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Vets ‘n Vaping

Vets n Vaping - SpinfuelOn Vets n Vaping – Greetings and salutations my friends, I trust everyone is doing well and getting by.  Now that we are ten days into the new Deeming, or as I like to call them Damning Regulations that certain, less than honorable folks at the FDA has decided that e-cigarettes and everything associated with them are considered tobacco…. REALLY!

I’m not here to cast aspersions or anything of the sort, what I want to write about this week is about a specific group of folks, you may know at least one, you may yourself be a part of this splendid part of our society.  Namely….our veterans.  I am a 16-year veteran of the US Army they not allowing me to reenlist after injuries received in the line of duty.



More specifically I want to talk about, write about those of us veterans who for whatever reason, be it quitting smoking/dipping snuff/chewing tobacco. started vaping.  I won’t sit here and say that if there are certain people who may or may not be in public service, in certain departments of public service.  Ahhh bullshit, I’ve never been one to be politically correct, not gonna start now.

Actually, I am hoping someone in government, be it the FDA, CDC, a Senator, or Representative or an aide to one of the above that for whatever reason was bored and there was Spinfuel up on someone’s computer, tablet, phone, and my column hits them smack in the face, (OH how I hope so).  They read these words and it maybe for a second stops them long enough to think…. what if we messed up?  Doubtful, a pipe-dream, err…. a sub tank dream at best, but hey…. ya never know huh.

What I want to get across today, this evening actually, cause its going on 6 o’clock in the evening here in my little corner of southeast Florida, where it is still…94 degrees out and 60% humidity.  Enough of a weather report, and my beating around the bush.  Really though, there are a lot of veterans both male and female young, and those of us who are aging that started vaping for a reason.  Not the least of which and by far the largest reason and that was to quit smoking.

Vets and Vaping

There are though a lot of veterans myself now that I had already quit dipping snuff, that was a big one which is for pain control.  How many veterans out there know that there are eliquids out there that have far more benefit other than an enjoyable vape, but can help with various maladies such as; pain control, diabetes, asthmas, but to name a couple.  There are eliquids out there that are herbal in nature, they have opioid properties, some strains have stimulant properties, there are still other strains out there that I am not at all familiar with so I won’t go into them.  Suffice it to say pain control is but one way some of us veterans can and do benefit from vaping, my own daughter who broke her back at the T12 level training to go to Iraq.

She doesn’t smoke, has to my knowledge never has smoked, but…. she gets 0 nic eliquid infused with Kratom to help with her nerve pain.  I know another veteran who is an asthmatic, vaping again 0 nicotine eliquid, helps him with his asthma, I did columns about pain control, asthma, and diabetes previously, you can go to the Spinfuel home page in the search block and type in Up in Vape and it should bring up most if not all of my columns.

That said, there is new and more information medically coming out daily where vaping can and probably will be of great benefit!  Once those geniuses who make these ejuices are allowed to keep making their ejuices that is.  As it stands now well…. sorry, this isn’t the time for that, I plan on writing a column devoted to the damning regulations, but I am just starting my research on this controversial subject. Back to the task at hand shall we.

It never ceases to amaze me that if man is allowed the free reign to research, improve upon current technologies of the day it will be at some point of great importance to us all.  Take advances in medical technology, 100 years ago, you were lucky to live beyond 50-55 year of age, now we as men and women are poised to break the 80-year mark as an average.  A lot of us are living well into our 80’s 90’s and even into 100’s!

If we as vapers and veterans can expect to live longer, why not have an eliquid that is vitamin fortified?  Possible….probably, how about an eliquid that will give us a medicine that will help with the influenza virus, the flu, instead of a shot, those of us who vape, put something into an eliquid and let us vape our flu shot instead, why not?  There should or could be so many more medical maladies that may be able to be at least controlled via vaping.

Vets, Cannabis and PTSD

We as veterans, some of us at least have gone where most would not, we marched through the mud, fought through the blood, shouldn’t there be some way to combat PTSD via a drug that goes into an eliquid to help overcome certain aspects of PTSD.  Those veterans who have been to war, we know how to…um…compartmentalize very well I might add, but at the end of the day when the dreams come, why couldn’t there be an eliquid that could help with that?

I know as well as anyone that most of what I have written down is nothing more than fantasy, but what if…. personally, as I sit here at my laptop and type this out I have come to one conclusion, something I read a long time ago and far away from Vero Beach, Fl.  Basically it read “whatever the mind of man can conceive, can be achieved”.

Vape On my Vets!

I wanted you my friends, my fellow veterans, and active duty, I don’t want to let our brave men and women who are currently protecting us to be left out.  More than anything I want y’all to think, what are the possibilities, where can we go with vaping and our favorite juices if allowed.  Thank you my faithful readers, my friends, and veterans around this great country of ours.  Yes, I said great country, for we still are a great country, nowhere else in the world does anyone have the lifestyle we have here.  That said, I will bid you all a great rest of your evening, tomorrow is Friday the start of the weekend I for one won’t be doing a damn thing but sitting back and vaping, playing radio on my ham radio gear.  Good night, be well, stay safe, God bless, and….VAPE ON!