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 The 5ML Life-Saving Stainless Steel Flask

I don’t often write about vaping accessories but I’ve been using this cool new stainless steel flask that I picked up from Vapor Authority, and man I have to tell you, this thing is the answer to a prayer.

Before I started using this flask I would always have to stash a bottle, sometimes plastic, sometimes glass, in my pants pocket for those times when I need to refill on the run. But, because of this new flask I always have a healthy dose (5ML) of e liquid on my keychain, for just-in-case moments.

But having the extra storage in a stainless steel flask is only part of the story. The other part is how it works, with a csuppliedbyvaporauthorityool ‘fuel injection’ system that is so simple to use its downright ridiculous.

To fill my clearomizers, or for that matter my cartomizers or any other devices I may have with me is a breeze. The injection needle is narrow enough to fit into the tiniest of spaces. Slipping down into a clearomizer, or even down through the polyfill material of a cartomizer is like a hot knife through butter.

All you do is insert the needle into whatever your filling up and press the button on the other end and the juice is quickly, and cleanly, pushed into the device. No mess and no leaks. It really does work like a charm.

The Vapor Authority Vape Flask is made with high-grade stainless steel. It does have a bit of heft to it, but nowhere near enough that it feels too heavy to keep on my keychain. And, Since its stainless steel it will last forever.

This hi-tech, beautiful flask comes with a key clip so you can snap it onto your keychain, and the clip is also removable if you want to carry it in a purse or pocket. Me, I love the keychain idea the best.

Real World

True story. On Monday Jason and I drove down to Palm Beach to pick up an 11” MacBook that our local Best Buy didn’t have in stock. Without thinking too much about it, I grabbed my iTaste 134, a spare battery (by habit), and headed out the door. That day I was using a Pyrex Carto-Tank (DCTank by SMOK), and I thought I had enough in the tank to last at least as long as the drive down and drive back. Since our intent was too stop in at the Apple store, pick up the computer and head Vapor Authority Flasjback, the whole thing would take less than 2 hours, give or take. We were about 15 miles south of town on I-95 when I got my first dry hit from the tank. I looked at the tank and saw that I was vaping on empty. That’s not the first time that’s happened, but instead of the usual “Oh crap!” I pulled my keys out of pocket and in less than a minute I had put another 3ML into the tank. I knew right then that it was worth taking the time to write up a review for this cool flask.

Vapor Authority Stainless Steel FlaskThe Vape Flask is exclusive to Vapor Authority and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to bring along an extra day (or so) of e juice when you’re away from home or out of the office. The Flask is just $12.95. Considering that its stainless steel, carries 5ML of e liquid, and fits on a keychain the Flask is the best accessory I’ve picked up in ages.

The Vapor Authority Stainless Steel Flask: $12.95

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Operation: Manual Button Release
  • Liquid Capacity: 5ml

My Flask saved me from being juiceless, and it will save you too. That’s sounds corny as hell, I know, but if you pick one up, then the very first time you find yourself in need of some extra juice you too are going to tell everyone you know about the Vapor Authority Stainless Steel Flask, and you’ll urge them to pick one up too. That’s just the way it is, when you find something that works so well and you can’t imagine being without one, you want to tell everyone you know about it. So, I have. Pick one up, you won’t be sorry.

Tom McBride