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Vapers Cupid Dating Website 

I don’t know exactly why but I think the idea of a dating website for Vapers is a great idea. Let’s face it, Vapers are sometimes shunned as much as smokers, which we are were at some time. Ill-informed people are at times almost hateful in their comments about vaping. I can’t tell you how many times people have given me the evil eye when they notice I’m vaping. If I was single and looking for a partner I know I would face obstacles looking for my soul-mate. When I first heard about Vapers Cupid my gut told me that it would be a successful venture, something I whole heartedly recommend to any and every single Vaper looking for romance.

VAPERS CUPIDSo, If you are searching for someone to date…and vape with, join Vapers Cupid today. This brand new, and utterly unique venture is giving the first 150 users a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

Launched just few weeks ago, Vapers Cupid is the first online dating website for the vapers community. With the mission that your dating experience should be fun, simple, personal and private, Vapers Cupid is bound to become the most successful online dating destination for vapers to meet, date and find love.

The official Vapers Cupid website has many useful features including Speed Match, User Photos, Match and Guest Lists, Chat and Messaging, Profile View and Bookmarks, Facebook Connect, Content Flagging, etc. They also allow requests for friendship or “whatever“, have forums, events, groups, video and blog pages for the members of the community to participate in, and are working on developing their location-based apps (Android and iOS) which will be released in the next few weeks.

I’m telling you folks, these guys are serious about offering a place, an outlet, a method, for Vapers to find other Vapers for the purpose of dating, friendship, and whatever else… If I hadn’t already found my soul-mate I’d be on Vapers Cupid like white on rice.

So, take advantage of their special offer while you can, sign up with Vapers Cupid today, and share the URL with your Vaper friends and start looking for that special someone in your life.

Julia Hartley-Barnes