Intro and Specs for the Vapmor VGO

As soon as I got my hands on the VAPMOR VGO 35-watt 2-in1 pod system… No, wait… hold on a minute. Did I just read, “Both a tank AND a pod in the same system?” in the literature here? Was I Skeptical? Yeah. Did I have Doubts? Well… Curious, maybe? I WAS!

You see, the VGO is being positioned as a veritable Swiss Army knife of vaping. Since, like a Swiss Army Knife, the VGO is both compact and loaded with options. Not surprisingly then, it was time to crack open a fresh bottle of juice (e-juice, not grape juice) and put it to the test. Does the VAPMOR VGO have what it takes to earn its reputation? (Does it have a reputation – ed)

Naturally, that’s why we’re here. to look into this sorta, kinda, unique-ish, pod mod.

Not surprisingly, the VAPMOR VGO is a tube style device is built with a magnetic interchangeable tank/pod system. Integrated is a rechargeable 1500mAh battery via Micro USB port. Capable of 7-35w of power. Chip processing includes all necessary protection and safety features one would expect. Including an ever SO CONVENIENT passthrough charging capability.

The chassis constructed of zinc-alloy and comes in a range of lux finish color options including gold, purple, silver, blue, green, and black. Complete with an intuitive fire button, 3 levels of power adjustment, and bottom slot adjustable control ring to suit your style of vaping.

Its tank ‘option’ supports a selection of strip and mesh coils. You can choose from the mesh 0.35 ohm (20-35w) or strip 0.6ohm(12-21w). Additionally this kit also has a unique and separate 1.0ohm (7-12w) pod system. Both the tank and pod system capable of holding 2mls of your favorite e-liquid.

Vapmor VGO 35W 2-in-1 Pod System Review

Vapmor VGO Specs:

  • Size – Tank: 126.6mm by 20mm
  • Dimensions – Pod: 128.5mm by 20mm
  • Integrated 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Output Range: 7-35W
  • Resistance Range: 0.35-1.0ohms
  • 3 Level Power Adjustment
  • Gold-Plated Pod Contacts
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • Juice Viewing Window
  • Bottom Slotted Airflow Control Ring
  • 2mL Capacity Pod
  • VAPMOR VGO Cartridge Family
  • 35ohm Tank Pod – rated for 20-35W
  • 6ohm Tank Pod – rated for 12-21W
  • 0-ohm Pod – rated for 7-12W
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Available in Gold, Purple, Silver, Blue, Green, and Black

Vapmor VGO Includes:

  • 1 VAPMOR VGO 35W Battery
  • 1 VAPMOR VGO Tank
  • 1 VAPMOR VGO Pod
  • 2 Coils
  • 1 MicroUSB Coil
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 ID Card

However, the 2-in-1 pod/ tank system is where the Swiss Army knife analogy stops and the appearance of a luxury item emerges. Granted, I did receive the gaudy-ish gold model (sadly, I don’t get to choose the color or finish), complete with gold accents. That said, a device like this would pair well with a finely crafted leather purse and a fresh manicure. However, it does feel a little out of place in my calloused hands but I never said fancy doesn’t feel good.

All Colors - Vapmor VGO 35W 2-in-1 Pod System ReviewRegardless of the color option, the zinc-alloy chassis has a matte finish that’s soft to the touch. The gold ring accent on the top cap of the tank section really elevates the look of the device. While the pod section is made out of a frosted medical grade plastic material sans gold ring, and as a result, for a minimal stealth appearance, it did the job.

VAPMOR VGO Magnetic Convenience

What really separates the VGO from the rest of the pack is the magnetic tank/pod attachment. The concept sounds like a brilliant idea! I mean, who hasn’t been in a rush and accidentally mashed some threads of a tank, only to yell out into the abyss, “THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY!


Fortunately, and for that reason and more, I believe the message was heard by the folks at VAPMOR, and the solution was implemented into the VGO device. Hence, by integrating some rare earth magnets into the base of the chassis they eliminated the need for a machined, threaded connection.


Due to these implementations, the concept functions well. Both tank and pod fit together securely with the magnetic base there to keep them from accidentally coming apart, even with some rough handling (like being tossed around in a backpack or shoved into a pocket). I haven’t experienced a moment that the VGO detached in any way.


Magnetic Bottom - Vapmor VGO 35W 2-in-1 Pod System ReviewWith every Yin there’s a Yang. In the case of the VGO the Yin is the ingenious magnetic base connection. The Yang is the unhindered 360 degree movement of the tank/pod in the base of the device. Without any positive stop, or resistance to the airflow adjustment the tank/pod spins freely. Not anything like a skateboard wheel kind of spinning- that would be absurd. But it easily knocked out of place by simply picking it up. Over time, this became a source of frustration that words can’t really capture.


After using the device the past three weeks, I eventually made it habit to glance at the position of the airflow before vaping. Especially, when I first pulled it out of my pocket or from my back pack. A seemingly small inconvenience I was able to adapt to. But also one I shouldn’t have to.


Tubular Design

Blue Steel - Vapmor VGO 35W 2-in-1 Pod System ReviewIts tubular design has an aesthetically minimal and elegant appearance. ENHANCED by the gold plated coils visible through the glass tube of the tank. Further accented by the gold ring top cap. Even the logo is printed in a tastefully modern the sans serif font. I know we already covered aesthetics earlier, but it’s pretty clear. If Liberace had a vape pen, this is what it would look like.


Although, despite all the striking good looks. I quickly learned a hard lesson: Avoid resting the device flat on the desk.


The tube-shaped mod has no adornments whatsoever, meaning there’s nothing to keep the device from rolling off the table and getting up close and personal with the floor. Luckily, the VGO’s zinc-alloy construction protected against a good 3’ drop onto the wood flooring. Always set the device down away from an edge.


As with many pen-style devices in this category, the VGO has an average 2ml e-liquid capacity. The top fill system has an anti-spill design with two step process for filling. First, the top cap is removed from the tank. Second, you slide the gold lid to expose the fill slot, then you can fill at will. This is where the convenience quickly becomes an inconvenience. The lid section slides on a track that can be completely removed. The first time moved the lid it slid completely off. I thought I’d broken it. We appreciate innovation whenever possible. But, functionally this is a poor design that could be improved upon in future models.

Vapmor VGO Coils

Coils - Vapmor VGO 35W 2-in-1 Pod System ReviewIncluded with the tank portion of the kit is a gold plated 0.35-ohm mesh coil rated for 20-35 watts. As well as a gold-plated 0.6ohm strip coil rated for 12-21 watts. However, despite the mesh and strip coils, the performance was moderate at best, even with a full charge. It was no surprise that the 0.35 mesh coil head produced the most vapor when used with the high-wattage setting. Interestingly, although the 0.6 strip coil produced less vapor, it had better flavor clarity when used on the high-wattage setting.


Overall I wasn’t blown away by the capabilities of the tanks performance. Especially when compared other AIO devices on the market. For example, with a friendly head to head competition placing the VGO up against the SMOK NORD 19, the NORD was the clear winner, with better flavor, vapor and coil longevity. Unfortunately for the VGO, the versatility of the NORD coil system makes the case for the VGO coils a little tougher.


Vapmor VGO Pods

Luckily, where the VGO excels is with its refillable pod format configuration. The flip top-filling mechanism is much less complicated when compared to the tank. Flip, fill, click and you’re on your way. The 1.0ohm 7-12w pod is also much less draining on the battery life. Assuming that you’re using nic-salts with the pod- vapor production is minimal and discreet, but the flavor is potent in all the right ways.

Tank - Vapmor VGO 35W 2-in-1 Pod System ReviewIn this mode, the airflow has a nicely restricted draw as one would expect from any pod device. However, that’s if you have it in the correct orientation with the airflow slot. Unfortunately, the airflow control looseness is just as evident when in pod configuration.


  • Magnetic tank/ pod attachment
  • Three-level power adjustment
  • Top fill tank



  • Slick tube rolls too easily
  • Sliding mechanism doesn’t make much sense
  • Mediocre coil performance

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score

Much like a Swiss Army Knife the VAPMOR VGO is chock full of options. Designed with both convenience and good taste it really is a unique device that stands out from the competition. Although instead of doing one thing great the VGO does a few things that are just okay. Missing the mark with airflow control, and the sliding top lid mechanism made for a less than desirable experience.


Luckily the interchangeable magnetic tank / pod system, saved the experience for me. The power level adjustment feature, along with the attractive matte finish, canceled out those short comings. Which leaves me to award the Vapmor VGO for the innovation merit badge despite its obvious room for improvement.