NIIN Tobacco-Free Synthetic Nicotine Pouches – A Review
NIIN Tobacco-Free Synthetic Nicotine Pouches – A Review

NIIN Nicotine pouches are being called “THE EVOLUTION OF NICOTINE”, and for a very good reason. After you’ve vaped the very last e-liquid that our benevolent fascist government has deemed too dangerous for its citizens (yet makes tobacco cigarettes even more available), you might find yourself wanting to go back to smoking. NIIN has made it [...]

Joyetech Elitar Pipe 75W TC Starter Kit - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Joyetech Elitar Pipe 75W TC Starter Kit Review

Joyetech Elitar Pipe 75W TC Starter Kit Vaping the same old Box Mod and Atomizer can sometimes get repetitive even with all these amazing products flooding the vape industry. Seeing something new come to me from Spinfuel HQ is always an exciting but nervous adventure. Trying to figure out all the minute details while not forgetting [...]

Coil Master 521 Tab – A Spinfuel eMagazine Review
Coil Master 521 Tab – A Review

Coil Master 521 Tab - A New Device, Not a Toolkit I wanted to do this review for the Coil Master 521 Tab mostly because I use Coil Master toolkits all the time, at home in New Hampshire, in Florida, on the road, just about anywhere. Being able to whip out a toolkit and some wire [...]

Guerilla Straps – Exquisite Box Mod Vape Holster

Guerilla Straps – The Vape Holster When Jason and I discovered a Guerilla Strap Vape Holster in our Inbox early last week and we were pretty excited. Something New! Who doesn’t like to have something new to review? Make sure to check out our Interview with the owner and founder of Guerilla Straps. After opening the deluxe package, [...]

NJOY Pre-filled Battery & Tank System

NJOY Battery And Glass Prefilled Tanks - A Review by Ethan Rutledge If you’re still vaping with an eGo-type battery and clearomizer, or if you’re still a smoker looking for a device that is both simple and powerful to make the switch from smoker to vaper, but aren’t quite ready for a box mod and sub-ohm tank, [...]

Kendo Vape Cotton!

Heat Resistant Vape Cotton From Kendo by J. C. Martin, III   Kendo Vape Cotton – The Healthier Choice of Vape Cotton Stars: 5 of 5 Introduction Who could have ever guessed that vaping cotton can be heat resistant?  Kendo Vaping Cotton is, and it provides for the most wonderful vaping experience I have encountered, so far.  It lasts longer than [...]

Nitecore D4 & i4 Intelligent Chargers

Nitecore i4/D4 Comparison Review by J. C. Martin, III Nitecore Digicharger D4: about $32 Nitecore Intellicharger i4:  "B" Nitecore Digicharger D4:  "A" Initial Thoughts If you are in the market for a lithium battery charger, as many of you may be, Nitecore is certainly a brand you need to consider.  Nitecore chargers are hard to beat, as their springs are strong [...]

Aromatherapy Vaping

 Aromatherapy Vaping - A History & Practical Application This Article was written and submitted by DaVinci Vaporizer. Aromatherapy is a holistic practice of consuming or administering essential oils and other organic plant materials in an effort to improve a person's health, mood, or general life experience. Many people consider this holistic practice to be a placebo [...]

The Eclyp II and Eclyp Omni Review

Vaping with Julia – Eclyp II and Omni Pocket Clips Eclyp Pocket Clips Pocket clip-ons for tube and box mods are an accessory for vapers that may seem superfluous at first, but in reality are more important that you might realize. The two models I review today come from a company called “Eclyp”. Eclyp is a young [...]

Vapor Authority Stainless Steel Flask

 The 5ML Life-Saving Stainless Steel Flask I don’t often write about vaping accessories but I’ve been using this cool new stainless steel flask that I picked up from Vapor Authority, and man I have to tell you, this thing is the answer to a prayer. Before I started using this flask I would always have to stash [...]

Johnson Creek Valet – First Look!

Johnson Creek Valet Is THE Stocking Stuffing If you’ve been reading Spinfuel eMagazine for even a short while you know that some of us love to use cartomizers. You probably also know that I talk about my Johnson Creek Vea quite a bit. For me, and for many thousands of others, the Vea is the perfect [...]

Johnson Creek VEA One Year Later

The Vea One Year Later  When Johnson Creek made the decision to build it’s own e-cigarette from the ground up, when they decided to start from scratch to create an e-Cigarette that would be both beautiful to hold and to look at. When they decided to build the best battery & cartomizer vaping device ever, something [...]

The 777 e-Hookah Review – A Lot More Fun Than You Think

The 777 eHookah Review – A Lot More Fun Than You Think Introduction Tom: When my editor asked me to join him in the review of the new 777 eCigs eHookah I had no idea what it was, other than a hookah type product. On YouTube and other places there are videos that show what looks to [...]

Halo Cigs USB PassThru

(Guess how many times we used the word “PassThru” in this 575-word article?) We are spending more and more time in front of our computers. All of us here at Spinfuel and you out there in “InterVoids” are dependent upon our computers like never before. John (Manzione) and I (Dave Foster) are spending long hours writing [...]