atomizer. Thick juice can clog up the atomizer, but this can and will happen to any 510-compatible atomizer/tank system on the market. It’s the nature of the beast, so keep that in mind. If your favorite eJuice is thick then by all means use the Vaporetti Dual Coils.

The Starter Kit

The Vaporetto-T comes in 4 colors, Black, White, Pink, and Silver. For this review Jason used the black one and I used the white one. Both finishes on the battery are very high gloss, smooth, and rich feeling. While longer than most mini-eCig batteries, they are slim and light. Both of us enjoyed the feel of the Vaporetto-T in our hands, so I can say that they are as balanced as they are beautiful.

The $69.99 Starter Kit includes:

2 x Rechargeable Vaporetto 280mah rated Batteries

2 x Tank Atomizers

5-x .5ml Empty Tank Cartridges

1 x USB charger

1 x Wall adapter

1x 10ML bottle of V-Drops

Vaporetti V-Drops eLiquid

Vaporetti sells their line of 100% American-Made eLiquids of their own, which we are reviewing in a separate eLiquid review. Vaporetti sent us 9 bottles of eJuice, so we’ll have a full-team review in about a week or so.


A 5-pack of clear or black tanks – $7.99

Additional 280mAh battery – $19.99 (not bad considering the size and power)

Dual Coil Cartomizer – 1ML capacity, 2.5-2.9ohm – $1.99 each

Delphin Drip Tips – $3.99 each

A Real World “Night Out”

In order to get a real feel for what its like to vape in public with the Vaporetto-T Jason and I decided to go out to dinner and then mingle with some people in downtown Stuart FL, walking in out of the tourist stores and little art galleries scattered about.

Both the black and white batteries glow orange when activated, which is unfortunate. This did bring us some attention from an obvious non-smoking couple that, at first, thought we were actually smoking. The fact that the vapor production was so heavy also gave this couple reason to believe we were smoking. Both Jason and I approached the couple to explain that we were vaping, not smoking, and instead of giving us the usual “I don’t care what it is, it’s still smoke!” line, they were instantly relieved and then had a bunch of questions for us. It turns out that they have a couple of grown children that smoke cigarettes and they wanted to learn more about vaping, and the Vaporetto-T, so they could pass along the information to their kids. We gave them a couple of our business cards and wrote the website for Vaporetti on the back.

Other than that couple the only other incident was in the restaurant when we informed the waiter that we were going “vape” after dinner. He went to ask his manager about it. The manager came out and walked up to our table. He explained that he was seeing more people vaping in his restaurant and as long as the customers next to us didn’t mind, it was fine with him. Luckily, they didn’t mind.

When we went into a local bar there were some of other people vaping. We’ve spent the last year really getting the word out about vaping locally, throwing vaping parties, running local giveaways and even passing out disposables to people in the street we see smoking cigarettes. (Those are always fun days!) I’d like to think that’s why we ran into a couple of vapers in the bar, but probably not. Regardless, other than a few questions from people that obviously smoked, we had no trouble in the place. It went very well.

We vaped along the sidewalk, in and out of the little galleries, and no one else said anything. No dirty looks, no under-their-breath comments (that I could see anyway), it was ‘uneventful’. The only take away would be my suggestion to Vaporetti that they change the orange glow to something else, perhaps green, blue, or purple, so that people know instantly that we’re not smoking.

510-Compatibility – Experimental Uses

The Vaporetto-T is a powerful, slim battery with a 510-threading and manual activation. That being the case there shouldn’t be any problem with using a 510 cartomizer, either your own or another brand’s prefilled 510 carto. Naturally Vaporetti Dual Coils will work just fine. So we decided to check it out and see.

Our first experiment with other cartos was to fill a couple of empty Apollo eCigs cartos (our favorite blank cartomizers) with some of our favorite eJuice. The results were outstanding. In fact, a fully charged Vaporetto-T produced as much flavor and vapor as any eGo battery we have here. I was very happy to see such results because carrying around a pack of 5 cartomizers filled with my own choices of juice is an easier task then refilling a tank when I’m out in public.

The gorgeous Vaporetto-T sports the Vaporetti logo directly under the 510-threading, so that using either a black or white 510 carto still looks fabulous. The Vaporetti atomizer matches the color of the battery but otherwise lack any decoration so whether you use a carto or the atomizer/tank the attractiveness of the battery is still very much intact.

Our second experiment was to take a new, never used, Blu Cigs prefilled cartomizer (classic tobacco) and a Blu Cigs Premium100 battery and another new, never used, classic tobacco carto to do a side-by-side vapor test.

With both batteries fully charged, with both cartomizers brand new, never used, the results were astonishing. To be fair, the Blu Cigs battery is automatic because that is all they offer. It’s also an 180mAh battery. The vapor product from the Vaporetto-T was more than double the vapor from Premium100 Blu Cigs battery, using the Blu Cigs prefilled carto!


Vaporetti put together a very high quality product, including their presentation. With gorgeous packaging and great looking batteries, the whole thing felt very expensive and sophisticated.

Jason and I are very impressed with the performance of the Vaporetto-T. It truly is a great battery with remarkable power and long-lasting life. The recharging was fast, and the entire time I used it I never experienced a period where both batteries were out of commission at the same time.

If you are looking for an attractive, discrete vaping solution Jason and I highly recommend the Vaporetto-T starter kit. At $69.99 for a complete kit, including their eLiquid, called V-Drops (10ML bottle of your choice), it’s an excellent value.

Bottom Line

The truth is that no matter how many items you get in any starter kit, no matter how inexpensive the starter kit or additional batteries are, or whether or not the company sells their own line of eLiquid, if the battery doesn’t perform, or last long enough, or doesn’t recharge quickly enough, if the tank/cartomizer system doesn’t put out great flavor and great vapor, none of it matters. So many companies offer really lousy products at premium prices and, worst, they won’t stand behind the products. Selecting a company, and a product, to spend your hard-earned money on is serious business.

Vaporetti seems to be a company that does understand what it takes to become a big player in the eCigarette community. By combining great quality components in attractive packaging, with great tasting American made eLiquids, Vaporetti should be a successful, sought out company for vapers of any level of experience. If they stay true to what they’ve started I have no doubt they will continue to grow and prosper.


  • Excellent flavor and vapor from the 280mAh battery
  • Long-lasting charge, quick recharge
  • Gorgeous high-gloss finish black or white
  • Strong Atomizer
  • Logoed components (no mixing up wall chargers and USB chargers)
  • Good price for the Starter Kit
  • Dual Coil Cartomizers
  • Nice selection of eLiquids (USA Made)


Rectangular tip – Tank (prefer rounded tips)


Vaporetti included nine (9) 30ML bottles of their eLiquids for a separate eLiquid review. Still, we couldn’t help using one of the flavors in order to test the hardware. (We used 4 different brands in our tests). The flavor we chose to use for this review is their “Peach Bellini”.

Vaporetti describes their Peach Bellini with: “Escape to the romantic canals of Venice with our bubbly nectar infused cocktail flavor, Vaporetti® Peach Bellini V-Drops™. With hints of sparkling Prosecco and bits of succulent peach you will find yourself on a romantic gondola ride no matter when or where you choose to vape this decadent drink flavor.”

Julia: 5 Stars – Wow! The DOB of this eJuice is 11/6/2012, and on November 15, 2012 we filled a blank cartomizer and a Vaporetti Tank and both tank and carto delivered an awesome burst of great peach flavor and a wicked amount of vapor. What it lacked in throat hit (which was minor) it more than made up for in pure peach flavors and plumes of vapor. Not a bit of a burning sensation and not a hint of chemical taste this was one of the nicest peach blends I’ve had. You really don’t expect a super high quality eJuice by a hardware vendor but with this flavor at least, that exactly what you get. I cannot wait to start the eLiquid review.

Jason: 4 Stars – Definitely one of the most flavorful peach flavored eLiquids I’ve vaped. A great aroma, tons of vapor, and a nice clean feel, peach Bellini is an excellent juice. I’m deducting one star for the complete lack of a throat hit for an eLiquid that’s 1.6% nicotine strength. This is much better than I expected it to be. Can’t wait to start the juice review!

Julia Barnes, with a cameo by Jason Little