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Lucid Liquids Review By Vapinski

Vaping With Vapinski - Lucid Liquids This week started out warm, but we're in for a small chilly spell. Oh, even saw heard there was snow out there today!! That's ok, because I am vaping some tasty liquid from Lucid Liquids! Though I am not fond of vendors using food coloring in eLiquids, I have seen [...]

Alloy Blends Vaping With Vapinski

Alloy Blends Review by Vapinski Founded by Justin Time, (Just-In-Time, how cool is that name!) well known in the vaping community for his mod refinishing business, Vape’n’Shine, Alloy Blends are hand-forged in the fiery depths of Virginia’s famous blacksmithing region.  Originally smithed because of Justin’s inability to find e-liquid that fit his pallette, as he was [...]

Snozzberry eJuice – The Vapinski

Vapinski Reviews Murica Vapor I've seen the sun a few times this week!! I also managed to take a short trip to Niagara for ECC/VPX over the weekend. What a true showcase of talent at this big event!! My palate was in overdrive!! I have so many SUPER vendors on the way and this week is no [...]

Chicago Juice Mod – Vapinski Review

Chicago Juice Mob Review by Vapinski This week I am excited to say that I have not only had a great vaping experience with Chicago Juice Mob, but I’ve also joined the mob in the mean time. Being Italian, and always having that feisty attitude and strong determination to succeed in life—this is a HUGE honor [...]

Vapinski – Favorite Vapes Time

Vaping With Vapinski – Variety Vivacious Victory (huh?) “These are some of my favorite things…” This week I wanted to highlight a few eLiquids that I simply cannot live without! When we all begin vaping, we want that ONE flavor that will get us to quit smoking. Some of us simply vape electronic cigarettes to quit while [...]

The Steam Factory – Vaping With Vapinski

    Vaping With Vapinski - The Steam Factory This week I'm extremely excited to announce that the snow is almost all GONE!! Woo-hooooo!! As we warm up in PA, I'm focusing on a very talented vendor, The Steam Factory. The Steam Factory uses only the finest ingredients sourced in the USA. They mix in a [...]

Kind Juice Element Line – Vapinski

Vapinski Reviews Kind Juice This week it is starting to warm up and melt down in Pennsylvania!! I'm not looking forward to the flooding, but one of the flavors in the Kind Juice collection is supposed to remind me of springtime-and I am trying to be patient about it's arrival! Kind Juice has developed an Organic E-Gel [...]

Vapinski – Whiff eLiquid Review

WHIFF Italian ejuice Brand - Vaping With Vapinski I am extremely exciting to do something different this week!! This week I'll be reviewing an Italian eLiquid with three different blends and formulas. Whiff © is a vendor out of Milan, Italy whose cutting edge technology has come out with a blend without nicotine or PG. I [...]

Vaping with Vapinski – Lo Co eLiquid

Lo Co eLiquid -  A Vapinski  eLiquid Review This week has been a LONG and rough one. Did I forget to say CHILLY?? Besides my family, I am SO glad even the long and rough are survivable since vaping is now my career. I decided that I wanted to pull some ejuice from my everyday blogs [...]

Vapinski – Nightmare Juice Review

      Nightmare Juice - An eLiquid Review It has been a long and frigid week here in PA. I am talking about temperatures below zero-and I know some of you are right there with me!! I am keeping myself nice and toasty by warming up with some great vapes this week!! The next vendor that I will [...]

King’s Crown by Suicide Bunny – Vapinski

Vaping With Vapinski Looks At King's Crown This week I will be reviewing another wonderful line created by Suicide Bunny known as King’s Crown. Their e-liquids don’t hit your hands until they have gone through a quality control process like no other. “If it’s not built out of the very best ingredients to make the very [...]

Suicide Bunny Review – Vapinski

Vapinski And Suicide Bunny!   This week I will be reviewing the Suicide Bunny line. This is one of the hottest ejuice lines out there. I was extremely excited to get this opportunity. Suicide Bunny is run by Pip, a lady who dreamed to save her three pack a day smoking husband. She wanted to create something unique [...]

Charlie Noble eLiquid Review

Vaping with Vapinski - Charlie Noble eLiquid This week I will be featuring Charlie Noble E-liquid which is mixed and bottled in Middle River, Maryland. Charlie Noble is a premium e-liquid born from the desire to provide a premium e-liquid to the public at affordable prices. The owners loved good, complicated, and interesting juices, but did [...]

Bomb Sauce Review by Vapinski

Vaping with Vapinski - Bomb Sauce eJuice This week I plan on shining a little Spotlight on some delightful treats from Bomb Sauce. Big Bang E-Cigs was founded in October of 2012 by three partners who are always striving to be on the cutting edge of the Electronic Cigarette world. Bomb Sauce started out as a [...]

Beantown Vapor – Vaping with Vapinski

Vapinski Goes To Boston for some Beantown Vapor Love! Beantown Vapor is a small boutique eliquid manufacturer just south of Boston, Massachusetts. They are vaping enthusiasts who love the community, the hardware, the innovation and most of all-the JUICE! They have been around since 2010 as an online retailer and just began focusing exclusively on juice [...]

Beard Vape Co. – Vaping With Vapinski

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and VERY Happy New Year!! I would like to thank everyone who takes a moment to stop by and check out my column. These reviews are my opinion, of course, but having a Culinary background-I do believe my palate is valid. I review all flavors-not just [...]