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Vapium Summit Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer


The Vapium Summit Plus is a dry herb vaporizer designed with portability and affordability in mind. Visually it won’t win any awards from Vogue magazine but let’s be honest, that’s rarely the goal in mind when it comes to vaping herb! It’s an improved version of the original Vapium Summit with several key upgrades including an enhanced battery, Bluetooth compatibility, a stronger magnet and a more rugged design; meaning it’s able to handle most things you could possibly throw at it.


The Vapium Summit Plus doesn’t come with any unnecessary fripperies. This is no nonsense packaging and contains the following items:

  • Vapium Summit Vaporizer
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
  • Patterned micro USB charging cable


  • Dimensions: 11.4cm x 2.8cm x 3.6cm
  • Product Weight: 136g
  • Charges By Micro USB
  • 3300mAh Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Conduction Heating Element
  • Polyamide-imide and Continuous laser welded stainless steel
  • Direct Draw Vapor Delivery Method
  • IP54 rating


Vapium Summit Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Just to be clear, this vaporizer isn’t about looks. The Vapium Summit Plus places function over form and is designed for no-nonsense herb vapers who simply want to get the job done with as little interference as possible. It has a sturdy build and the IP54 rating means it’s suitable for rough environments and can handle the odd splash of water and a bit of dust (this doesn’t mean waterproof so don’t go swimming with it). The target audience are thrill-seekers who enjoy camping, hiking and anything outdoors. This explains the all-natural color scheme, a camouflage range of Grey, Blue and Green. It has a matte finish and easy to understand buttons and LED indicators.

Ease Of Use

Vapium Summit Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The buttons are used solely for temperature adjustment and power which do the job perfectly well. You can also use the Bluetooth smartphone app to set the temperature you require, but in truth, why bother? It simply adds extra hassle, and our brief experiment with it didn’t yield great results. Just stick to the buttons; no reason to overcomplicate things. The four separate LED lights represent temperature presets in increments of 18 degrees. It’s not the most exact method since more expensive vaporizers do this job better. But you’d have to be very choosey to be concerned about this. When you’re vape reaches the selected temperature, the main power light switches color from Blue to Green and the whole item vibrates, meaning you’re good to go. It’s a good simple process and can be easily understood by beginners.


The Vapium Summit Plus employs a conduction style vape, meaning the chamber heats up then you pull air through by inhaling. This is slightly less easy and pleasurable than convection vapes (which use a fan to push air through your herb) but nothing to be overly concerned about. You can expect to take around two or three draws before you start getting thick dense vapor through your kit. This isn’t great but it’s acceptable for a vaporizer at this price point. It should be noted that it’s a pleasure to inhale! The hits aren’t too hard or harsh and you get a nice amount of airflow with each toke.


Vapium Summit Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

This is the main selling point of the Vapium Summit Plus. Priced at $149.99, it’s one of the more affordable units on the market. It might lack the flashiness of more expensive vaporizers such as the Da Vinci IQ and Hydrology9, but it more than makes up for it with the reduced price and added sturdiness. And let’s be honest, if you’re looking to take your dry herb vaporizer on a hiking trip, you won’t be taking an expensive glass-based kit and you’ll want something that can take a few knocks; that’s the Vapium Summit Plus! We don’t advise throwing it around but we’ll wager it can handle it like a trooper.


  • Small, discreet, and tough enough to make it the best choice for outdoorsy types
  • One of the more affordable herb vaporizers out there
  • Gets the job done quickly and efficiently


  • Can take a few inhales before it ramps up enough for optimum vapor production
  • Convection heat system means harsh vapor
  • Won’t win any awards for looks


Vapium Summit Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Vapium Summit Plus outperforms most other herb vaporizers in this price range. It’s also the sturdiest unit you’ll find at this price and does the job without any notable flaws other than a slightly rougher vape due to the convection heat system. If you want the finest, thickest, smoothest vape around, with tons of options and flashing lights, you should look elsewhere. But if you want a top quality, no-nonsense herb vaporizer that can handle whatever you throw at it and more, you won’t be disappointed. It’s not the very best out there but it’s a great all-rounder and we’d certainly recommend it for vapers who are both a) on a budget, and b) like to keep active.

Written By Ian Jones