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Many cities and counties across the country are considering vaping bans and even shutting down vape shops. Vape shops and their customers are mounting a fight against their local lawmakers in an effort to keep their stores open.

Now this is wonderful news! It’s about time people in our community stop depending on “telling your story” nonsense and begin to fight back!
Vape Shops in Massachusetts for instance, have not been able to sell ANY vape gear or e-liquid for 2 months now. The arrogant, anti-capitalist governor has killed hundreds of jobs and closed dozens of these shops for a reason, as it turns out, to be 100% baseless. Are vape shops supposed to just take it? Big Brother wins again?

Vape Shops are Fighting Back Against Vaping Bans

From North Bay:

On the heels of Bay Area vaping bans and a vaping-related death in Marin County, owners and customers of Bay Area stores that sell vaping products have made an effort to tell a different side of the story, saying that vaping has actually improved the health of many.

Vape Shops Fight Back

Sonoma County is considering shutting down vape shops in unincorporated areas, but Adame said that will just force customers to the black market – which is where the tainted products are. Adame said his and other vape shops are gathering signatures to halt the move by the county.

From our Reporter:

The UGLY news of more bans is happening even AFTER the truth has been revealed concerning Bootleg THC Carts. 

It is a very positive step that shops are fighting back because these bans keep coming while the truth has willed out. Do these morons in power even understand that these shops are not allowed to sell THC or cannabis in any form? The truth is the lung illness is caused by THC cartridges with Vitamin E acetate, not e-liquid or vape mods, and anything else. To ban brick and mortar shops is outrageous and stupid, and we will stand with any vape shop wanting to take the fight to the powers that be.

This madness must end. – JEM