Dreamy Drips by Ogre Juice – Vapinski

Vapinski Vapes Dreamy Drips From Ogre Juice First off, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Holiday if you got to take the day off and enjoyed it!! I chose to take my daughter into work with me for a few hours in case people need some supplies because I am normally closed on Sundays. [...]

Vape Storm e-Liquid Review

Vaping With Vapinski - Vape Storm While I'm happy to report that I have half of a sidewalk, there is still no access to it and the workers have moved to another street for a while?? Some days you can't seem to win, but maybe you just have to look on the bright side! For instance, [...]

Beantown Vapor eLiquids Review

Beantown Vapor eLiquids – Vaping with Vapinski I'm beginning to think the construction may never be over, but as long as I have great eliquid to vape and die hard customers to bear through it all, I think I'll survive!! I have worked with Beantown Vapor before and thoroughly enjoyed their first set of four eliquids that [...]

High Seas eLiquid Review by Vapinski

High Seas eLiquid Review – Vaping With Vapinski It's been another week of lovely construction. I love how die-hard customers are in this town though; they will jump ditches and walk planks just to get here to pick up their necessities for the week or month depending on where they drive! Our next vendor is out of [...]

Murica Vapor – Vaping with Vapinski

Murica Vapor – NYC & MIA - Vapinski Reviews Murica Vapor is at it again. As if the lovely Snozz Berry Line up wasn't enough to tackle, they have decided to try an e-liqueur. OH, you heard me right!! When I received these two bottles in the mail, I was intrigued INSTANTLY. The bottles SCREAM- “Drip [...]

9 Lives e Liquid Review

Vaping with Vapinski - 9Lives It's been weeks full of construction and “temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement”. This really is crimping my shop style!! I've had to walk around dump trucks and play frogger with Bobcats and Kubotas...at least I always had my Hexohm V2 or Lotus LE80 in my hand. Vaping. It does calm the [...]

Steadfast Liquid Co. – Vaping With Vapinski

Vapinski & Steadfast Liquid Co. I was lucky enough to have met this next vendor at ECC in Niagara back in April through a mutual friend. RD Smith and his wife, both from North Carolina, own Steadfast Liquid Co. Steadfast mixes eliquids in a certified lab and use high quality ingredients sourced in the USA. They have [...]

Toke Juice – Vapinski

Vapinski Enjoys Some Toke Juice! After really enjoying the first round of Toke Juice, I was excited to get to the second batch of 6 sent from the owners, Paul Hinchliffe and Joe McCauley. The love for Toke Juice and the different flavors are growing and they are now in 30 shops across the US. That [...]

Alloy Blends – Vaping With Vapinksi  

Vapinski & Alloy Blend eLiquid It's time for the second round of Alloy Blends!! In case you've forgotten, Justin Time (Just-In-Time, how cool is that name!) founded 'Alloy Blends' and is well known in the vaping community for his mod refinishing business “Vape’n’Shine”. Alloy Blends Electrum Line is hand-forged in the fiery depths of Virginia’s famous [...]

Ogre Juice – Vaping With Vapinski

Vapinski Reviews Ogre Juice I was lucky enough to meet the next vendor that I am reviewing at the Vape Expo in Hamburg, PA. They were one of the few I actually got to step away from my booth and go visit to try and I was VERY impressed. Partners Brandon and Harold mix in a [...]

Cold Fusion eJuice – Vapinski

Cold Fusion – Vaping with Vapinski It's been a rainy week here, but it's been a super sunny week as far as this next vendor goes. Cold Fusion just has what it takes. Their blends and balance of flavors have amazed me from the minute I tried them at ECC in Niagara. I was lucky enough [...]

Blue Ostrich Vapor – Vaping With Vapinski

Blue Ostrich Vapor – Vaping With Vapinski It's finally summer time and the weather has been a true mix as it always is in PA. We expect a lovely chance of rain here and there, but always hope for those sunny days! I'm going to highlight some flavors from Blue Ostrich Vapor out of Richmond, VA [...]

The Flavor Factory – Vapinski

   Vaping with Vapinski - The Flavor Factory It's been a LONG week here in PA, but at least we got some SUN!! It is time to take a look at another talented vendor. The Vapor Factory Eliquid is masterfully blended in a world-class lab in the USA. The eliquid is a 50vg/50pg blend designed for [...]


Vaping With Vapinski And The Cloud Company    Most of you are familiar with the name Suicide Bunny unless you are new to the vaping world. I have done reviews on their line and the Kings Crown line in the past and Pip is one of the nicest and most supportive vendors out there to work [...]

Vaping With Vapinski – THRST eJuice

Vaping With Vapinski – THRST eJuice I was lucky enough to get to run up to ECC in Niagara briefly and get to meet up with some very talented vendors through a super talented vendor friend of mine is one of the booths he took me to and introduced me to Gentry Matthews and Connor Atwood, the [...]