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Tom’s review for the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector – The vaping industry infiltrated all sectors within the analog-enthusiast community, and for good reason. Using the digital platform, vapers are able to enjoy textures and nuances that were previously unavailable in the traditional format. This advantage, plus the obvious factor of convenience and concealment (for the portable-vape platform), has made vaporizers one of the most sought-after devices of this century.


Still, the analog method has its own charm, particularly for the botanical side of the industry. For instance, the butane-heating process used in the traditional consumption of wax concentrates is difficult, if not outright impossible, to duplicate with digital e-nail vaporizers. Judging from various social media accounts, the consensus appears to be that while digital e-nails are convenient and flavorful, many enthusiasts love the analog nails for various reasons.


The biggest reason could simply be that humans are creatures of habit. Once a firm pattern is established, it’s incredibly difficult for people to break out of it. Rather than try to fight consumers on their tendencies, vaping manufacturers Vaped Micro and Nectar Collector asked, why not feature both methods?


The Vaped Micro Nectar Collector vaporizer is the result of the two companies’ collaborative efforts to produce an all-in-one e-nail vaporizer. With the Vaped Nectar Collector Kit, the end-user has the ability to enjoy their wax concentrates through both the analog nail and e-nail format. More importantly, the Nectar Collector performs the two functions quite well.

Vaped Micro Nectar Collector Review – Spinfuel VAPE

Two is Better Than One

For consumers, nothing brightens their day like the “two-fer,” or the two-for-one deal. It’s one of the most commonly deployed advertising and marketing methods, primarily because it works. After all, who wouldn’t want an extra product or service for free?


This is exactly what the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector Kit offers – a proven vaporizer that can deliver the raw power of analog, or the rich flavors and nuances of an e-nail platform. And vape enthusiasts shouldn’t confuse the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector collaboration as simply a paycheck for the two manufacturers. Both methods are equally well-presented, and the dual-function vaporizer genuinely performs each task to satisfaction.


Some confusion exists as to whether or not the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector is a true, dual-functioning vaporizer. If you peruse social media channels like YouTube, a majority of video reviews and presentations focus on the Nectar Collector’s analog-nail process. There are a couple of reasons why this may be the case.


First, as previously mentioned, enthusiasts typically enjoy the process with which they are most familiar. Second, butane-torching your analog nail comes with certain conveniences and economic benefits. Primarily, it’s easier and quicker to light up your nail, dip it into a jar of your essential oils or concentrates, and enjoy the draws. Furthermore, it’s a lot easier to consume all of your flavors, whereas the e-nail process tends to leave residue or unburnt materials.


Finally, the analog nail visually looks far more impressive than the e-nail process. I’m sure more than a few vape enthusiasts who usually prefer the digital process have opted for the butane torch simply because of the “cool factor.” Really, who could blame them? It is an awesome methodology, and the art of chasing vape should have no rules or boundaries.


That said, the e-nail process deserves fair consideration. For starters, “e-nailing” is super convenient, particularly when using the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector. In e-nail mode, the platform is internally “contained,” meaning that no outside elements, such as a butane torch or a flavor jar, are needed to vape. This makes it an excellent choice for stealing a toke on the road.


In addition, the e-nail’s battery emits lower temperatures than the butane torch, which leads to less likelihood of combustion. You can also release subtle tones from your waxes and oils which the torch would likely burn off. Moreover, you receive smoother draws from the e-nail method, which is critical for those who have a sensitivity towards the stronger, analog hits.

First Impressions of the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector

The Vaped Micro Nectar Collector Kit is unlike most other portable vape platforms that you see in the market. Right from the first unveiling, Nectar Collector’s glasswork evokes a powerful impression, as does the titanium nail to which it is originally attached. The entire platform has a striking, robust weight to it. This is not some shrunken down e-device only suitable for circus actors.


Instead, it’s a hearty vaporizer that is small enough to be discreet, yet large enough to facilitate home enjoyment or to share in a small group setting. Vapers who love getting the most out of their money (which is all of us) will naturally gravitate towards the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector Kit.


Also included in the package is the popular Micro Vaped v4 battery, along with a separate quartz dual-coil atomizer. In and of itself, a Micro Vaped vaporizer will easily retail for $60 or over, so again, you’re getting incredible value for the money. The v4 can also be used as a separate device specifically for portable needs, while you keep the more delicate Micro Nectar Collector at home.


Of course, the beauty of the Nectar Collector is its proprietary “Switch-Hit Technology.” The kit’s glass collector works seamlessly with either the titanium-nail tip, or the Micro Vaped’s rechargeable battery. The transition between the two platforms is intuitive that even novice vapers should have no problem operating it.


In reality, vapers are getting three functions for the price of one – analog-nail delivery, e-nail method, and a quartz atomizer. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector is one of the best deals you can find in the vaping market.


But like any other product, the Nectar Collector Kit isn’t without its faults. When in analog mode, the vape unit is essentially a “single-hit” device. Every substantive hit requires you to torch the titanium nail to a certain temperature range; falling out of that range will lead to less-than-adequate draws. Thus, the analog method isn’t quite efficient enough for large group settings.


The e-nail portion of the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector Kit improves upon the analog process in terms of longevity. However, don’t expect your Nectar e-nail vaporizer to suddenly transform into the DaVinci Ascent. You get a modest, but noticeable improvement in session life, and nothing more.


To mitigate the battery-life situation, the Micro Vaped device incorporates pass-thru capability. This convenient feature allows you to vape while simultaneously charging the device. Of course, even with pass-through, it would be difficult for the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector to be both discreet and portable. Thus, it’s something to consider before purchasing this kit.

Dreamy Vapor Quality from the Nectar Collector

As I mentioned previously, perhaps the majority consensus of vape enthusiasts eschew the e-nail functionality for the traditional, butane-torch method. Having given both functions a fair shake, I can see the benefits (and some drawbacks) for each process. At the end of the day, it comes down to vaper preference and what benefits are more important to you.


What’s not in question is the vapor quality. Starting with the analog titanium nail procedure, the hits are powerful but not overwhelmingly biting. The water-cooled glass attachment does an excellent job of taming the butane-torched draws, allowing you to absorb more of the flavor and less of the power.


Furthermore, the analog method does a great job of consuming all of your choice materials from your included glass dish. Oils and concentrates can be quite expensive, even at the base level. As you go up into premium flavors, you begin to feel serious wallet pain.


I can’t speak for everyone, but I want to enjoy every last draw that I paid for. Few things in the vaping process are as annoying as leaving unevenly-burned materials to waste. The Nectar Collector’s titanium nail ensures such inefficiencies don’t ever have to impede your enjoyment again.


The e-nail methodology is a different story. Due to the inherent nature of this process, I noticed that not all of my materials are burned properly. Theoretically, you could reapply the unevenly cooked materials into the glass jar, and draw through the traditional way. However, the taste and texture is simply not the same.


What the e-nail lacks in efficiency, it makes up for in flavor and convenience. In my opinion, you get a much more tonal experience with the e-nail than with the butane-torch method. The natively lower heating profile allows the flavors to marinate longer. Furthermore, the glass attachment works even more powerfully to cool your draws. For enthusiasts with sensitive throats or lungs, you definitely don’t want to ignore the e-nail functionality of the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector Kit!


A big incentive is how easy the process is for the e-nail functionality. Those who are familiar with vaporizers and e-cigarettes will get acclimated immediately to the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector. Those who transitioned directly from traditional practices shouldn’t find operating the Collector much more difficult.


Finally, there’s the safety element. While butane torching is fun, it’s also not the most safest practice, especially if you like to have a few while vaping. Obviously, the titanium nail becomes red hot and takes considerable time before it cools down to harmless temperatures. Until that moment, there’s a lot of opportunities for accidents to happen. Thus, the Micro Nectar Collector mitigates much of the danger associated with the analog nail process.

Incredible Value for the Micro Nectar Collector Kit

I’ve touched on this a few times throughout this review, but it’s worth reiterating: the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector Kit represents incredible value for the connoisseur, the newcomer, and everyone in between. You’re not going to find too many vape kits that offer both quantity and quality. Therefore, if you’re just starting out in the vaping world, the Nectar Collector Kit belongs on your short list of packages to buy.


On average, the kit retails for a penny under $130. If you were to buy the individual components separately, you would end up paying perhaps hundreds of dollars more. The Micro Vaped v4 battery and atomizer will set you back well over $60. A glass-filtration system featuring the quality craftsmanship and materials that Nectar Collector is known for could easily run into triple digits.


The one drawback to the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector’s value proposition is compatibility. Sadly, the Collector doesn’t attach to the standard-sized 14mm water-tool adapters. In terms of device experimentation, you are limited to what the e-nail vaporizer kit gives you.


As much of a bummer as this is, I personally don’t consider it to be a deal-breaker. The Vaped Micro Nectar Collector has won rave industry accolades from the highest and most-credible sources. The two manufacturers have to be doing something right to earn this praise. Still, if you are a true tinkerer, you will want to keep this limitation in mind.


Performance: B+

Both the analog and digital nail process is superbly represented, while the draws through the water-cooled Nectar Collector are smooth and consistent.

Convenience: A-

The Micro Nectar Collector transitions quickly between functions thanks to its Switch-Hit Technology, but battery life could be a little bit better.

Value: A

Without hesitation, the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector is one of the best values in the market due to its combination of performance, workmanship, and excellent vapor quality.

Overall Grade: A-

Final Thoughts on the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector Kit

Although the Nectar Collector Kit isn’t flawless, it’s tempting to not feel that it is. When you approach the platform from both a performance and value angle, you’re at a loss to recommend any other competitor vaping device.


Sure, this sounds like I’m blowing smoke up the backside of Vaped Inc. and Nectar Collector, but hear me out. At the average selling price of $130, you’re only a few dollars more than a portable wax pen that doesn’t get you the kind of vapor delivery that the Collector kit emits with ease. Additionally, Nectar Collector’s glasswork is pristine, and would cost much more if sold separately.


With the Vaped Micro Nectar Collector Kit, you have access to multiple methods of experimentation, whether analog, digital, or true portable. Moreover, renowned manufacturers produce and distribute the kit, giving you the confidence that this is no hodge-podge of cheapo-vape units brought under the umbrella of a “value package.”


The Nectar Collector Kit isn’t without its faults. The lack of compatibility with other water-tool adapters is a drag (no pun intended). Battery life is adequate, but nothing to rave about. Finally, the e-nail process isn’t the most efficient compared to premium units within the category.


But in the greater scheme of things, the flaws are comparatively minor. The Micro Nectar Collector was designed to be its own independent, vaping eco-system, and to that end, I believe it’s a categorical success. is a reputable website we recommend if you are looking to pick one up.  Nug Republic offers a price match guarantee and you can be assured you are always getting authentic hardware.