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UPDATE: January 13th, 2013 – Today The Vapor Girl took home 8 Spinfuel Choice Awards for excellence, flavor, and vapor production, and eLiquid artistry. The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team, working from the original notes, has updated this review to reflect the flavors that were designated the award winners. For more information about the Choice Awards, click here.


The Vapor Girl Get Reviewed


Lead Writer; Julia Barnes, with Stephan J, Lisa Johnston, Jason Little and Tom McBrideStephan


Victoria, the owner of ‘The Vapor Girl’, an eLiquid company, prides herself as being a true ‘artisan of eLiquid’ and it shows in the risks she is able to take in providing original, great tasting eLiquids to her ever-expanding clientele. You may not like EVERY concoction Victoria has created, but chances are the vast majority of them will become favorites in your own eJuice rotation.


Not only is every ingredient in The Vapor Girl eLiquids American made and American grown, her liquid nicotine comes from her own state of North Carolina. It doesn’t become more “home-grown” than that.


Victoria sent the Spinfuel Team more than a dozen flavors to review. Some were downright creatively original. Seriously, have you seen, or even vaped, an eJuice called “Sweet Potato Pie” (a major hit with the team!). We had a great time vaping these eLiquids, and below is our actual, albeit ‘truncated’ dialog from our “get-together” conversations after vaping nothing but The Vapor Girl eLiquids for 72 hours.


The Vapor Girl offers a wide variety of flavors and they are presented in a few different ways. eLiquids can be purchased in plastic bottles with a needle tip, or amber glass with a safety plastic tip. Sizes range in 5, 10, 30, and 50ML bottles. Interestingly, the Nicotine choice is 1.2% only (no other strengths are available unless custom blended) and the eJuice is mixed as 70/30 PG/VG. Ordering 50ML eJuice allows you to choose not only the PG/VG mix, but the nicotine strength as well. Because each bottle is hand-mixed by Victoria herself, we can certainly understand the restrictions.


Hardware: Julia Barnes chose to use a new Vapage VMOD 2 from Vapor Phoenix, Chelsey chose her trusty Apollo TGo, Lisa, as always, had her Vapor King Storm 2 at the ready, Jason Little brought his Totally Wicked eGo-C Twist, and Tom McBride pulled out his trusty ProVape ProVari and more than a few Texas Tuff Tanks and even a rebuildable Clearomizer by Phoenix (review coming up soon). This was going to be a very serious group of Vapers!

How We Rated: Each member of the team was given an ample supply of eJuice from The Vapor Girl, and the staff members graded the juice on the following parameters.


  1. Accuracy of Taste – Did it taste the way it was described?

  2. Vapor Production and Throat Hit

  3. Flavors – Did the flavors come through?

  4. Choice – Would the Staffer ‘choose’ to vape this flavor?

  5. Overall impressions – Were these flavors well presented, was each flavor worth vaping, and most of all, did they enjoy their time with the eLiquids.


Even though we use a 5 Star rating system the above 5 criteria do not factor into the score as 1 point for #1, 1 point for #2, and so forth. The point system is geared like this:


1 StarNope, no thanks

2 StarsNot horrible, but not something I would vape again

3 StarsNot that bad, I’d vape it again if I ran out of my favorite juice

4 StarsThis is good juice. I like it. I would buy this.

5 StarsExcellent flavor, vapor, throat hit, and all the rest. Now this is an eLiquid I could take home to my parents. Get an apartment with, settle down, and maybe even raise a family with.


After receiving our eLiquids we went about out business, never speaking about the eJuice. For 72 hours we vaped The Vapor Girl and only The Vapor Girl. Then, we met to discuss our feelings, thoughts, and impressions.


While not a complete list of The Vapor Girl eLiquids, Victoria chose the number and choices for flavors we should try. A second review in the next few weeks will be a new selection of flavors chosen by Victoria and whoever is assigned as the lead writer for the project.


The following were chosen at random and should not in any way be seen as our attempt to display flavors in any order.


And now… the review!


Peanut Butter Cup Cookie: Vapor Girl describes this flavor as; “Peanut Butter Cup Cookie has been a favorite flavor of mine since I was a little girl. Two great tastes, you know? What can I say? This vape really puts the peanut butter in control of the chocolate in a good way. Yum!” And the team says…


Julia: 4 Stars – I did not expect to like this one at all. I remember a Reese’s peanut butter cup flavor from a few weeks back that were pretty awful, and I expected this one to be as well. But it wasn’t, and the magic flavor that made this flavor really work was the “cookie” part of it! I really enjoyed it. But as an all-day vape, no not really. A great, sweet desert vape for the morning and evening.


Stephan: 4 Stars – I enjoyed this flavor, the peanut butter flavor was rich and creamy. I certainly got the flavor of the cookie part. A sweet vape, meant for those times you want something sweet, yet not candy-like. If you are looking to taste a genuine peanut butter cookie in a vape, this is it.


Lisa: 5 Stars – I loved peanut butter cookie! I plan on adding this to my own rotation. I don’t think it would have worked without the “cookie” part, and I agree that the peanut butter flavor was rich and creamy, but not overpowering. An almost perfect blend. Bravo!


Jason: 3.5 Stars – I really don’t see the reason for a peanut butter cup flavor. I’ve enjoyed some chocolate flavors, a little, and cookie flavors (just wait till you hear about TVG’s sugar cookie!) but this didn’t work for me.


Tom: 4 Stars – The first few flavors I tried had me wondering why I was chosen to be on the team. I don’t much care for desert or candy vapes. I can do a semi-sweet vape once and a while but most of time I like a tobacco blend. And then what happens? I load some of Peanut Butter Cup Cookie into a tank and start vaping. After the 3rd draw I was hooked. Damnit! I’m not supposed to like flavors like this! But I did. I would have given this a 5 Star rating but there’s no way I could vape this all day. But as a “guilty pleasure” vape, this hits the spot.


Vapor Production: Good Throat Hit: Good


Sweet Potato Pie: The Vapor Girl describes this has; Sweet Potato Pie is a tip of the hat to my North Carolina semi-heritage. Sweet Potato Pie tastes like my own recipe: a little vanilla, a touch of pecan, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a tiny hint of clove, and the earthy goodness of the sweet potato. What did the team think?


Julia: 5 Stars – This is why I LOVE this job! You get to discover all kinds of new flavors from all over, and while some of them make me nauseous others make me want to cry out in pleasure. (Watch it Tom!) Sweet Potato Pie? OH MY GOD HOW GOOD IS THIS. One of my favorite foods over Thanksgiving, sweet potatoes are at their best when they are a little sweet. Vapor Girl has reproduced the Thanksgiving version of Sweet Potato Pie, sweet, creamy, with a real sweet potato flavor. You must try this!


Stephan: 5 Stars – I agree completely! I expected to hate it, but it was awesome! Julia hits the nail on the head with this being a Thanksgiving version of sweet potato pie. I could almost see the pie in front of me. And unexpected delight! A must try!


Lisa: 5 Stars –A truly original, truly delicious flavor that I was not expecting. Never in a million years would I think Sweet Potatoes would make a great tasting eLiquid. I almost held my nose when I loaded it up and began to vape it. I’m glad I didn’t. This one is going into my permanent rotation. On Thanksgiving this (hopefully back in New Hampshire!) I will be vaping this one all day. Lovely and sumptuous!


Jason: 5 Stars – Lisa, I hope we are all back in New Hampshire by then too, but don’t hold your breath. Anyway, Sweet Potato Pie eJuice is the shock of the year for me. Never did I think it would be possible to, 1: make anything taste like a sweet potato, and 2: make a vapor taste like a sweet potato. This was a great vape and something I will recommend to anyone looking for something original, yet delicious.


Tom: 5 Stars – Another shock for me. Sweet Potato Pie must be touching my childhood somewhere, or I too am jonesing to get back to New Hampshire as well, LOL, where the winter months offers up a few Sweet Potato opportunities. Balanced between sweet and natural tasting, this is a great eLiquid. I am so glad we got to taste this one.


Vapor Production: Good Throat Hit: Good



Horchata and Dirty Horchata – Julia had to contact Victoria in order to get an official description for this flavor because none of us recognized it. Victoria came back with:


It’s a milk made from rice and heavily sweetened and spiced with cinnamon. I threw some more spice in there, too. I also make a dirty horchata that has a shot of espresso in it. They are really popular. Usually I have to “make” people try them (with a free sample) and then they’re like, oh my god, it’s awesome! What the hell is it?”



We are taking both flavors here because the conversations were identical, and short. As far as these 5 Vapers were concerned, only one was able to enjoy it. Tom. Let’s see what they said:


Julia: 2 Stars – I’m giving one star for originality and one star for the actual flavor. I didn’t like it, at all.


Stephan: 1 Star – Nope, not for me. Sorry.


Lisa: 3 Stars – It wasn’t horrible, but it was very good either. Victoria’s description was accurate, which is why I’m going with 3 stars. But I would not choose to vape Horchata. Hell, I wouldn’t eat or drink it it either.


Jason: 3 Stars – I can dig what she was trying to do here, and in some ways the originality is nice. But, I have to be honest. I just didn’t like it.


Tom: 4.5 Stars – Come one people! Expand your taste buds some! This is definitely a strong, powerful vape and I loved it. It tastes EXACTLY like the drink. Head over to Tampa and you can get this drink in some of the Latino bars. Victoria deserves a hug for being so daring!


Vapor Production: Good Throat Hit: Harsh (Dirty) Good (Normal)



Lemon Meringue Pie – The Vapor Girl offers; “Lemon Meringue Pie is a creamy, subtle goodness that will make you feel special and loved. I don’t know what it is, but the flavor is so lingering, delicious on the inhale and even better on the exhale!” Our thoughts?


Julia: 4 Stars – You know what got me with this flavor? The Meringue! I tasted the meringue completely and that is what made this so much more than a simple lemon flavored vape. An excellent flavor!


Stephan: 5 Stars – You are exactly right Julia, it was the meringue that brought this home to me as well. I like lemon in my vapes, but the meringue made it feel and taste like I was enjoying a nice slice of lemon meringue pie. Yum!


Lisa: 5 Stars – Closest flavor in an eJuice to an actual lemon meringue pie. I could even taste the crust of the pie in there. Almost magical! I could vape this all day, and in fact I plan to. Original and delicious. Wow!


Jason: 5 Stars – Lemon Meringue Pie in vapor form. From the first drag to the last, each one was like taking a bite from a really good lemon meringue. I’m adding this to my rotation. Excellent vape.


Tom: 4 Stars – Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the lemon meringue pie. But it bordered on the line of “too sweet”. A genuine lemon meringue flavor, but not as an everyday vape.


Vapor Production: Good Throat Hit: Medium

Kahlua Chocolate Coffee: Vapor Girl describes this as: “Kahlua Chocolate Coffee is inspired by Sunday mornings and the slow easiness of waking up in luxury. Great with or without a cup of Joe, it will satisfy the darkest cravings!” Did the team agree?


Julia: 5 Stars – Normally this flavor would have received a 4 star rating from me, but the one thing that tipped the scale and made it 5 stars was the accurate flavor of Kahlua. A deep dark delicious flavor that I fortunately vaped in the wee hours. This set the tone of my day and it was wonderful.


Stephan – 3 Stars: I like coffee flavors, some of them anyway. Espresso flavors in particular. But what ruined this for me was what tipped the scales for Julia, the Kahlua. I just don’t like Kahlua at all. My 3 stars come from being able to so accurately create this flavor.


Lisa: 4 Stars – A very nice mix of Kahlua and coffee. Dark and creamy, tasty as all get out. I vaped this till I almost got sick, that’s how good it was. But the one thing stopping me from going to 5 stars was how it’s just not an all day vape. I don’t mean you can’t vape it all day, but the taste changes during the day. Much better in the early morning or late evening, but in the middle of the day I found it to be much too strong.


Jason: 5 Stars – One of the best coffee and Kahlua vapes I’ve ever had. So dark, so rich, and ever so delicious. If you like coffee, dark coffee, and Kahlua, you must try this flavor.


Tom: 5 Stars – A great, amazing flavor that is screaming to be vaped along with a rich breakfast or dinner. Although I have to say that Lisa is right in a way, I vaped all day but the early morning and the evening I did enjoy it more. Funny. A must try flavor to those that will buy from the Vapor Girl for the first time.


Vapor Production: Excellent Throat Hit: Good


Vanilla Custard: Unfortunately The Vapor Girl does not yet have an official description of every flavor. There are a few we were sent like that. So, we get straight to the team:

Julia: 5 Stars – I vaped Vanilla Custard late in the 72 hours. I did this on purpose because I was hoping that there was a real custard flavor to be had. If there wasn’t one I would be greatly disappointed. Fortunately, this flavor was perfectly named. This is Vanilla Custard in every sense of the word. I’m so in love with this flavor I’m almost jealous that other people can vape it too.


Stephan: 5 Stars – When I received my box of bottles, all labeled by Julia herself, I looked through them all and saw Vanilla Custard and immediately grabbed it and filled a cartridge. I know that I’m supposed to wait a while, let it breathe and all, but I couldn’t wait. I’m glad I didn’t wait. This is a great flavor and 100 times better than a normal Vanilla. Love the custard flavoring in this. I want more!


Lisa: 5 Stars – This review has been so much fun to do because many of these flavors are so different. I’ve seen Vanilla done a dozen different ways, but Vanilla Custard? This was the first one. I love it! Just the right amount of Vanilla and custard to make a sweet, desert vape that keeps calling you back. In my rotation forever.


Jason: 5 Stars – Never in a million years did I ever think I would award 5 stars to anything that had vanilla custard in it. This is fantastic! Sweet and custard-ery, just like having a slice of vanilla custard pie, or some vanilla custard pudding. Sweet enough to be a desert vape, but also good enough for anytime.


Tom: 4 Stars – I like this one quite a bit. But it just went a little past the sweet barrier for me. I loved the custard flavor, and enjoyed the vape. Had she backed off the sweetness a little bit it would have been 5 stars. (Julia: “You’re crazy Tom. If you cause Vapor Girl to mess with the formula I’ll smack you so hard!)


Vapor Production: Excellent Throat Hit: Light


Coconut Cream Pie: No official description provided. The Team says:


Julia: 3.5 Stars – Many eJuice companies make a coconut cream pie, and some of them get it right and some don’t. This wasn’t bad by any means, but there simply wasn’t a strong enough coconut flavor. Plenty of the “cream” flavor, but not enough coconut to make it a really good vape.


Stephan: 4 Stars – I thought it struck a good balance, though it was not an over powering flavor. Creamy, rich, and smooth, not quite as good as the vanilla custard, but still good.


Lisa: 3 Stars – Not enough coconut flavoring for me. In fact, both the cream part and the coconut part were light. This flavor needs some work.


Jason: 3 Stars – I think the team all agrees, not enough coconut. This flavor felt too thick in my throat as well. I wished it were better because I love coconut. I agree Victoria is a talented artisan so I’m sure it won’t take long to get this one perfect.


Tom: 3 Stars – With the Coconut Cream I began missing my favorite RY4’s and such. If you’re going to promise me coconut then give me coconut. Just wasn’t there for me this time.


Vapor Production: Good Throat Hit: Very Light


Chocolate Pecan Fudge Brownie – No official description available, our team offers…


Julia: 5 Stars – Oh my God this is awesome! Do dark, so rich, so chocolate fudgy, this has it all. You can taste every part of this vape, from the chocolate to the pecans to the brownie ‘cake’ taste. One of the best chocolate vapes I’ve had.


Stephan: 5 Stars – It is so easy to screw up chocolate, and every branded prefilled cartomizer chocolate proves why. But this? What a successful collection of flavors. Rich, dark, creamy and plenty of flavor, I enjoyed this flavor so much I didn’t want to move on the next one. A must try flavor!


Lisa: 4 Stars – This was a little overwhelming for me. So many complex flavors, dark and chocolately. Little by little it’s a delicious flavor, but when I tried to vape it for half an hour or so, it become too much. But it screams delicious and I bet it is one of Vapor Girls’ most popular flavors.


Jason: 5 Stars – A great desert vape! Every ingredient is there, chocolate, I mean real chocolate, pecans, and fudge. So dark and rich, so full of flavor. This will be my go-to desert vape.


Tom: 4 Stars – I just can’t give this 5 stars because it is a purely desert vape, meaning I could never vape this all day. But I’ll tell you what; I’ve never seen any company get this close to a real chocolate flavor that didn’t turn me off. For the first time I actually enjoyed the chocolate flavor. That’s a miracle.


Vapor Production: Excellent Throat Hit: Good

Strawberry Lemonade – No official description provided by Vapor Girl. The team says:

Julia: 4 Stars – a good, light and cheery vape. True strawberry flavors with a good amount of lemonade. Light, sweet, and a great vape for a hot summer day.


Stephan: 5 Stars – An amazing strawberry! The right amount of lemonade. A great light flavor that is a real pleasure to vape during the day. If you’re looking for something light and tasty, with a sweet taste, this is the one for you.


Lisa: 4 Stars – The strawberry was very authentic; the lemonade was very true to form as well. Together they blend well enough to form a nice, sunny day vape. I enjoyed it a lot.


Jason: 4 Stars – I was surprised by how the strawberry flavor was like eating a real strawberry. Why can some eJuice give a real strawberry flavor and others cannot? I don’t get it. The right amount of strawberry and lemonade make this a delicious vape for these hot miserable days.


Tom: 3 Stars – Another fruity flavor, but at the least the flavors were true. Real strawberry flavoring give this a nice edge on the competition. Although not for me, those that like strawberry and lemons are going to love this one.


Vapor Production: Medium Throat Hit: Good


French Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee – Vapor Girl does not have an official description of this flavor, so our team offers up the following;


Julia: 5 Stars – Another very rich, very deep flavor with a great touch of cinnamon. The coffee flavor was good, the vanilla was excellent, and all together it worked extremely well. I will remember this one.


Stephan: 4 Stars – I thought the vanilla and the coffee went well together, though I wish Vapor Girl had used the same vanilla flavoring (maybe she did, but it didn’t taste the same), and what dragged this flavor over the line was the touch of cinnamon. Just the right amount.


Lisa: 5 Stars – What a combination, French vanilla, coffee, and cinnamon. I so wanted to stop in Starbucks and buy a French vanilla coffee with a shake or two of cinnamon and sit there vaping the flavor. But I didn’t. I loved it, and although it was sweet, it would still make a good all day vape.


Jason: 4 Stars – The Vapor Girl has the talent down, her ability to know just how much cinnamon to add to make the vanilla and coffee flavor different enough to make it her own is a great trait to have. A dark, sweet flavor that I truly enjoyed.


Tom: 4 Stars – At this point in my review I was beginning to miss tobacco flavors, but when I started vaping this I forgot all about the tobacco flavors and focused on this nice job of combining vanilla (French!), coffee, and cinnamon into a great vape. Too sweet for all day, but a damned nice desert vape.


Vapor Production: Excellent Throat Hit: Good

Banana BAHAMA Mama – No official description available from The Vapor Girl. However, since we have learned that while we thought we were vaping a BANANA MAMA vape (which is why we complained that there was NO banana in the flavor) we were actually vaping a BAHAMA MAMA, which is a tropical drink made of Rum, coconut and pineapple, with a touch of coffee liqueur. THAT makes much more sense!


Realizing the mistake AFTER we published the review, we edited this review to remove our old comments to insert these new ones, based on this new information. We still had a cartomizer with Bahama Mama. After gathering together for 25 minutes, our team offers up the following;


Julia: 3.5 Stars – As the lead writer for this review I am totally responsible for misreading the label. I apologize to our readers, my fellow team members, and especially to Victoria Sylvestre. Victoria put a lot of hard work into every flavor and to have it criticized for lacking a flavor it should NOT have to begin with, well, I feel pretty stupid. That said, I am give this flavor a 3.5 stars. There was something I had tasted the last time that my mind wouldn’t catch, and now that I know what’s in it I can definitely identify the Rum. Nice coconut and pineapple flavors, but the Rum gives it a wrong vibe for me.


Stephan: 4 Stars – At least now we know why there wasn’t any banana flavors in it! Honestly, now that I know it’s an alcoholic drink vape I did enjoy it a lot more. I definitely know where Julia is coming from with the taste of Rum, but I think it gave it a nice edge. I’m going with 4 stars. I like it, but I wouldn’t vape it everyday. This is a party vape; I’m betting it would go great with tropical drinks in hand!


Lisa: 4 Stars – LOL, I still can’t believe we got it so wrong. At least the readers will know that we really do vape every flavor that comes in to Spinfuel. I kinda liked the flavor last time, and this time, and my only complaint was the lack of banana. So, I’m going with 4 stars because this is a real BAHAMA MAMA vape.


Jason: 4 Stars – Hmm… no banana huh? LOL, makes perfect since. I liked it before but scored it less because the “supposed” ingredient wasn’t there. Now that I know it’s not supposed to be there, I can enjoy it for what it is; a nice tropical vape.


Tom: 4 Stars – I knew something was wrong. It just couldn’t be that off. Now, I’m not an expert in flavors so I couldn’t identify this vape by name, but the coconut and pineapple is certainly there. I like the touch of Rum as well. Banana would have ruined it, LOL!


Vapor Production: Good Throat Hit: Light


Iced Tea w/Lemon – No official description available. The team says;


Julia: 4 Stars – I’ve only had a Tea flavored eJuice twice, and both times my thoughts about them were that they tasted “weird”. I didn’t expect much from this one so I was thrilled that it was not a “tea” flavored vape, but rather an Iced Tea flavor. Somehow The Vapor Girl was able to take a glass of iced tea with a lemon and vaporize it and squeeze it into a bottle. Not that I would vape this everyday, but kudos to a great accomplishment!


Stephan: 5 Stars – You know me, I’m drinking iced tea with lemon all day long, so I know my iced tea. This flavor IS iced tea with lemon!! Perfectly delicious and it went great with my glass of iced tea. Oh how I loved this flavor.


Lisa: 4 Stars – Julia is exactly right, there is a ‘tea’ flavor out there in vape land, and then there is “iced tea”, two very different flavors. The Vapor Girl has made a great iced tea and lemon flavor, and though it’s a bit light for me as an all day vape, it was still a very good flavor. If you like iced tea with lemon you’re going to LOVE this.


Jason: 4 Stars – It really does taste like Iced Tea with lemon, doesn’t it? I’m amazed! This is a light-hearted vape, a little sweet, but a lot of fun to vape. Fun because its light enough to vape all day, and you never lose the iced tea with lemon flavors. Good job!


Tom: 4 Stars – Look, Vapor Girl got the flavor of iced tea with lemon down exactly as you would expect. But I think it would have been better if it were a little stronger. I might be wrong, could very well be because I love dark and strong flavors. A very good, but a little boring, flavor.


Vapor Production: Excellent Throat Hit: Medium


Sugar Cookie – No official description available. Our team says;


Julia: 5 Stars – This was the highlight of my time with Vapor Girl. I’ve never vaped a sugar cookie flavor before so I was taken aback by how delicious it was. Perfect balance of sweetness, cookie-ness, and sugar-ness. IT doesn’t get better than this.


Stephan: 5 Stars – A perfect Sugar Cookie flavor. I’ve had a couple of others, and this is just perfect. Ever eaten a good sugar cookie? I don’t mean the hard ones you buy in the grocery store, I mean a homemade one, or one from a bakery. You know that flavor, that sweetness that comes from the sugar and the vanilla? Yea, that’s what this is. Buy some!


Lisa: 5 Stars – Best sugar cookie vape I’ve ever had! Not much more to add to that really. It is in my rotation, it’s an all day every day vape. I’m obsessing on this flavor for a while.


Jason: 4 Stars – This is a good sugar cookie recipe. Sweet, with plenty of the “cookie” part in the mix, it was strangely nice to vape it. I would actually buy this one and I don’t buy sweet flavors.


Tom: 4 Stars – I got to hand to Vapor Girl, they know how to make an accurate flavor. This one tastes exactly like a homemade sugar cookie! I’m beginning to see why so many people venture beyond the tobacco blends. Excellent!


Vapor Production: Excellent Throat Hit: Good


Buttery Nipple – Named after the drink, there is no official description on the Vapor Girl website. Our team offers up the following;


Julia: 3 Stars – This isn’t a bad flavor, it’s just I’m not into the flavors themselves. A butterscotch and toffee mix, I haven’t really enjoyed this flavor no matter where it comes from.


Stephan: 5 Stars – I enjoyed this one a lot. Buttery Nipple has that nice rich and creamy butterscotch flavors that make it a super sweet and satisfying vape. Not for all day vaping, but a delicious flavor nonetheless.


Lisa: 3.5 Stars – I’ve had a few Buttery Nipples before and this one is par for the course. Meaning its pretty good, but not very original. Nothing wrong with that, I think Buttery Nipple is a staple flavor for many eJuice houses, so if you like this flavor try it out, you might find this one to be your favorite.


Jason: 4 Stars – You’re right Lisa, a staple flavor among most eJuice brands. It’s a smooth and tasty flavor, producing an extra heavy vapor for me, so it works.


Tom: 3 Stars – Buttery Nipples are too slippery, err, I mean, too sweet for me. This flavor is common enough, so they all taste about the same. If I liked Buttery Nipples this would be one of the better ones.




So, after vaping these 15 flavors for 72 hours, taking a few days to think about them, looking over our notes and getting together to talk about them for a few hours, we’re left with some final thoughts and impressions.


Julia: The Vapor Girl is a good company, no doubt. Most of the flavors we had were good ones, and the flavors we mostly rich, dark, creamy, and had all the right adjectives. The 70/30 PG/VG mix is the most accepted for good vapor production and a viscosity that allows you to use the eJuice in any cartomizer, tank or cartridge. The option of a single nicotine strength could work in their favor. By mixing a single recipe The Vapor Girl has the opportunity to tweak the flavor until its perfect, which I think she has done in a few of the flavors we had.


There were some flavors that didn’t work for me, the worst offender was the Horchata, which Victoria says many of her clients love. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, or maybe I just don’t like it, lol, but there were plenty of others to make up for the occasional hiccup.


Stephan: The Vapor Girl has several flavors that were really good, some that didn’t quite make it. All in all, this is a good company to deal with. $6.99 for a 10ML bottle is just about right.


Lisa: The Vapor Girl has a lot going for it, but I think they need to spend some time on their website to fully describe every flavor they sell. People love our reviews because we take the time and tell them what each flavor is like, from more than one person at that. I think people want to know what to expect and not just buy a flavor because the name sounds good. Other than that, you got to love the logo on the bottles, the mystique Victoria is creating is kind of cool, so I think she has a bright future ahead. I would definitely buy from her, and I plan to.


Jason: The Vapor Girl offers a good price, and many different flavors. Of the 15 flavors we reviewed most of them were really good. Seems to be the real deal. Next time though, we need to review her tobacco flavors.


Tom: I was just going to say that Jason. The Vapor Girl puts out some really original flavors, and some of them were great. But out of the 15 flavors not a single one was tobacco based. No RY4 blend, no North Carolina blend, nothing. Next time it has to be a tobacco blend review. It has too.


There you have it. Please take the time to read the accompanying interview with Victoria so that you can get a good idea of who is behind The Vapor Girl, how she comes up with her flavors, and how and where she brews them up. These things are important.


Lastly, remember that taste is subjective. We’ve tried to give you 5 opinions on the flavors we were presented with, one of these opinions probably ring true to your own. Read over some of our other reviews, especially with flavors that you’re purchased and vaped. When you find a staffer here that likes the same flavors as you then you’re one step closer to having your own “taste tester” that can weed out flavors you won’t like and find you flavors that you will like. That’s the best reason to read these 5000 word reviews, as a reference for later use.


Until next time, I’m Julia Barnes for Spinfuel eCigs Magazine.

In addition to Julia Barnes the following writers participated in this review: Tom McBride, Jason Little, Lisa Johnston, Stephan J. Copyright 2012 by Spinfuel eCigs Magazine