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Up in Vape
Mark “Tim” Timblin

Greetings and salutations to all of my loyal fans, and to all the new fans that come along the way.  This week and next week I plan on going a different direction with my article.  I am going to attempt MY version of a juice review that is so often seen both in print and on YouTube.  Only I will spare y’all the horrors of my visage and only do my review in print.  As I have stated before I am not very photogenic so has been told to me in the past….”Tim… you have a great face for radio“!  Which, fortunately, I do have an avid interest in ham radio, amateur radio how ever you wish to call it.  I do enjoy talking with varied places on the globe and the people who inhabit them. Many of whom vape these days.

So, let me state from the outset, I am not, nor have ever claimed to be any kind of expert in doing these kinds of reviews.  However, I know what I like, I know what works for me and hopefully from my unique point of view I can get across to the readers of my article what this juice tastes like, what does this juice have over other similar types of other juices.  My plan is thus for these reviews, I was going to just start in and do the juice reviews until I had gone through ALL the juices I had received at the Orlando Vapor Show.  I immediately threw that idea out, not just because I knew that after 6 weeks or more of hearing about nothing but juices I would drive readers away.  I figured I would try this way instead; this week and next I will review one of the juices I received at the Orlando Vapor Show, then go on to another subject for a week or to, maybe three, and then back to the juice reviews for 2-3 weeks and so on, until finally I had gone through them all.

I know I know things happen, there may be a week or two when I needed to do a juice review and did an article on something else entirely…or vice versa.  We’ll just play it by ear and to ALL the juice vendors I met at the show, my apologies if I do not get to your fantastic juice in a timely manner.  Each week here in my household is an adventure, to those who met me me at the show, if you remember I was the ugly fat guy in the red electric wheelchair.  So it continues, there are more tests to be done to see why my legs are not working properly.

Bluebird – Gourmet E-juice

I digress, let us get to it shall we we?  This week I am going to hopefully enthrall you with my words of wit in a juice that there is only one of.  This juice is from Gourmet E-juice in New Haven, Ct. and is called Bluebird! It is a berry, cheesecake, crunch. To Vape it is to Know it.

First a little about the gear I am using for this review.  Tank: Triton v2 with a 0.3-ohm coil.  Mod: Joyetech eVic VT.  I figure this setup would do for what I need it for this review.  Are we set, everyone ready?  Let’s get to it shall we.  As I first stated this is a berry cheesecake crumble, I cannot say this is anyone berry in particular.  I don’t taste an overwhelming flavor of blueberry, or strawberry, or any berry, but there is definitely the berry flavor mostly on the exhale, on the inhale it is more cheesecake and a slight crumbly taste.  For this review I spent 24 hours on this flavor alone, as a matter of fact I’m still sucking on it as it is a very, very good flavor.  Its neither too sweet, like a candy sweet, nor is it overly tart.  Some how the mixologist who produced this came up with a real middle of the road not too sweet, not too tart berry mix and infused the cheesecake and crumble mixture in and around this berry flavor.

At 42.2 watts I think I found my sweet spot with this flavor.  I am more a flavor junkie than a cloud chucker.  If I can do both…. great, however having my druthers, I’ll take flavor every day!  Speaking of all day, this would make a fantastic ADV if you like fruit cheesecake then you are really gonna love this.  There isn’t an awful lot on the website, nor on Instagram, Twitter either.  Facebook I have not checked only because I was unable to, with internet problems here at home, something we’ve not had a problem with up until the past month or so.  Fortunately, my word program doesn’t need the internet to work.  Hopefully my internet will have returned when it comes time to send this off to my editor Dave.

Vapor production; Bluebird gives off a great warm, dense vapor even at 42.2 watts while you vape it.  I’m no cloud chaser, but if you are, that’s great, you will probably get better clouds when you vape it than I using decidedly more wattage than myself.  However, what I get isn’t too shabby, these clouds can and does fill our living room in just a couple of minutes.  My wife came in from outside yesterday afternoon and said she smelled berries, and said that it was foggy… in the kitchen…oops. I feel good that others besides myself can see, smell the cloud, the aroma of this juice.  I suppose one who drips more than I do, I still drip but I have other flavors I will only drip.  Most everything else gets poured into a sub tank.

I had hoped to try this juice in another tank, one with Ni200 coils in it, the only tanks I had were my STARRE Pro tanks and both were filled and I don’t have any Nickel coils for my Triton, something I suppose I will have to rectify if I am to continue with these reviews.

So, that said, I do hope I have in some small way have led you to a flavor that I think I’m gonna have ta keep around.  A 30 ml bottle is $18 and a 120 ml bottle will set you back $55.  If I need to put some numbers on this flavor I would have to say for flavor; a definite 5, for cloud I’m gonna go with a 4.5 I know it is probably capable of a 5 as well, but out modest living room which is 18′ x 25′ did take a few minutes to turn into a cloud bank, I’ve had other juices that within 2 minutes there would be a cloud bank in half the living room.  So….yea, 4.5 on cloud, I can’t say anything about how it is made as I have thus far been unable to find out anything much about this flavor or its manufacture.  That said, I pray that this review has been informational, yet a bit on the light side, for if being disabled has taught me anything, life is tough, I try and not take too much too seriously.  As has been said by my wife Gloria and I both; You have ta grow old, that is life.  But ya damn sure don’t have ta grow up!  Which is why, I feel that folks get old, feel old way before their time.  Look ya don’t have ta, just chill a bit more, don’t take things that you normally would seriously, let it go over ya like water off a decks back.  That’s gonna do it for me folks, its been a pleasure and an honor as always to do this article.  Hasta Luego, be well, stay safe, God bless, and….VAPE ON!