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I was talking to a vape shop owner near me recently about Vaporesso. During the chat, after looking at some new mods, he said, “If you’ve seen one Revenger, you’ve seen them all.” I’m not sure I really agreed with that statement then. And after testing the Vaporesso Revenger GO Box Mod Kit, I definitely can’t now.


Sure, the overall look and feel is the same. And some of the series’ persistent quirks are back. But every iteration of the Revenger has shown more promise, meaning the internal battery-powered Vaporesso Revenger GO represents the best edition yet.


Let’s dive a little deeper to see what’s makes things better this time around.

Vaporesso Revenger GO Mod Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE

Initial impressions of Vaporesso Revenger GO Box Mod Kit

Sharp angles, jewel-like beveled edges and a light, compact feel – Vaporesso has certainly gotten a lot of return on this design aesthetic. There have been minimal changes or upgrades made to the look and feel since the original’s debut, and as long as Revengers keep selling, I don’t foresee much change coming down the line.


That said, there’s something to be said for a classic design, and the Revenger GO’s sleek, ergonomic format still jumps at buyers from store shelves. My chromed silver and black test model catches the light beautifully, and the new futuristic artwork brings a little more personality to the otherwise stark presentation.


Despite the inclusion of a 5,000 mAh internal battery, the Revenger GO is still surprisingly light, with just enough heft to feel substantial in a pocket. Though there’s a BIT of a hollow sensation, the GO is also pretty durable – something I found out the hard way when my cat decided to do a little testing of his own. Even with a significant 3-foot drop from my home office desk, the Revenger GO handled it without a scratch, dent or random misfire.


Though it’s probably just my imagination, the center-mounted 510 connection seems a little sturdier and more secure than previous editions. I was happy to see all of my atomizers sitting flush with no gaps or notable overhang.


Not to repeat myself from previous reviews, but the monochrome 0.96-inch OLED display is the only mild letdown on the Revenger GO’s appearance. While it’s bright, easy to read, and perfectly functional, it’s curious that Vaporesso hasn’t moved its OMNI chipset to a more modern, futuristic display. Just imagine the Revenger with a display similar to a YiHi SX520 mod, and you’ll probably salivate just like I am right now.


I realize that certain DNA devices have used the same display for years without much complaint from their fan base. But the OMNI chipset is in need of a little refresh, and the forward-thinking Revenger line is the perfect way to introduce it.

Finally, the Revenger GO Box Mod Kit also contains the proven and popular NRG tank and coils, which makes for a predictably solid pairing. We’ve reviewed this tank, and its offshoots, countless times on these pages – including a particularly rough first impression last year – so we’ll spare you the redundancy. But I’ve grown to love this versatile tank, its great homegrown coils, and its cross-compatibility with SMOK Baby Beast coils, and always welcome another one for the collection.


I wish Vaporesso would have considered including its Cascade or Cascade Baby tank to mix things up. But if you haven’t obtained an NRG tank, this kit is the perfect way to get caught up.

Operating the Vaporesso Revenger GO Box Mod Kit

I was thrilled to see the return of the touch-sensitive, haptic-feedback button system first introduced on last year’s Revenger X. While this isn’t a “true” touchscreen interface, the mild buzzing sensation is oddly reassuring when compared to standard button operations. Silly? Maybe. But this little enhancement is fun and well-implemented.


Other than the feedback system, the rest of the Revenger GO’s operations are straightforward, with minimal upgrades to the OMNI 2.2 chipset operations. Those familiar with the series – and modern vape mods, for that matter – will have no trouble getting through the menu system, making easy adjustments as needed.


Under the hood, the OMNI is a rock-solid board, even if the display leaves a little to be desired. The chip’s trademark Smart Wattage detection and custom wattage curves give power vapers a little more control over their experiences, without having to dive into temperature control.


And power is certainly now problem. The Revenger GO can hit 220 watts with ease – a VERY pleasant surprise after the original had some struggles hitting its stated output. Even with the 5,000 mAh internal battery pushed to the limit, the Revenger GO had no issues getting to – and staying at – that mark.


The GO always has a fully featured temp control lineup, including TCR adjustments, bypass mode, onboard preheat curve settings, and a load of other features. Like we’ve said – the OMNI 2.2 chipset is a proven performer, and anyone new to advanced vaping will certainly find plenty to like.


But on a side note, (and this is just one reviewer’s opinion) I’ve always felt like the OMNI board was designed to be an “everyman’s DNA” system, rather than carving its own path toward bringing higher levels of customization to the masses. Perhaps emulating the path YiHi is carving might be a better play for this otherwise strong chipset.


Finally, the (obviously) onboard 2-amp charging system works well, and gets the Revenger GO back to full charge in less than two hours. I was impressed by how quickly and efficiently it works, and how cool the internal battery stays when doing so.

Vaping the Vaporesso Revenger GO Box Mod Kit

It’s rare that “predictable” is used as a compliment, but Vaporesso has been making high-performing vape mods for some time now, and the Revenger GO continues this trend in style. Thanks to its comfortable, ergonomic design, fast-ramping power, and – yes – predictable performance, using the Revenger GO was a great experience, front to back.


As mentioned earlier, the GO has no trouble working its way up the ladder to its 220-watt limit, and the internal battery never once stuttered or misfired. This isn’t common with self-contained, internal battery mods, so this is one area in which the Revenger GO wasn’t exactly “predictable.”


Though I’ve mentioned the OMNI chipset several times in this review, I think one notable improvement came in the Smart Wattage feature, which was insanely accurate in predicting the right settings for whatever coil I attached. In the past, the system usually made a good first guess, but the GO accurately set my various coils within a watt or two of where I’d want them.


The custom wattage curve feature isn’t something I normally play with, but it seems to work well, and the onboard adjustments are surprisingly deft for the limited control scheme.


Temperature control has never been much of a problem for this series, and the Revenger GO is no exception. All coil types were accurately detected and setting custom temperature curves was just as simple as the custom wattage feature. Vaporesso managed to cram a lot of functionality into that 0.96-inch display, and I remain impressed by the results.


If there was any gripe about the Revenger GO’s performance is that the 5,000 mAh battery isn’t QUITE up to the challenge of all-day, mid- to high-wattage vaping. It performs well, and never falters at high wattages, but I only enjoyed 3-4 hours of moderate vaping before having to plug in and recharge the cell.


To be fair, I was doing a lot of menu adjustments during these stretches, but I still think a heftier battery would have gone a long way toward making the Revenger GO even better.

Wrapping up, and Score…

It’s pretty obvious I think this might be the best Revenger to date. While the GO might benefit from an updated display and better battery capacity, there’s no denying just how simple, high-performing and enjoyable the kit really is.


If you’re a series veteran, do some research before dropping some cash on this device. But if you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the Revenger waters, the GO is a fantastic entry point… with no (additional) batteries required.

Score: B+

Specs and Contents - Revenger GO Kit

Vaporesso Revenger GO 220W Box Mod Kit Specs:

  • 5 to 220W Output
  • 5000mAh Built-In Battery
  • OMNI Board 2.2
  • Eight Total Output Modes
  • 0.05 to 5.0-ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • 0 to 8.5V Voltage Range
  • Smart VW
  • Customized Curve of Wattage (CCW)
  • Bypass Mode
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Temperature Control Suite
  • Customized Curve of Temperature (CCT)
  • TCR Mode
  • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Responsive Touch Control
  • Wattage Adjustment
  • Setting Button
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Sensory Accommodation
  • 8 Tier Vibration Adjustment
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Display
  • Temperature Mode and Output
  • Output Power
  • Atomizer Resistance
  • Individual Battery Life Indicator
  • Remaining Charging Time (RCT)
  • Puff Counter
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) Setting
  • USB Input Protection
  • Micro USB Charging Port

Vaporesso Revenger GO 220W Contents:

  • 1x Vaporesso Revenger Go 220W TC Box Mod
  • 1x Vaporesso NRG Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1x 0.15-ohm GT 4 Coil
  • 1x 0.15-ohm GT 8 Coil
  • Spare Glass and O-Rings
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual