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Vape Stores Struggle

Hanover vape stores struggle to stay afloat after tax

Pennsylvania vape stores struggle to stay open after a new 40 percent state tax on vaping merchandise went into effect.

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Hanover business owner Tony Myers has a vision to employ adults with special needs through his custom apparel and printing business, but he can’t do it without his vape shop.

“If you are paying somebody $9/10 an hour, and you’re only charging someone $15 to make the item, and it takes 2 hours to make, it just doesn’t mathematically work,” he said.

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Myers opened his vape shop in June 2014, and he uses the proceeds to fully fund his vision for his other business, About it All.

But three months after a vape tax went into effect in Pennsylvania, Myers’ businesses are barely afloat.

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The Art of Vaping

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