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Halo Element Review A 3-Piece eCigarette That Still Makes Sense

Halo Element Review “Whether you’re looking for a great 3-piece mini-eCig or a 2-piece mini-eCig, the Halo Element line is a great choice. I’ve been using this line for weeks and have had nothing but a great experience. Thanks Spinfuel, for turning me onto Halo!” – Nolan (email) Since the advent of the Cartomizer (a combination of atomizer [...]

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ProSmoke Reviews – Sub-Par Performance and Boisterous Claims

Prosmoke Reviews - Sub Par Performance "Our defective rate or 2011 was .03%; In other words for every 3000 components shipped, 1 piece slipped through and failed or was defective" – ProSmoke Rep - Kristen I have written and rewritten this ProSmoke Review about ten times. I am having the worst time trying to build a narrative about a [...]

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Metro eCigs by Nicotek, A Review

Nicotek Metro eCigarettes It doesn’t matter if there are a dozen or a thousand eCigarette brands in the country, there will be fans of each and every brand now matter how good, or bad, you personally think the brand is. I imagine that there are people in this country that even enjoy Regal eCigs, a company that [...]