A question to long-time Vapers; do you have an e-liquid or two that has been in your constant rotation since you began vaping? Well, I do. I have a few actually. The one I want to tell you about was originally reviewed way back on April 7th, 2014 … more than 4 YEARS ago! It’s called Drunk Monkey and it’s made by G2 Vapor.

Since the first time I vaped this marvelous eJuice it has always been a part of juice collection, despite the many changes to the G2 Vapor company since then, Drunk Monkey hasn’t changed. Thank God for small favors.


Here’s a little bit of what I wrote 4+ years ago about G2 Vapor’s Drunk Monkey (back then this juice and a few others were sold under the moniker of G2 Prime.)

If you’ve ever even ‘liked’ a banana eLiquid before you will fall in love with the Drunk Monkey.

The creaminess factor gives the rich, deep banana component a luscious flavor you just won’t believe. It’s a little like a thick banana milkshake, made with light cream instead of milk, and maybe a drop or two of vanilla extract for a silky touch, followed up with a shot of rum to provide that certain extra ping. The smooth, slightly sweet rum adds another dimension to the Drunk Monkey that I didn’t expect but I certainly enjoyed.

4 Years ago, Drunk Monkey was awarded a Spinfuel Choice Award since every member of the review team agreed it was a phenomenal eJuice.

Before I get into the details of my current vape experience with this personal favorite, I want to take you back in time to a period when eJuice was being sold, well, differently.

Below is what Drunk Monkey and the rest of G2 Prime’s lineup.

2014 – G2 Prime Sizes and Prices

  • 15ml – $14.99
  • 30ml – $22
  • 120ml – $84

2018 G2 Vapor Prices? $21.99 per 100mL Bottle!

Can you even imagine paying $84 for a 120mL bottle of eJuice in 2018? Or even bothering with a 15mL or 30mL freebase nicotine blend? It was expensive, but I still continued to buy it in those 120mL bottles.

Today, I buy G2 Vapor’s Drunk Monkey for an easy to afford $21.99 through MyVaporStore. G2 Vapor may have changed their bottles, their logo, and even their presentation, but thankfully not their recipe. At MVS, Drunk Monkey is sold in box containing two 50mL unicorn style bottles, making each 50mL bottle just $11… In the ancient days of vaping we often broke down the price per mL, and in 2014 this eJuice sold for 7 cents per mL, and in 2018 the price per mL less than half.

G2 Vapor Drunk Monkey at MyVaporStore2 x 50ml Bottle = 100mL

Ripe bananas blended with cream and rum.

Child-Resistant Cap

70% VG / 30% PG

Package Contents:

2 x Bottle

“5 Stars– Beautifully executed flavor and vapor. Authentic and plentiful flavor profile, accurate description by the vendor. Satisfying vape experience, would definitely buy again. Excellent juice.” – Spinfuel Vape Review

In our Team Review I told you I vaped G2 Prime with my trusty ZMAX Mini (reviewed here) and the Kanger AeroTank (reviewed here). Since that time this juice has been vaped in more than 200 different mods and at least 40 Sub-Ohm Tanks.

When I decided to write about eJuice again I chose Drunk Monkey because I had just received a couple of boxes of it and realized just how long I’ve been placing orders for it. Only now, the Mods and Tanks I use, and the Coils as well, are lightyears ahead of the ZMAX and AeroTank, and this fantastic juice is even better than it was 4 years ago because of these new mods, tanks, and coils.


The SMOK E-PRIV (reviewed here) is a true 230W TC vape mod engineered with precision, and styled for comfort. The E-PRIV Mod features Variable Wattage, temperature control and TCR modes. Its large 1.45″ TFT (Twisted Film Transistor) display screen is a redesigned GUI that is as splendid as it is informative. The SMOK E-PRIV is powered by Dual high-amp 18650 batteries (I use Nitecore 3100 mAh 35A cells) that can be charged with the included micro USB cable and the charging port.

In the Starter Kit version of the SMOK E-PRIV there lies the always marvelous TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm (reviewed here), and I use it often, but not always. After the release of the E-PRIV I picked up the Augvape Skynet  that everybody here was telling me it was an awesome sub-ohm tank, and after picking one up I admit to vaping the Skynet more often the Prince.

The Skynet’s Replacement Coils come in a 5-pack for just $9.99, and the flavor from these Skynet Mesh 0.15ohm Coils are too good to accurately describe. What I can say is that as long as I’ve been vaping Drunk Monkey it’s never tasted better than it does now, with these new tanks and coils.

The Horizon Falcon Resin Artisan Sub-Ohm

Another sub-ohm tank I’ve been using a lot with Drunk Monkey is the new Falcon Resin Artisan tank. (reviewed here). I love this tank, but what I love more is the incredible M Triple Mesh Coil, which is made with natural flax fiber and wood pulp for an astounding flavor fidelity without sacrificing huge clouds of vapor.

The SMOK Devilkin

Although I vape often with the SMOK E-PRIV, I also use the SMOK Devilkin Mod and the Vaporesso Polar Mod.  The Devilkin is probably the most comfortable vape mod on the market right now, and with a gorgeous 1.3” OLED display and Dual 18650 batteries, the Devilkin has been one of SMOK’s most successful products, similar to the popularity of the mighty SMOK Alien mod (reviewed here) which is still selling like crazy (check out the new colors and patterns!)

I’ve vaped hundreds of eLiquids over the years, and only a handful earn a permanent place in my eJuice Rotation. Although I’ll find a great new eliquid that I’ll keep in rotation for weeks and months, like “I Love Donuts” by Mad Hatter or “French Dude” by Vape Breakfast Classics, only the best of the best earn the permanent spot. Drunk Monkey IS my cornerstone eJuice.

Through the leaps and bounds of vape industry, this 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid has remained true to its roots. It has always been a 70/30 blend, yet it is only now that it is reaching its full potential by vaping it with better mods and tanks.

My “Permanent Rotation Eliquids” are what I use when I review a new sub-ohm tank. The reason is that I know these eliquids inside and out and I know when a new tank or new coil are throwing me vapor that accurately represents the true authentic flavor. As for Drunk Monkey, as a delicious creamy banana flavor that I would recognize anywhere, it provides me the perfect opportunity to judge the abilities of the tank or coil I’m writing about.

The eJuice industry is going through a horrible period right now. Dozens upon dozens of great eliquid makers have called it quits, with many more to follow, all because of the strict and expensive policies that the FDA has put into place, which I believe is going way overboard. G2 Vapor has been around a long, long time, and it’s because of their loyal customers (like me!) that helps make their continued success possible. I can’t recommend Drunk Monkey enough for those of you that enough a banana flavor profile.

If you haven’t tried this one very successful blend, I urge you to give it a try. It’s been one of my favs since 2014, and it will continue to be in my permanent rotation as long as G2 Vapor continues to make it.

Pick up G2 Vapor’s Drunk Monkey at MyVaporStore My “Vaping with Julia” column is back as a weekly eJuice review column. For the first few weeks I’m going to continue with the eJuice blends that I have in my Permanent Rotation, and then proceed with some of my new favorites. But, these columns will cover more than simply the eliquid, I plan to tell you about how they vape with the current mods, tanks, and coils I’ve been using in my reviews. I hope you’ll check back every Tuesday for a new column!

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