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Vapor Bitch e Juice Review 

Vapor Bitch is owned and operated by Geoff and Rich, two well educated, professional men who have turned their talents to creating eLiquids more than two years ago. This e Juice Review of Vapor Bitch is presented below. Geoff, the owner of Vapor Bitch,  has an MBA in marketing while Rich is a professional photographer and graphic designer. (And actually owns and operates a design and photography business).

Vapor Bitch e-Liquid Review on SpinfuelRecognizing the bright future of the electronic cigarette industry and the opportunities that lies ahead for businesses that can create great eLiquids they formed Vapor Bitch. VB (Vapor Bitch) has become a successful business in its own right due to the dedication of Geoff and Rich’s hard work for creating what they call “indescribable” flavors.

The above is the “official” line for Vapor Bitch and the people behind it, but does the official line fit the reality? This is the question we attempt to answer in this review. Are VB’s flavors ‘indescribable’ as they indicate? Are they unique, delicious, and consistent? Or are they just ordinary, just okay eLiquids?

These are the questions any eJuice customer needs to know before spending money on a new brand (new to the customer anyway), and with more and more companies being formed every day that claim to have great eLiquids, potential customers must learn to vet the company first and not be sold on unique names for particular flavors, or custom packaging, or even price. Quality ingredients and talented eJuice creators are vital to every eJuice company, but there is more to it than that; the eLiquids must deliver a great vaping experience to the customer. Good vapor production, decent throat hits, and accurate and delicious flavors are what really separate the wheat from the chaff. So where does Vapor Bitch stand?

Let’s find out…

Over a two-year period VB has developed and bought to market 25 flavors. I like that Geoff and Rich seemed to have focused more on delivering a limited number eJuice flavors rather than rushing out 50 or more. Let’s face it, there are companies who have been around for less than two years that offer twice as many flavors as VB, and while some do a great job with many flavors, others do not. By taking it slow(er) than most, VB ‘seemed’ to take to the philosophy that ‘less is more’ when it comes to the number of flavors being offered. But is the “less is more” philosophy also carried over into the flavors themselves?

VB uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients and create their eLiquids in a special “dedicated sanitary environment”. While I wish VB and others would be more forthcoming with their actual ‘setup’, we’ll take it on their word that the sanitary environment is just that.

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