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Jolley Juice Eliquid Review – Vaping With Vapinski 

VAPINSKI REVIEWS JOLLEY JUICE ELIQUID FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE   I think I am ALMOST done with seeing orange for the season. Ok, so I’ll be looking forward to those delicious pumpkin flavors coming into the shop…! For now, I am going to introduce you all to a company out of Tupelo, MS….JOLLEY JUICE!! Jolley Juice started out as many vendors do, when he started mixing his own eliquid and friends started wanting to buy it. He is just beginning to make his way in the world and Jeremy Jolley was lucky that one of these friends owned a shop and would not take NO for an VAPINSKI REVIEWS JOLLEY JUICE ELIQUID FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINEanswer…! He also wanted to make a premium line of juice that would be affordable to the working man like himself. I spoke to Jeremy via messenger. He said, “I feel my juice is considered an affordable premium brand because I work hard on making sure flavors are perfect and consistent and only use the best ingredients. Gordon Tinsley from Earth’s Bounty also helped me in making sure I was doing things the proper way and becoming successful. A lot of my juice making knowledge comes from him.” Jolley Juice is mixed in a sterile lab environment. The first set of Jolley flavors just came from what Jeremy or his friends wanted. The name is obviously his namesake and the logo is derived from a tattoo he has had since he was 18. He added, “I felt like it was the best thing I could tie my brand and me together and skulls and roses are something both men and women enjoy.” A buddy, Lee Fowler, drew up the artwork for Jeremy. The labels are definitely eye catching and bright. The company name is on the front, the flavor name is on the side, and the warning and ingredients are on the other side. As always, I would like to see a batch code and born on date, but those are additions companies usually make as they are growing and they aren’t mandatory quite yet. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get to these flavors and possibly get JOLLEY…!!


     “A mystery flavor that will keep you guessing it’s flavor identity each time you vape it. It’s a dessert. I think?”

VAPINSKI REVIEWS JOLLEY JUICE ELIQUID FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINEI can see why Sherlock is a local favorite. The flavor is pretty darn tasty, and it’s unlike anything I have ever tasted-which is super!! On the inhale, a smooth and delicious vanilla flavor that has a touch of cinnamon dancing around in the background. It reminds me of biting into a fresh coffee cake. The cinnamon is just a nice touch and never overpowering. The exhale is mostly vanilla and a lovely cake flavor. I could also compare this to a spiced vanilla cupcake with frosting. I like how the flavor changes up a little and keeps you guessing! Sherlock is just a pleasing dessert flavored vape that will make you want to keep on vaping! The throat hit is mild at 3mg and the vapor production is really good! I suggest you just try it out. Period. I enjoyed this best at 40 watts, but kind of liked it all over the place. I’ll be using my Lotus LE80 for these reviews and the Production RDA with a .3-ohm coil build. As always, I do re-wick between flavors.

Awesome Sauce

“A sweet mixture of pears and cream that mix for a refreshing vape.”

VAPINSKI REVIEWS JOLLEY JUICE ELIQUID FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE     Awesome Sauce is a great pear flavored vape. I tried this from 30 watts up and I really enjoy it best at around 60 watts. I just think it’s super smooth and creamy when the wattage is turned up. The pear flavor really comes out in the inhale. The cream swirls in quickly after and the exhale it is full of the pear and cream blend. I think there is one element missing from this, but it’s something really small like a touch of vanilla or something mildly sweet to blend it together just a touch more. No worries, I’ll finish this off as it stands. There is a medium throat hit and great vapor production.




Clown Tears

“Cotton Candy flavored tears from making clowns cry.”

VAPINSKI REVIEWS JOLLEY JUICE ELIQUID FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE     Clown Tears is a good choice is you are seeking a cotton candy flavored vape. The flavor is light and sweet on the inhale. It’s much like eating the candy, where the flavors seem to blend smoothly and fade away with the exhale. I guess I would say I’m vaping a fluffy sweetness and say this is an experience vape too. I swear that I catch a little bit of sweetness from a berry note dancing around in the background throughout the vape, but mostly the inhale. I enjoyed this best around 35 watts.





“This mixture of 1/2 JJ’s Custard and 1/2 Sherlock was finally premixed and bottled as requested from the Jolley Juice Cult.”

VAPINSKI REVIEWS JOLLEY JUICE ELIQUID FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE     I will commend the Jolley Juice Cult with the creation of this blend….I am a fan of the Sherlock and with the addition of a vanilla custard-you simply can’t go wrong…!!! The first thing I notice is that every vape is different. This is another bonus. The first time on the inhale, I tasted more of the vanilla cake and cinnamon and didn’t get the creamy custard until the exhale. The second vape, I noticed the creamy custard first, then a touch of cinnamon before the exhale, and finally a delicious blend of all three during the exhale. I imagine this is a HUGE hit in Tupelo and especially at Amaza Vapors where Scott Stone was the first to give Jeremy a push and want to sell his eliquid. This is where the Jolley Juice Cult originated. The JJC saw great flavor in two blends and told Jeremy to do his thing and mix them….kudos! This is smooth, tasty, and would be an easy all day vape for many people I know. J-Lock has a mild throat hit and great vapor production!! I enjoyed this best around 40 watts.

Annabel Lee

“As you know, when you sit in the kingdom by the sea, it’s best to sit with a cup of caramel coffee.”

VAPINSKI REVIEWS JOLLEY JUICE ELIQUID FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE     Annabel Lee reminds me of a good light caramel latte. I don’t mean light in the matter of “diet” or that it’s not sweet enough. I mean light in that it’s not a heavy or deep latte flavor. The inhale is a light latte flavor with a touch of caramel that takes you into the exhale. The exhale is a faint creamy coffee flavor that is nice and smooth. The throat hit is mild and vapor production is good. Annabel Lee actually pairs well with a cup of coffee too, but is great if you love a flavored coffee vape at any time of the day!


“Like going to an ice cream shop and ordering your favorite pistachio and cream ice cream.”

VAPINSKI REVIEWS JOLLEY JUICE ELIQUID FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE     Martian is a pleasant surprise because I am a pistachio fan and it’s hard to find a good pistachio flavor. The pistachio is a nice and creamy too. It is truly an ice cream from the inhale throughout the exhale. I love how well it’s blended and that I think the amount of flavoring is just right. I do get a medium throat hit with this one too, and I’m thinking that I’m noticing that with some of these because I am not used to vaping 60vg/40pg blends. I usually vape 70vg or higher. This little bit of extra PG could be hitting my throat a little harsher than I am used to, but it doesn’t take away from the flavor or blend at all. It is for the most part a very smooth vape. Smooth, creamy, and has a really good flavor. If you are a pistachio fan, I definitely suggest you check this flavor out!! I enjoyed this one best right at 40 watts.



“A mixture of coconut, almond, and chocolate into a vape that will have you feeling like a nut.”

VAPINSKI REVIEWS JOLLEY JUICE ELIQUID FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE     Winjamy I found best at 45-50 watts because to me this is where all of the flavors tasted the best. They had a tendency not to blend the best at a lower wattage. It may be just me, but the the chocolate and almond flavorings just taste better here on the inhale. They are a little creamier and flow into the exhale a little more seamlessly. I get a touch of the coconut before the exhale, but just a little bit. The flavor is a little faint on Winjamy. I put this in a Kanger Mini SubTank with a .5ohm coil as well and liked it better this way. I ran it at 30 watts and the chocolate flavor had a nutty undertone with hints of coconut that were faint in the inhale. The exhale is a creamy milk chocolate blend of flavors that fades slowly.


Jolley Juice is a family owned business with many flavors that are sure to please a variety of palates! These 60vg/40pg blends are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, and 18mg of nicotine. I like that there is a 9mg available because some are a little leery of dropping from that 12mg down to the 6mg. Jolley Juice is available in 15ml, 30ml, and 120ml at a few shops in Mississippi and just added a couple in Wisconsin as well. If you’d like to try Jolley Juice, please encourage your local B&M to carry the line! I would suggest to Jeremy that he thinks about doing MaxVG versions of a couple of these popular blends also. I think that will boost his place in this industry even further. Make sure you follow Jolley Juice on Facebook at Jolley Juice, LLC and on Instagram @jolleyjuicellc.