4 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Vape Pen for You
4 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Vape Pen for You

Choosing your first vape pen isn’t as simple as just going to the vape shop and giving them money. There are a lot of inexpensive vape pens out there, but when you want one that will suit your lifestyle, paying a little more might be more than worth it. The thing is, with the sheer [...]

Disposable Vape Pen The MOTI PIIN
Choosing a Disposable Vape Pen – MOTI PIIN

Choosing a Disposable Vape Pen like the MOTI PIIN - Ever find yourself feeling nostalgic for the “good ol’ days” of vaping? You know, the days when enjoyment was measured in longer puff counts, not three-digit wattages. When a product was judged by those awesome light-up battery tips and not by custom temperature curves. Disposable Vape [...]

UPENDS UPPEN Compact Vape Pen Review

“Shaped as an exquisite pen, the UPPEN, a portable refillable pod system, created for people pursuing elegance and style.” Well, don’t hold back on the hyperbole, UPENDS. I think, after months of quarantine, we all need a little boasting around here. Of course, hyperbole doesn’t mean a thing if the device doesn’t perform, so we were [...]

Innokin GoMAX Tube and Disposable Tank Kit
Innokin GoMAX Tube and Disposable Tank Kit

Innokin GoMAX Review - Welcome back to Spinfuel VAPE, Innokin’s North American website! Okay, maybe that’s sarcastic, but man ALIVE have you seen our Innokin coverage lately? But that’s not a bad thing, right? The last item in this recent surge? The pretty damn capable Innokin GoMAX Tube kit. We’ll get into the disposable tank a bit [...]


Innokin Zlide 16W Tube Review - Wow. We’re never going to complain about not getting Innokin products again. In the last month, we’ve received no fewer than five brand-new kits to review [ED: With another one coming!] and suddenly, Spinfuel VAPE looks like an Innokin catalog. (just kidding) But we’re not complaining -- if Innokin was [...]

Horizon Falcon Vape Pen 80W Starter Kit Review

Horizon Falcon 80W Vape Pen Review - These days, when the vaping industry seems on the precipice of disaster, there’s something comforting about a good, old-fashioned tube mod. Or pen mod. Or stick mod. Or whatever it is that the kids are calling them these days. Even though there’s nothing really connecting this advanced pen [...]

Aspire K Lite Mod Kit Review
The Aspire K-Lite AIO Vape Mod Kit Review

Let me begin with a short sidebar about when I made the switch to vaping. Years ago, the first tank I purchased was the ASPIRE ATLANTIS. (5 years ago we reviewed the Atlantis!) An old-school, bottom fill, “tank” of a tank helped me kick the analogues and enjoy this delicious new world of vapor and [...]

SMOK NORD AIO 19 Mod Kit Review
SMOK NORD AIO 19 Vape Pen Starter Kit Review

Intro and Specs for the SMOK NORD AIO 19 In the words of the well-known (and confusingly popular) DJ Khaled, “Another one, Another one.” Why the random pop culture reference? It seems the venerable SMOK has added to its ever-growing vape pen lineup with the NORD AIO 19mm – an all-in-one 1,300mAh pen style vape aimed at [...]

Falcon Beak 3000mAh Vape Pen by Horizon
Falcon Beak 3000mAh Vape Pen by Horizon

Intro and Specs for the Falcon Beak Kit Certain products lend themselves to being referred to like a nickname. “I’m gonna drive the Benz today.” “Fire up the Weber and make some burgers.” “Nice Ray-Bans you’ve got there, Reverend!” Well, that doesn’t seem to apply to vape products, because lord knows you’ll never hear me shout, [...]

Innokin Plexar Pen-Style 100W Mod Kit Review

Pen-style vape mods. You either love ‘em or loathe ‘em. Me? I’m usually bored by them, but occasionally one comes along that changes your tune. While there’s nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary about the all-new Innokin Plexar 100W pen-style mod kit, it does its sole job exceedingly well, which is statement unto itself.   Light, but substantial. Sturdy, [...]

Freemax Twister VW Tube Mod Kit Review
Freemax Twister VW Tube Mod Kit Review

Freemax Twister Kit Review - Everything old is new again. After a few years where all we dealt with was box mods of ever-increasing wattage outputs, we’ve come full circle. Pod mods, MTL vaping, and now tube mods are all back in force. But you know what? They’ve gotten better… and the Freemax Twister Kit [...]


It’s 2019. What could a direct-wattage pen/stick mod like the SMOK Stick V9 Max possibly have to offer? More battery capacity? We’ve seen better. Higher power output? This caps at 60 watts on a good day. Pocket-friendliness? The V9 Max is one of the widest, heaviest pen-style mods around. Smoother performance? Well… let’s get into [...]

Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit Review

At first glance the Aspire K2 Quick looks like a misplaced vape pen from 2013. And that’s not far off. The K2 Quick Start showed up more than 2 years ago, but I just decided a new review might be worth it since we’ve seen a resurgence of the vape pen this year.This type of [...]

Eleaf iJust ECM Stick Mod Kit Review
Eleaf iJust ECM Stick Mod Kit Review

Most vape mod review sessions end with me answering questions, but it’s rare to come away from one with any. Yet, that’s exactly what happened with the iJust ECM – a mod kit that made me ask “Why?” on more than one occasion. The iJust ECM is a direct descendent of last year’s iJust 3 pen-style [...]

Uwell Nunchaku RDA 80W Starter Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
Uwell Nunchaku RDA 80W Starter Kit Review

Review for the Uwell Nunchaku RDA Starter Kit - A while back, we did a review of Uwell’s first-ever vape mod, the 80-watt, stick-style Nunchaku… which was, by and large, a mid-range vape device shaped like Nunchucks. It was a pretty benign, but decent single-18650 offering that did more right than wrong – hardly a small feat [...]