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Vaping Etiquette for 2019

There are so many benefits to vaping compared to smoking traditional cigarettes.

It’s healthier, it’s cheaper and it can become a fantastic hobby with all of the different set ups and customizations available.

Starting out with your first vape kit is an exciting time, and it’s easy to become so wrapped up in the whole experience that you forget not everyone thinks it’s as great as you do.

So before you pull out kit for your next vape, read these 8 tips to make sure that your vaping etiquette is beyond reproach.

Vaping Etiquette for New Vapers

Do: Ask before you vape

 It’s just polite and it’s probably the #1 Vaping Etiquette Rule. If you’re in someone’s home, or you’re in a new pub where you’re not sure of the vaping policy, just ask. And if they say no, go outside. Don’t do that daft thing where you blow your vape down your jacket and pretend nobody can see the clouds forming around your wrists.

Vaping Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t: Vape where you wouldn’t smoke

 Planes, trains, taxis, doctors’ surgeries… The list of places you can’t smoke is endless. So if you can’t smoke, don’t pull out your vape kit. The only possible exception is in a pub where no food is being served. Sometimes a landlord doesn’t mind if you have a small, low-cloud vape.

Do: Share with other vapers

 If someone’s out of juice, it’s only polite to offer them a quick squirt of yours. After all, when you can get some fantastic eliquids, it will only cost you a couple of pence to make a new friend. Of course, if someone wants to borrow a battery, a spare tank, some coils and a whole short fill bottle, you’re within your rights to tell them to buy their own!

Vaping Etiquette Cont…

Don’t: Bore non-vapers to death

 They don’t care about Ohm’s Law. They don’t.

They just don’t.

Do: Keep clouds to a minimum

 Yes, it’s cool that you can use that high VG eliquid to blow a magnificent cloud and do loads of vape tricks, but nobody wants a puff of second hand vapour in their face at the bus stop, as Vaping Etiquette goes, this is just common sense, yes?.

Stand downwind of people, use the variable flow adjuster on your mod to reduce airflow, and reduce the voltage. Keep the huge clouds for your own home.

Don’t: Hog the charging cables

 We’ve all been there, at a party at 2am, when you’re desperate to get an Uber but your phone battery has just died and someone’s hogging the only free charger cable. It’s awful when they’re using that to play an awful Spotify playlist through their phone speakers, it’s just as awful when you’re using it to charge your ecig battery. And remember, charging some ecigs through a wall socket is dangerous anyway!

Do: Dispose of your empties properly

 One thing everyone hates about smokers is that they love nothing more than flicking a cigarette dimp out of a car window, or leaving piles of ash on the floor outside a pub, or screwing up their packets and leaving them three feet away from a bin. As a vaper, you’ve no butts or ash to dispose of, but you still need to be conscientious. Old coils and pods go in the bin, empty plastic bottles go into the recycling.

Don’t: Go on and on and on and on and on at smokers

 Listen, they’ve already seen the literature. They’ve heard from Cancer Research UK, from the British Heart Foundation, from their GP, from the NHS website and Public Health England.

Smokers know that vaping is better for them than smoking, so this bit of Vaping Etiquette it important. But they have to make the leap themselves. No amount of you harping on about the toasty flavour of a tobacco eliquid is going to change their mind!

So there you have it. Our eight dos and don’ts to give you an idea of vaping etiquette for the new electronic cigarette user. Have anything to add? Let us know!