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War On Vapers

Fellow Vapers, I don’t know about you, but I’ve about had enough. Arguing with people who are against e-cigarettes is an argument you cannot win because facts don’t matter. The only thing that does matter is perception. Distorted, ill-informed, much-maligned perception by a certain subset of ‘nanny-state’ individuals who will not, under any circumstances, watch the past 30 years of the demonization of smoking go down in flames. They will fight to the bitter end and their perception of reality will never wane.

Over the past few weeks there has been a barrage of attacks in the media against e-cigarettes and e-liquids as those vehemently opposed to them have begun pushing harder than ever before. And it is having an effect I did not expect.

Consider: Our Administrator Dave Foster had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Over the past year or so Dave and the Doctor would always discuss e-cigarettes during every appointment. The doctor’s own mother-in-law uses them, and he promotes the use of e-cigarettes for his patients that can’t quit smoking for one reason or another. He has been a big proponent of electronic cigarettes, until yesterday when that certainty that he thought he had was shaken.

The French consumer magazine, National Consumer Institute  published an article called “Do e-cigarettes cause cancer”, as reported by the website called “The Week”. This paragraph below was enough to shake the doctors confidence;

Using a new method of testing, researchers found that in three out of the ten e-cigs studied, the level of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, came close to the amount in conventional cigarettes. Furthermore, a highly toxic molecule called acrolein was detected “sometimes at levels even higher than in traditional cigarettes,” said Thomas Laurenceau, chief editor of the magazine.”

Dave’s doctor is a smart man, and he isn’t convinced in the slightest that this article is based in any truth, but it was enough to cause him to wonder about the safety of e-cigarettes more than he had before, which was roughly ‘never’. This is a sure sign that the zealots will do anything, and I mean anything, to kill off the e-cigarette phenomenon before its too late. Facts do not matter any more, not in the least.

Beating A Dead Horse

In the pages of Spinfuel eMagazine we have argued, over and over, that this war on e-cigarettes is multi-faceted and is being conducted by several groups, organizations, governments, and whoever has a stick up their butt about smoking. There are all sorts of reasons why these people do not want you and me to use e-cigarettes. We talk about it, and others talk about it, and the arguments go on and on and on, each taking turns telling us all where the truth lies. Aren’t you sick of it yet?

Whether some group doesn’t want the demonization of smoking to stop anytime soon, or some other group is desperately afraid that e-cigarettes are going to kill their children, or some government wants more tax revenue, or some organization wants to kill off the competition, none of it matters. What does matter, what’s most important, and what seems to be missing in all this nonsense is “freedom”.  Well, freedom’s been missing from a lot of things in the past decade or so, but it should still matter here. No one on the other side seems to give a damn about personal choice and personal responsibility. They have an agenda to push, and by God they will push that agenda come hell or high water.

Turning Up The Volume

I know, from experience, how many lives are being saved by e-cigarettes. I’ve seen people go from being winded at the slightest walk in the park to being able to run around the block after just 3 months of vaping.

I’ve seen pulmonary tests improve dramatically when someone stops smoking, starts vaping, and only 6 months goes by. I know people that have been ‘vaping’ for 5 years now, without a single detectable illness. You’ll never convince me e-cigarettes, when vaped with quality hardware and pure, contamination-free eLiquid is harmful. Well, not without an unbiased 5-year study that shows otherwise. But even then, it had best be conclusive and error free. I know the truth. You know the truth.

Changing the Argument

It is time for Spinfuel eMagazine to change the argument coming from these pages. No one who is against e-cigarettes, for whatever reason, is listening anyway. So, starting next week we’re going to take a different approach.

No more arguments, no more debate, no more anger and hostility. From now on, in addition to all our reviews about great (and not so great) vaping products, and insightful tutorials, as well as our Guide To Vaping, we are going to intersperse out content with stories from you, our readers. We may be preaching only to the choir, or maybe, just maybe, other may begin to listen, and think, and understand that e-cigarettes are the answer to our tobacco problem.

Beginning Monday, September 2nd, 2013, we’re going to pound the drum over and over and over with positive stories of how people’s lives have been changed for the better through e-cigarettes.

A Week and Then The Future

For 7 days, beginning Monday, we will publish 3 successful vaping stories each day. 21 stories in all will be told. Stories will be published that tell of people picking up e-cigarettes and throwing away tobacco.

Afterwards, we will follow up with 2 or 3 new stories every week for however long it takes until we finally win the freedom to have what we’ve every right to have, the unfettered use of e-cigarettes.

We will continue to tell the stories that our readers send us until such time as the FDA finally sends down its “deeming” regulations that will forever settle the argument about our freedom to vape. We’ll never get the zealots to stop complaining, it is their life’s work, but once the FDA informs the nation that we can rightfully vape, with any eLiquid we choose to use, then let the liars and the zealots scream all they want. We’ll just tune them out.


You would have to be a fool to think that e-cigarettes are anywhere near as deadly as tobacco cigarettes, yet there are fools that think just that. So, let them think whatever they want. You and I, we know better. We’ve seen it. We understand it. We are Vapers, and our right to vape Banana Pudding (Southern Style), Chai Tea Latte, Strawberry shortcake, or lime-flavored eLiquids should never be taken away.


There is a reason why e-cigarettes and e-Liquids should always remain legal, and the right to sell them online should never be hindered, and the reason is this; They are safe, and until you can prove otherwise that should be the only truth that matters

John Manzione

 Do you want to share YOUR story with the world? Then email us at admin at Spinfuel dot com. Tell us in 500 words or so, how vaping has improved your life and we’ll let the world know.