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Dripping eLiquid From The Vapor Girl

The Vapor Girl has been a member of the vape community for years now. With several retail stores in North Carolina and an enormous online store, The Vapor Girl has grown bigger, and faster, than many people believed was possible. You see, The Vapor Girl is not some corporate conglomerate… it is, at its core, still a husband and wife team that work harder than you imagine to make The Vapor Girl the huge success that it is. So, when we were sent five new eliquids in their new “dripper” line we were not surprised. It was only a matter of time.

The Vapor Girl is approaching 300 eliquid flavors in various PG/VG ratios, made with the finest USA Organically Sourced Nicotine, offered in a variety of nic-levels… and even with this huge number of current flavors there is no hint of slowing down.

The Dripper line, Dripping Kitty, is 10 flavors strong as of this review, and offers 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels, as it should be for a high VG eliquid formulated with drippers in mind. No doubt the number of flavors will grow, but for now I’ll review 4 from the Dripping Kitty line and one from the Serial Clown Max VG line.

Over the years The Vapor Girl has created many delicious flavors and earned plenty of Spinfuel Choice Awards, but once and a while The Vapor Girl will create an eliquid flavor that I wouldn’t force on my worst enemy. Mashed potatoes and other ‘experimental’ flavors from The Vapor Girl in late 2013 are representative of their willingness to push the envelope. Most of the time this kind of pushing the envelope works, and there success record is high indeed.

eLiquids For Drippers & Sub Ohm Tanks

eLiquids made for dripping atomizers consist of significantly higher VG ratios then other eliquids. A high VG ‘drippers eliquid’ is also the preferred eliquid for sub-ohm tanks. With the advent of the sub-ohm tank phenomenon I think it’s a wise idea for all eliquid brands to produce a high-VG line.

Dripper atomizers and subohm tanks vaporize eliquid so efficiently that vapers can use eliquids with a much lower nicotine levels and still get the satisfaction they need to maintain proper blood levels of nicotine. The increased amount of VG helps dripping atomizers and subohm tanks produce enormous amounts of vapor and, with good recipes, an intense flavor.

The Hardware

For this review I used 5 Joyetech eGo ONE’s and the 0.5-ohm eGo ONE coil heads because the eGo ONE coils are excellent flavor delivery coils and the .5-ohm coils provide a terrific ‘lung hit’ style of vaping. All five flavors were vaped with new coils, so contamination with another eliquid was out of the question.

Vape times varied according to how much I enjoyed vaping them. Actual vape times ranged from 5 minutes to more than three hours per flavor. All five flavors were vaped exclusively for one 24-hour period so that I could stay in The Vapor Girl mindset.

So, how does The Vapor Girl Dripper Line fare?

 Vapor Production

All five high VG liquids provided an abundance of vapor production. There is plenty of vapor to go ‘round no matter which one I vaped, so for me this was all about the flavors, and if said flavors were appropriate for dripping. Not all flavors, in my opinion, lend themselves to dripping or sub ohm tanks.

This review will cover the following five flavors:

From The Dripping Kitty Line:

O.G. Kitten

Surfer Kitty

Al Catpone

Cup O’ Mice

From the Serial Clown Line


 The Review

 Al Catpone

“Just like a really fresh, juicy tangerine~ not too sweet, and very flavorful. Absolutely delicious”

Al Catpone TVG Every Spinfuel eliquid reviewer has said at one time or another that ‘orange’ is a difficult flavor to work with. The natural and artificial flavoring in the orange family, including tangerines, sometimes nails the flavor nicely and at other times botches the job handily. In the case of “Al Catpone” there is a complexity to the flavor that I didn’t expect. When I enjoy an orange flavor it’s always an artificial and sweet orange flavoring that appeals to me, not an authentic citrusy flavor of an orange or tangerine. So, here we have an authentic orange that has hung on the tree long enough to fully ripen and produce a less tangy flavor with a natural sweetness.

Al Catpone will be a very enjoyable vape for vapers that want a sweet but natural orange/tangerine vape. While I did like it there’s no way I could ever vape it as an all-day-vape. So, the only fair score to give it is a solid 4 Stars.

Cup O’ Mice

“The French Vanilla, the Hazelnut, and the Espresso, plus some other background notes, blend together in an exquisite vape that is an amazing way to begin the day. This was inspired from my first trip to Paris! This is a liquid that gets better with age, like a fine wine. An absolute must have vape.”

Cup O' Mice TVG Cup O’ Mice, like the others in this line, plays off the whole “cat” thing and I get that, it’s almost cute. But, it is a horrible name for an eliquid, but a wonderful flavor for vaping in any device.

Unlike some of my favorite brands The Vapor Girl has more than one mixologist. I have never been able to tell which one makes which flavors, but whoever it was that created Cup O’ Mice did a wonderful job of combining just the right amount of vanilla, hazelnut and a sweet espresso coffee.

I have never been able to say that any coffee flavor eliquid was an all-day-vape until now. This smooth, sweet, and wonderful mix is an eliquid you could stay with day in and day out. 5 Stars

O.G. Kitten

“This original gangster tastes like heaven should taste. Maybe it tastes like Fae if you are a True Blood fan…. It’s agreeable with just about everyone and smells divine as well.”

 OG KittenThe official description is vague, as is my own opinion of O.G. Kitten. On the one hand it’s a pleasant vape, but on the other there is nothing very special about it. To tell you what it tastes like, or what similar flavors it might taste like is something I cannot do, even after a few hours of vaping. It makes me wonder if the mixologist that created this one wound up with something that was unexpected, but good enough to offer customers. When it came time to describe it no one there would identify it. Hence, 3.5 Stars


 Surfer Kitty

“A whirl of fresh watermelon running with a currant of berry”

 Surfer KittyWatermelon is a lot like an orange flavor for me. Not in taste, they are clearly on opposite sides of the fruit bowl, but again it is the factor of sweetness. Watermelon is not at all citrusy, but if there isn’t enough sweetness it can become a bland flavor.

If you’ve ever purchased a watermelon that should have ripened more before cutting into it you know that the flavor is weak at best. The Vapor Girl displays an ‘inventiveness’ here by adding a “tart, almost spicy” flavor of a dark currant berry mixed with an even-flavored watermelon that is not too sweet yet not under-flavored. In the end, for a dripper flavor Surfer Kitty is a little too complex. I can see watermelon vapers loving this one, it’s just not in my flavor palate.


“Funny bunny, vapes are for adults! Taste this delightful cereal from your past.”

FlippyI don’t know what cereal The Vapor Girl could possibly be talking about with “Flippy”. For me this was the worst tasting ejuice I’ve had in a long time. Flippy has an ugly soapy taste, followed by something akin to guava, with an exhale and aftertaste that made me completely nauseous. “Vapes for adults” is part of the official description, so perhaps my 3.5 years of vaping sweeter flavors, including sweeter tobaccos, coffees, vanillas, and sweet bakery flavors has tilted by taste buds toward to non-adult flavors, if there is a such a thing. I can’t stand vaping Flippy, and I don’t understand how anyone could. 0 Stars


The Vapor Girl definitely knows how to construct an eliquid and has continued to apply their vast experience in their knowledge into the dripper’s line. If you’re already a fan of The Vapor Girl you will recognize that certain “something” all Vapor Girl flavors have; if you’re new to The Vapor Girl you’re in for a discovery of some remarkable flavors.

And although nicotine is an odorless and flavorless component, The Vapor Girl’s choice of nicotine does have an influence. Whether that influence is in my own head, or it’s very real, I can’t really say. But over the past 3+ years I’ve been very good at identifying a Vapor Girl eliquid from other eliquids…it must be something, no?

My final verdict? The Vapor Girl Dripper Line seems to have a nice selection that is flavorful and produces a wicked amount of vapor.

John Manzione