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Our last review for Vapor Soul eLiquid was published on November 9th, 2016. For more in-depth information on the brand than you’ll see in this review, we urge you to jump over to the previous review where we dove deep into why a company like Vapor Soul does so well in this very competitive marketplace.

Vapor Soul eLiquid is 100% VG based, offered in 3mg and 6mg nicotine, as well as a zero-nic option, and is priced so low that some people jump to the conclusion that if a brand charges $19.99 for 180mL bottles the eliquid inside just can’t be very good.

We can’t blame people for thinking that, especially when some brands charge $19.99 or more for a mere 30mL bottle. But, we hope you can put aside any preconceived notions about inexpensive eliquid until you’ve tried some from Vapor Soul.

We had a lot of fun spending 3 days with Vapor Soul Eliquid back in November. It was a Cloud Chaser celebration, and now, once again, we’ve chosen 4 more Vapor Soul flavors to spend some quality time with.

About Vapor Soul

Vapor Soul E-juice is produced in-house, in real clean rooms and are always 100% VG Based. There is no PG added to Vapor Soul E-liquid. They also use the highest quality ingredients available, which, honestly, most honest brands use because the cost difference between junk ingredients and good ingredients is negligible.

The Ingredients of a Vapor Soul bottle of e-juice is; Food Grade Propylene Glycol USP & Vegetable Glycerin USP, with Food Grade artificial & natural flavors. The four flavors we review here were all smooth, silky, and definitely all-day-vapes.

Vapor Soul is available in, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, & 180ml, Unicorn bottles starting at $7.49 and going up to a max of $24.99.
Nicotine strength is available 3mg, & 6mg, with a Zero-Nic option of course. Any orders totaling more than just $11 gets free shipping. I mean, come on, can anyone not try some of these eliquids?

Vape Gear Used in this Review

The last time we reviewed 4 flavors from Vapor Soul we decided to try our luck with ceramic coils. They did a wonderful job, but this time out we decided to use the tanks and coils we use every day with our personal eliquids. Each member of the team used the SMOK Big Baby with the V8-Baby-T6 Coil Head, with a wattage range of 40W to 130W, and an optimal range of 70W to 90W. The 4 members worked within the 80W to 100W with excellent results. The mods we all decided to use were the SMOK Alien 220W, one of our all-time favorite box mods.

The Secret to Vaping 100% VG e-juice

A friend of ours read our first review for Vapor Soul and decided to buy a few 120mL bottles of flavors he believed he would like. After loading up a Sub-Ohm tank and vaping with Milk Loops for a while (a flavor we are just now reviewing in this review) he despised it. In fact, he called Tom up on the phone and told him that he had always trusted our reviews until Vapor Soul.

He went on to tell Tom that Milky Loops tasted like crap. It had a very chemical taste to it, he just hated it. Taken aback, Tom asked him what tank he was using, and more importantly, what the wattage was while vaping Milky Loops.

Turns out the tank was a SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast with the V8-T8 0.15Ω Coil Head rated at 50W to 260W, and an optimal range of 120-180W. Our friend was vaping this 100% VG ejuice at 45W, which he thought would be ideal.

Tom then told him the secret to vaping 100% VG eliquid, something I believe we should have included in the first review, but we didn’t. In any case, its included here, and it goes like this:

VG, or Vegetable Glycerin, is NOT the “flavor carrier” in a PG/VG blend, PG, Propylene Glycol is. To get the ‘best’ vape experience with a 100% VG blend you must vape it at the far end of the optimal wattage range, sometimes beyond the optimal. In this case, our friend was vaping Milky Loops at a wattage level that provided more vegetable glycerin flavor than fruity cereal flavor.

Tom told him to push the wattage up on his mod to 90W, double his current setting, and over the course of a few minutes, build up to a deep, several second direct lung hit.

Our friend did as he was instructed and a minute later Tom heard him over the phone say “Oh wow!!”…

Please do not expect any 100% VG eliquid to produce the kind of flavor you want unless you provide enough wattage to vape past the VG base. When we vape 100% VG we want clouds, and lots of them, and that cannot happen if the wattage isn’t enough to get you there. If you want great flavor with little wattage, go with a high PG blend, at least 50:50 PG/VG.

Vapor Soul Eliquid Review the Sequel - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineMilky Loops

“This is just like when you first tasted one of your favorite fruity cereal as a kid topped off with strawberry milk.”

Julia: 4.5 Stars – My wattage for Milky Loops is 94W, which provides incredible clouds and a smooth, fruit-loops type flavor.

Tom: 4.0 Stars – Wattage for me was 96-98W which provided enormous clouds and a decent fruity cereal flavor. While I enjoyed the clouds more than I did the flavor, it’s still a lot of fun to show off the cloud production of a 100% VG blend.

Kiera: 4.75 Stars – The wattage that proved most effective for me was 80W, lower than the others I know, but this level seemed to produce the clearest fruity cereal flavor while still outputting huge clouds of vapor.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – Milky Loops in my SMOK Big Baby and the V8-Baby-T6 needed 93W to produce huge clouds of vapor and good flavor. Not my favorite flavor of the 4, but a good one.

Vapor Soul Eliquid Review the Sequel - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineWatermelon Candy

“Remember your favorite watermelon Candy? This will flavor will make your mouth water as you vape this great watermelon candy flavor”

Julia: 4 Stars – I really enjoy how Vapor Soul can add an excellent ‘candy’ element to some of their flavors. I generally don’t like watermelon eliquids, but because there is a sweet, candy-like component, plus the huge clouds, this was an enjoyable vape at 92W.

Tom: 4.25 Star – At 95W Watermelon Candy produced a super sweet, slight watermelon flavored candy and humongous clouds of vapor. Although I might not want to vape this one on a daily basis, it makes an excellent competition juice.

Kiera: 4.75 Stars – At 88W I tasted Jolly Rogers watermelon candy, those green hard candy squares with a slight tart watermelon flavor. The vapor production is crazy, especially when Julia and I are both vaping Vapor Soul inside the apartment.

Jason: 4.25 Stars – Watermelon Candy took 99W and produced a clever watermelon candy flavor and more vapor then you can imagine with a Big Baby tank.

Vapor Soul Eliquid Review the Sequel - Spinfuel VAPE MagazineBlue Cotton Candy

“Just like the name says this flavor is blue cotton”

Julia: 4.5 Stars – At 95W this blend releases a blue raspberry flavor coated in sugar. Very sweet, with fruity notes, and clouds like you wouldn’t believe.

Tom: 4.0 Stars – 99W for this one, a sweet candy flavor that Julia tastes more than I do. For me, this is a huge cloud producer and the flavor is just “sugary”.

Kiera: 4.5 Stars – If you want huge clouds and you want to satisfy a sweet craving, this blue cotton candy blend will do it. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – I enjoyed the cotton candy flavor so much while I was using the SMOK Big Baby that I had to try this one in the MELO 300 tank, a tank capable of even more vapor than the Big Baby. The MELO 300 was equipped with the 0.17Ω 100W-300W Sextuple Coil and I could get passed 220W, the ceiling of the Alien mod by SMOK, and man, let me tell you, vapor clouds from a 100% VG ejuice in the MELO 300 is unbelievable.

Vapor Soul Eliquid Review the Sequel - Spinfuel VAPE MagazinePeach Gummies

“Just like the name this flavor is a sweet peach candy flavor, just like a peach gummi candy”

Julia: 5 Stars -The best flavor of the 4 blend, peach gummies tastes like peach gummy bears when vaped above 90W. Clouds are crazy huge, and the flavor is wonderful.

Tom: 4.5 Stars – Peach Gummies has more flavor than the other 3, but only about 90% of the cloud production, when vaped at 96W anyway.

Kiera: 5 Stars – I loved Peach Gummies for all the reasons you should love an all VG blend. Sweet peach flavor and enormous clouds of vapor make this one enjoyable ride. Vaped at 90-91W

Jason: 5.00 Stars – Setting my Alien at 210W, and using my MELO 300 with a new 0.17Ω Kanthal 100-300W coil head I had one of the best vape experiences I’ve ever had. The peach flavor reveals itself like crazy at 200W in the MELO 300, and the amount of vapor it produces would get you kicked out of most places that allow vaping.


If you’ve never tried a 100% VG blend, and you love big clouds of vapor, then you really need to. But, you must also be prepared for a very different kind of vape.

Using all VG is a good way to create ejuice used for cloud competitions, but getting the amount of flavor right takes a lot of massaging. Cloud competitions are very interested in the flavor of the juice, just the huge clouds, but Vapor Soul tried to give us both flavor and competition sized clouds.

There are some Vapers that have allergies to PG, and Vapor Soul is an excellent alternative for them. For the rest of us, Vapor Soul makes good VG-based eliquid at prices that are so affordable we could all vape 24/7 and never run out.

You owe it to yourself to try an all VG blend, just make sure you have the wattage in your mode, and the low resistance in your coils, to get through that VG flavor and into the good stuff.

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