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As a subscriber of the best eliquid subscription service, Vapebox, I am always delighted to see another special white box arrive in my mailbox.


Because I subscribe to the Enthusiasts Plan, ($60 monthly) each month the Vapebox “curator” includes one or two pieces of vaping hardware along with loads of eliquids in my box. These eliquids are based on my carefully chosen flavor profile, and the hardware is based on my choices between Tanks and RDA’s, or Mechanical and Regulated Mods. These guys always seem to know what hardware and e-juice flavors will make me one satisfied vaper.


Vapebox January

I’ve never been disappointed with any Vapebox since I began my subscription several months ago. However, with this month’s box, Vapebox has truly outdid themselves with both the eliquid choices and the special piece of hardware


The Doge V4 by Congrevape

Vapebox has teamed up with Congrevape on a special “engraving” deal with Congrevape’s newest RDA, the 24mm Doge V4, their best RDA yet, to celebrate 4 Years of growing into the top subscription service for Vapers.


The complete retail package for the Doge V4 was included in my box, and across the Doge V4 is a laser-engraved “Vapebox” personalization. An instant collector’s item!


Both Congrevape and Vapebox have four years of experience in designing their products and their services, so it seemed appropriate that Vapebox and Congrevape should work together (again) to feature the Doge V4 RDA for Vapebox subscribers that have identified as RDA users. (which I am one)


The Congrevape Doge V4 is a beautifully designed RDA, and it has some new features that I absolutely love so far. I’ll go over some of the best features and the two build decks designed by owners John and James. After that, a few words about the delicious and quickly adopted eliquids in this month’s Vapebox.

Congrevape Doge V4 RDA Standout Features

The Congrevape Doge V4 is the culmination of 4 years of RDA building and design. The V4 is a fantastic 24mm RDA that includes a deep juice well, and 24k gold decks that allow for just about every coil build you can imagine.


The 24K Gold Decks


Okay, first, the 24k gold decks are gold-plated, not solid gold. I’m sure you know that, but I don’t want someone telling me that 24k good desks would make the Doge V4 worth thousands of dollars…


That said, these 24k gold plated decks are one of my favorite things about the Doge V4.  Both build decks are unique in that both give you the capacity of creating a multitude of coil builds, but the fact that they are both squonkable is, well, incredible.


James’s Build Deck


James’s build deck features a new design for the Doge RDA series. Made for large-width wire builds, it utilizes two clamps and four fasteners. It features a super wide build space that allows for numerous builds, including large single coils, as well as dual coils. The deck has a squonking pin preinstalled in the center of the RDA, but if squonking isn’t your thing, the pin and be removed and swapped with the four-post deck so it can be used as a normal RDA.



John’s Build Deck


John’s deck reminds me of the design of previous Doge RDA decks but improved in several ways. It has four equally sized post holes which will accommodate round, flat, or even specialty wires. The fasteners have a reduced head, so you won’t have to worry about interference between the deck and top cap. It also has a deep juice well to for more e-liquid capacity.


The Doge V4 Top Cap


Congrevape designed the Top Cap to emphasis the flavor of your e-juice. It includes huge airflow holes called The Cyclops and were designed at an upwards angle in order to reduce noise while pulling on it. There is also an ‘air injection hole’ at the top of the cap to help with the air flow dynamics that will increase density of the vapor.


The New Ceramic Drip Tip


The Doge V4 comes equipped with Congrevape’s new oblique ceramic drip tip. The ceramic tip is an 810, so it can be used on other popular Tanks/RDA’s, or if you prefer, you can pop it out and use your own drip tip. What makes ceramic drip tips so handy in an RDA or Sub-Ohm tank is that ceramics are very heat resistant, and the Doge V4’s drip tip provides a super comfortable mouth feel.

Doge V4 Features at a Glance

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Two Gold Plated Decks
  • Wide Ceramic 810 High-Polish Tip
  • Quiet Cyclops Airflow holes
  • Improved Genius DOGE Airflow
  • Simple yet precise Dual Airflow Control
  • 4 Post Deck with low profile hardware
  • Dual Clamp Deck for Fat Wires
  • Highest Specification PEEK Insulators
  • USA / UK Designed
  • Cyclops Air Injection
  • Squonkable on Both Decks
  • Special Vapebox Engraving


Inside the Box

  • 1x Doge V4 Top Cap
  • 1x Doge 24mm 4 Post Deck
  • 1x Doge 24mm 2 Clamp Deck
  • 1x Mirror Black Ceramic Tip
  • 4x Blue O-Rings
  • 4x Pink O-Rings
  • 4x Black O-Rings
  • Extra Screws
  • 1x Magic Blue Screwdriver

This Month Vapebox Eliquids

I realize that every subscriber provides Vapebox with a detailed flavor profile so that the eliquids chosen, or curated, for his or her monthly box is refined to fit the subscribers taste. Even so, sometimes it worth mentioning how accurate Vapebox is with fitting eliquids we, as subscribers, have never tried before. Below are the eliquids Vapebox chose for me, based on my vaping preferences.


For January, I received the following eliquids;


Master Piece Vapour “Monae” –  Last month I received another flavor from Master Piece Vapour that I really enjoyed. This month choice was even better. Monae has since been added to my rotation. I would rate this eliquid a full 5 Stars.

Although it is described as a “sweet cookie butter (batter?)” I taste a definite toasted coconut layered with a sweet cookie dough flavor. Everyone’s tastebuds a different, but it is that toasted coconut that caused me to vape through the entire bottle in 2 and a half days, and I made a “Favorite” with Vapebox. This stuff is amazingly good.



Kilo Moo Series – “Almond Milk” – This was not the first time I had vaped Almond Milk from Kilo. This one has always been a great flavor, and because it’s a 70/30 VG/PG, using it in a sub-ohm tank delivers a peak vape and it never kills the coil.


Space Jam Juice “Astro” – This one is described as a blend of strawberries, peach and apples. All three flavors are detected throughout the exhale, and layered on a semi-sweet cloud of thick vapor. Loved it, but not enough to want it again.


ANML Unleashed “Reaver” – This one was a lot better than I thought it would be. Described as Tropical Fruit Cream Smoothie, it tastes exactly like it sounds, hints of pineapple, coconut, and so on, with massive clouds of vapor to boot. I still have about a third of a bottle of this one, but I’m savoring it.


There are so many good reasons to subscribe to a subscription service like Vapebox. I chose Vapebox after subscribing to all the others because these guys seem to understand the whole reason for wanting a subscription to explore the flavors of eliquids we may not have explored before.


In addition, a subscription service saves a ton of money. Last month I received a RigMod The Tanker sub-ohm tank, this month the specially engraved Doge V4 RDA. These hardware pieces make the Enthusiasts Plan worth it right there, the eliquids are like a bonus. And the deluxe white cigar-box-like Vapeboxes make great containers for vape accessories. (Seriously)


Four years on Vapebox is growing like crazy because every day the people at Vapebox work hard to make sure every subscriber is delighted with every month’s box. Four years is long time in this industry, and I congratulate them for developing a subscription service with plans that are affordable, whether it’s a juice-only plan, or the hardware + juice plan that I have. Vapebox works.