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Vape Box E-Liquid Subscription Service

The Monthly Vapebox

Tell us your favorite and least favorite flavors, nicotine strength, device and atomizer types, and we’ll curate your Vapebox tailored to those preferences. Try well-established e-liquid brands, up-and-coming e-juice lines, and everything in between. Discover your next favorite mod. Find your next all day vape by subscribing to Vape Box, the only service of its kind recommended by Spinfuel VAPE.

How Vape Box Works

Vape Box - What's Inside?


Fill out your palate preferences and sign up for a subscription. Our expert curators along with our advanced learning algorithms will assemble your Vapebox personalized to you.


In about 1-3 business days, we’ll ship your Vapebox out to you. All that’s left for you to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the contents of your Vapebox.


Reference your tasting menu for detailed information on your products. Rate your products. Add them to your favorites. This is how we learn your tastes for better curation

Sampler's Plan

At least 60ml of e-liquid
3+ bottles of e-juice
Member-only discounts

$20/mo (+s/h)

Juice Lovers Plan

At least 90ml of e-liquid
4+ bottles of e-juice
Member-only discounts

$32/mo (+s/h)

Enthusiast's Plan

At least 90ml of e-liquid
4+ bottles of e-juice
1-2 hardware and/or accessories
Member-only discounts

$60/mo (+s/h)

Customize your Palate. Make it yours.

Receive only e-liquids in your custom profile!

Tell us what flavors you like, what nicotine strength you vape on, VG preference, which type of mods you use, your atomizer and tank preference, and leave the rest to us! Feel free to change your preferences anytime. These will help our curators determine which products and juices to include in your monthly Vapebox. What brands have we worked with in the past?

Vape Box Subscription Service

What Spinfuel VAPE thinks about Vape Box

Objectively speaking, the truth is Vape Box is the only Subscription Service worth subscribing to. The Value is second to none.

Subscription Services for Vapers, like Vape Box, have been around for some time now, and for a while this niche market seemed over saturated with various players. The original intent of an eliquid subscription service was, we believed, an almost noble idea; help Vapers find new and exciting ejuice they might not otherwise know about.

Soon we learned that like most business models, profit became the main motivator. While profit is vital to the success of any business, when it comes at the cost of the customer we must turn our backs on those businesses. A balance must be struck between profit and customer satisfaction to earn the loyalty of the customer. For the first time in a long time, we believe Vapebox Subscription Service has found that balance. So far, Vapebox has earned the title of ‘Most Valued Subscription Service.

The general business model of any subscription service in our industry is based on the fact that people will pay a certain amount of money and receive a certain amount of eliquid each month. Of course, there is much more to it than that, but the boilerplate of a subscription service is as stated. 

Vapebox Subscription Service

The business model for Vapebox, in business since early 2014, has been refined to the point that 99% of the concerns we have about subscription services has been addressed in positive ways, in ways that benefit the subscriber.

Vapebox currently offers three affordable plans for Vapers. However, all subscription services offer what seem to be an affordable plan at first glance. It’s only after a couple of shipments do the negative aspects of the service rear its head. The biggest complaints always center around the unfortunate choices of eliquids the subscriber receives. With most services, there is a limit to how closely you can match your desired palate, so much of the eliquid received every month gets thrown away, or given away. Suddenly the ‘value’ of the plan is lost. That never happens with VapeBox, because your personal flavor profile can always be updated, refined, and tailored exactly to your liking…every time.