Last Updated on August 2, 2016 by Team Spinfuel

Julia Talks To Vape Chemist!

SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We are definitely interested in knowing more about these new e liquids we just finished reviewing. Let’s start with how long Vape Chemist has been around. When you open your doors to the public?

VAPE CHEMIST: Thanks for having me! VC has been around since mid 2013. What started as an idea back in San Diego, has steadily snowballed into a thriving business in 2016. With the help of some great partnerships, I have been able to grow month after month.

SPINFUEL: Why put so much into mango and strawberry flavors? Do you plan on expanding outward with flavors?

VAPE CHEMIST: So at one point, VC was actually an 8-flavor lineup. As the vape industry continued to change over the years and more and more e-liquids started entering the market, I noticed that a lot of shops would only request samples of my top 3 flavors in my lineup. Vape shops were (and still) getting bombarded with sample packs and couldn’t afford to carry the entire lineup of juices. It got to the point where I was only shipping mainly mango and strawberry flavors. So in 2015, I made the decision to deplete current inventory of slow selling juices and to focus on my heavy hitters. It’s been the right decision and as you can see in today’s current trend, you really just need one really good flavor backed with marketing dollars to make an impact.

As far as brand expansion, our last installment to our pound cake series will be Lemon Pound Cake. Anything beyond that, we will have to wait and see if the market will unfreeze after August 8th.

SPINFUEL: Let’s Discuss Availability; your line is available online, is it also available in physical vape shops around the country? Is there a way our readers can find out what shops, if any, carry your brand?

VAPE CHEMISTYes we are available online and worldwide. We have a retailers tab on the website that can allow you to type in your zip code. I probably need to update that list as we have added a number of stores in the past months. And if we’re not in your local vape shop, then tell em to holler at us!

SPINFUEL: This is a very risky time to be in the e liquid business. We know more than a dozen brands in our circle that have closed their doors, obviously because they had no hope of ever passing the upcoming FDA regulations. Vape Chemist, however, is doing what many brands are doing; creating original flavors and then outsourcing to the best American manufacturers. Is this the way of the future?

VAPE CHEMIST –  This is already happening. With the exception of bigger juice companies who own and operate their own lab, if your juice brand is not already partnering up with a lab with a legit ISO7 clean room, then best of luck. There are so many advantages to working with an established lab. Scalability is definitely possible when you have a lab that can handle production of up to 4million bottles/monthly. They are able to guide your through upcoming FDA processes and trends that may affect future business. The future is still uncertain for us and many other juice brands but I am thankful that Molecule Labs is here to support us through each hurdle.

SPINFUEL:  What makes Vape Chemist different from other e liquid brands?

VAPE CHEMIST – Without sounding too generic but I want to say we have one of the cleanest and best tasting juices out there. We may not be a max vg brand but that’s only because our main goal is to create great tasting All Day Vape flavors. In fact, I am going to have to say that we have one of, if not the best mango flavor (Philippine Mango) on the vape market. Our customer reviews and sales numbers sure indicate that.

SPINFUEL: Does Vape Chemist have a Wholesale Program, and if so, how would the vendors and vape shop owners reach out to you to inquire about carrying your line?

VAPE CHEMIST – Yes we do! The best way to inquire is via our website at: or via email at: [email protected]

SPINFUEL: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us.