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CHANNEL 13 – EVAL – Oregon

LANE COUNTY, Ore. – Local vape shops in Oregon are trying to regain and/or rebuild their customers lost from the short-lived vaping ban last month. The ban was a knee-jerk reaction caused by a Vaping Illness that had nothing to do with e-liquid or mod.

The CDC announces Vitamin E Acetate as the leading (only) reason for vaping lung illnesses that spread across the US this past summer, with some lingering cases still being found. (kids can be dumb after all)

The CDC’s findings validate business owners’ and the vaping community theories that vitamin E acetate is being used in  black market THC Cartridges  is the cause the medical field has been looking for. 

On this last Monday, CHANNEL 13  checked back in with two stores they’ve been following through the madness.

Vaping Illness Discovered - When Will Vape Shops Rebuild

Vaping Illness Destroys 2 Vape Shops in Oregon

When the states’ first Ban went into effect, Emerald Vapors and Oregon Vape Society emptied the shelves, packed up products and were ready to sell off inventory. Like so many others in states were similar bans have been put into place.

Then, with no apology, no admission they were wrong, the ban was reversed. The two shops restocked their shelves but customers weren’t exactly coming back. That said, perhaps something will happen that might make a difference.

“It’s relieving yes but it hasn’t fixed, it hasn’t put our business back together yet,” said Rau.

The CDC says Vitamin E Acetate is a sticky substance used in lotions. By mixing it in THC cartridges, which is illegal, it clings to lung tissue, causing lung problems.

It’s a difference local nicotine shops want you to know about

Vaping Illness has Nothing to do with E-Liquid

Both Vape Shops (and dozens more) in Oregon face challenges ahead that no one expected in years past. There will be more state action,  as well as across the US because of the suspected increase FDA regulations.

Some are saying that more testing needs to be done but Vitamin E in liquid form, as a method of cutting THC is the only reasonable cause. Every piece of lung tissue examined by the CDC found Vitamin E Acetate and THC.

This past Friday, the Oregon court of appeals blocked a ban on flavored cannabis vape products as well. Leave it to the judges to weed through the hyperbole to discover the massive attack on vaping, set ablaze by a complete misinterpretation of the real facts.

Spinfuel VAPE believes the cause for the illnesses and death come from vaping bootleg THC cartridges cut with Vitamin E Acetate. It’s time to crack down HARD on these products and allow the vape community to continue to enjoy their favorite flavored e-juice in all the glorious flavors.