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Vapor Shark DNA250 Box Mod

Everyone has that one product, be it a Box Mod, Sub-Ohm Tank or any vape device on your wish list that at some point you need to own. Mine was the Vapor Shark DNA200 Box Mod when Evolv first released the DNA200 chipset. Throughout the year, I could never muster up the two hundred bucks it took to own one so you can guess the amount of excitement that was coursing through me when I received the Vapor Shark DNA250 Box Mod ($174.99 at Vapor Authority) from Spinfuel HQ for review! What sets the Vapor Shark DNA250 apart from other DNA250 boxes besides the signature bottom display screen? Read on to find out.

Vapor Shark DNA250 Box Mod - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The extremely lightweight Vapor Shark DNA250 chassis weighs in at only 160g and is machined out of a solid billet stock of 6061 aluminum alloy. The three-stage finishing process Vapor Shark has accomplished here is top notch by today’s standards.  The first step is anodizing the aluminum housing and preparing the surface for the rich, deep Black color. After the anodizing is complete, a scratch-resistant, matte Black paint is sprayed and finally coated with the rubberized finish you feel on the device, finishing the whole process. The result is a comfortable, soft rubber exterior that not only is a pleasure to vape with but it should last for many years to come. The edges are slightly tapered so it fits the curvature of my hand just right. Unfortunately, any atomizer larger than 22mm will show some overhang. The last several weeks, I’ve been relentless with my Vapor Shark DNA250 seeing if I could get any marks, scuffs or fading past the superior finish. Thankfully its held up like Vapor Shark claims. The only color option as of right now is Black and no word on any other options becoming available in the future. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is what the $174.99 (at Vapor Authority) price tag reflects. The Vapor Shark DNA250 Box Mod is powered by Evolv’s DNA250 chipset which means 250W of power at your immediate disposal. Enjoy a voltage output of 9.3V, 60.0A of maximum output current and a 97% operating efficiency. The improved accuracy of the DNA250 chipsets Temperature Control gives you endless ways to dial in your preferred vape. The DNA250 board does a great job regulating the temperature that’s you set. The Temperature Protection setting by default is set to 450° Fahrenheit but can be adjusted from 200°-600°Fahrenheit. The preprogrammed wires available the second you open the packaging are Kanthal, Ni200, Titanium, SS316L, Sweet Spot Ti Wire 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm and Watts Mode. Each preset profile has a unique text instead of the same old boring: Preset 1 – Kanthal which is great for the consumers that don’t have access to the Escribe software.

Vapor Shark DNA250 Box Mod - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Sweet Spot Vapors (a company I’ve never heard of before reviewing the Vapor Shark DNA250) created a special blend of Titanium wire that can be vaped in both Wattage and TC Modes. The accuracy and legitimacy of their claims could be completely true but vaping Titanium wire in Power Mode could cause severe long-term effects so I’m hesitant to give it a try. It contains no chromium or nickel which makes it a contender for VW, VV and unregulated devices. I’ve never vaped with Sweet Spot Titanium wire but after some more research, that could change. If anyone has experience with it, please comment below and let me know if it’s worth the time and cash investment.

Side Note: I wanted to cover the basic operation of the DNA250 chipset (it’s the same for the DNA75/DNA200 devices as well). While the following list will cover most of what you need to start vaping, I highly recommend downloading Escribe and learn what the chipset is capable of to maximize the full potential of the DNA250 board. I personalize all my DNA-powered devices through Evolv’s Escribe software and some of the options are a necessity for my daily vaping endeavors. (Every DNA device comes with a detailed User Manual including the Vapor Shark DNA250 if you need more information) ·

  • Powering On Your Device: A simple click of the fire button will initiate the startup.
  • Locked Mode: Click the fire button five times with less than .7 seconds between presses. To unlock, press five more times.
  • Stealth Mode: After pressing the fire button five times (puts you into Locked Mode), hold the fire button and down button together for five seconds. Repeat to exit Stealth Mode.
  • Resistance Lock: While still in Locked Mode, hold the fire and up buttons for two seconds to lock your resistance in any Temperature Control Mode.
  • Power Locked Mode: Hold the up and down buttons for two seconds which prevents you from accidental wattage adjustments.
  • Scroll Profiles: Still in Power Locked Mode, double click either the up or down buttons to scroll through the eight profiles.
  • Switching between Celsius/Fahrenheit: Adjust the temperature down to 200F and press down one more time.

With the Escribe software, you can customize just about every aspect from what vitals show on the main screen to adding pictures and different fonts; 93 different options to be exact. Keep in mind Escribe is only available on Windows PC. Don’t be intimidated by customization software like Escribe. It’s very user-friendly and only took me a few minutes to learn the basics. Creating your own fonts and small pictures is a fun way to really personalize each DNA device.

Vapor Shark DNA250 Box Mod - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

If you’re after great battery life, I’d invest my money on any of the quad-18650 devices like the SMOK GX350 TC Box Mod or the iJOY MAXO 315W TC Box Mod. The Vapor Shark DNA250 runs on a 10W hour 3S Lithium Polymer battery back that can be removed for servicing or replacement. If you enjoy vaping in the 100W+ range, expect the battery to last an hour; two if you’re lucky. At 120W, the battery percentage was dropping one point after every pull! Vapor Shark had to sacrifice something to achieve the wonderful portability and battery life was the lamb. The side panel (battery door) is held securely in place by a large magnet up top and snaps into place at the bottom. There’s a couple protruding grooves on each side of the door that act as a grip to pull the door off. Why would you need to have access to a Lipo battery pack? You can service or replace your battery pack (if at some point down the road you need to) which expands the life of the Vapor Shark DNA250 substantially. Luckily, the Vapor Shark DNA250 utilizes high-speed 2A charging simply by plugging the included micro USB cable into the USB port under the regulatory buttons. From a completely drained battery to fully charged took roughly 60-90 minutes. When plugged in, the light behind the fire button will illuminate Red then turns off when it’s fully charged; this prevents you from flipping the device over to see if it’s charged yet. There is pass-through functionality since you’ll be charging the Vapor Shark DNA250 often so at least you can vape while you’re waiting. The largest distinction between the original Vapor Shark DNA200 and their competition was the 0.91-inch OLED screen is on the bottom (Vapor Shark kept with the same screen location for the DNA250 version). If you’ve ever owned a DNA-powered device, you know the screen is amazingly bright and easy to read. Having the screen located on the bottom of the mod might turn off some consumers since the display screen is the “technologically advanced” section of a mod and a lot of vapers like to see the screen during use. Having the screen on the bottom hasn’t been an issue for me. Flipping the device over for a second to check my readings or to make an adjustment is just as easy as having the screen right in front of me. Honestly, having the screen on the bottom helps maintain that stealthy stature and keeps everything clean and simplified.

Vapor Shark DNA250 Box Mod - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The large fire button is rounded to the touch and protrudes more than enough to find easily with my finger. The fire button lights up Blue when engaged and clicks easily. The placement is spot on where my trigger finger lands which makes holding and firing the Vapor Shark organic. The two regulatory buttons are clearly marked with a (+) and () and share the nice clicking engagement as well. The 510-connection threads are smooth and I haven’t felt any hesitation with a variety of atomizers I’ve installed. There’s a slight gap between the 510-connection and the attached atomizer with most of the tanks I’ve used but is still very minimal and not that noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

Final Grade – A

“The Vapor Shark DNA250 Box Mod has lived up to my expectations thanks to the pocket-friendly body and powerful DNA250 chipset. Even at higher wattages (120W and up), the Vapor Shark DNA250 never got hot. The rubberized finish provides plenty of grip so holding it through the entire day is effortless. If the battery life is something you can look past, the Vapor Shark DNA250 is an excellent option as a long-term vaping investment!”

Available for $174.99 at Vapor Authority ($15 cheaper than the Vapor Shark website)

Vapor Shark DNA 250 Specifications: Threading: 510 Connector Material: Stainless Steel Pin Type: Spring-Loaded Pin Material: Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Wattage Output: 1W – 250W Output Current: 55 Amp Body Material: 6031-Grade Aluminum Charging Type: Internal Charging Time: 90 minutes Battery Capacity: 10-Watt Hour Length: 3.50 Inches (89.10 mm) Width: 1.89 Inches (48.10 mm) Depth: 0.94 Inches (23.90 mm)   Vapor Shark DNA 250 Features: Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Temperature Control, Sensing, and Limiting Clear and Vivid OLED Screen Maximum Power Output of 250W Constructed with 6031-Grade Aluminum Tri-Stage Paint Layering Process Illuminated Fire Button User-Serviceable Battery Exclusive Zip High-Speed Charging Upgradable Firmware Escribe Controlling Interface Software Up to 8 Individual Profiles Settings Internal Charging Capability High-Capacity Tri-Cell 10-Watt Hour Lipo Battery Pack Ergonomically Designed for Comfortable Handling Anti-Slip Rubberized Coating Over-Discharge Protection Under-Voltage Protection Over-Voltage Protection Short Circuit Protection Over-Current Protection Lock/Unlock Capability 100% Authentic Vapor Shark   Vapor Shark DNA 250 Includes: 1 x Vapor Shark DNA 250 Box MOD 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x User Manual