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It is sometimes difficult to remember that the vaping industry was in effect a niche market at the turn of the century but is expected to turnover in excess of $2 billion in the US alone during 2015. We have moved from the first generation “cigalikes” to second-generation vaporizers and now third-generation devices are available. While the lines are slightly blurred between the different types of device available we are actually on the verge of a fourth-generation revolution!

With the wider general public more welcoming of vaping devices there is a growing argument as to whether third generation and beyond may be a step too far for some people.

What is a third-generation vaping device?

In simple terms there are two different types of third-generation vaping device which are mechanical mods and variable voltage devices. The mechanical mods are in effect a much larger type of second generation vaping product although these units have no internal circuitry and the batteries need to be detached to recharge separately. These are the enormous vaping tanks which create a mist which can sometimes obscure the user!

The second type of third-generation vaping product is what is known as a “variable voltage device” and while physically similar to the “mechanical mods” the main difference is the ability to vary the voltage and the wattage (power). By varying these two elements this has a direct impact upon the heating component allowing you to control the amount of vapour created to your personal requirement. The ability to control the amount of vapour created is something which has certainly caught the eye of committed vapers. This second type of vaping device has more complicated internal circuitry and the batteries can be charged via a USB cable without the need to detach.

Are third-generation devices for everybody?

Whatever type of vaping device you are looking for you will find something between the first generation and third-generation products available today. The third-generation devices are perhaps more suitable for experienced vapers and it is worth noting that they often have basic safety precautions. However, as people become more adventurous, looking for something different, many experts believe that third-generation products and beyond will become more popular.

Such has been the lightning quick speed at which third generation products have been developed that regulators and governments around the world have been left in their wake.

The vaping community is developing and growing much faster than many experts predicted and this niche market is now mainstream.

What does 2015 hold?

In reality whatever we predict today for 2015 will likely be exceeded by the vaping industry which is one of the fastest moving sectors in the world. We have the interaction of vaping devices with computers, we have variable voltage products and many more additional services such as timed vaping will become more commonplace in the months ahead.

There are new products emerging each month, some of which are not even nicotine-based, as vaping devices become a potential gateway to new and exciting flavours. While the politicians and the regulators fight for control of the industry the sector continues to plough ahead. Interesting times are certainly ahead!

Mark Benson

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