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Vapers Take Note

Over the last few months we have seen electronic cigarette patents dragged through the courts, regulatory challenges and politicians in the US and around the world using unproven data to trash the industry. However, it seems that the vaping community is now set to fight fire with fire with news that The Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association raised in excess of $100,000 at a recent fundraising event aimed at using the courts to stop the pedalling of rumours and mistruths about the industry.

 Is the vaping industry ready for the fight?

While a $100,000 war chest is nothing compared to that available to the tobacco companies and other critics of the industry, it is certainly a start. This money was raised in less than three hours and there are more events planned in the short, medium and longer term. Up until now the industry has used a soft approach to tackling rumours, mistruths and blatant lies about the sector. This has, to a certain extent, been successful in helping to build up a trust factor with consumers, many of whom now seem to discount the controversial headlines which are often misleading.

When you bear in mind that the vaping community started to emerge in real numbers at the turn-of-the-century this is a very close-knit community looking to protect its rights to vape. So, will this new tactic work?

What will be achieved by court action?

Historically court action against the tobacco industry has led to years and years of legal arguments which ultimately proved to be an expensive exercise. Even today there is mystery and intrigue about the tobacco industry with nothing certain except the fact that governments around the world are happy to take your tobacco taxes. The court action by the vaping community may not result in breathtaking results but it will allow supporters to bring proven data into the public domain and perhaps highlight some of the misinformation and mistruths surrounding the sector.

We (Vapers) already have a number of legal actions ongoing around the world in relation to electronic cigarette patents, new regulations with supporters also challenging the speed at which some US states have proposed electronic cigarette taxes. It is also worth noting that the court route proved to be very beneficial in years gone by when the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) attempted to ban electronic cigarettes outright. Perhaps this is the only way the industry will be able to get a fair hearing?

What next for the vaping industry?

The next stage in the development of industry will at some stage incorporate new regulations which the FDA and its European counterpart are currently considering. However, the authorities are so far behind the development curve of the vaping industry it is actually starting to become embarrassing.

It is good to see that the active Vapers in the vaping community/vaping sector are now looking to fight fire with fire and while the courts may not be the preferred choice of battleground there is a need to dismiss untruths and rumours surrounding the industry. Could this be a decisive factor in the fightback?

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