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Interview with Will Cohen of Vape A Vet

We’re lucky here in the Phoenix Metro area to have many eliquid producers; one in particular caught our eye, particularly because they are an outgrowth of what we think is a truly amazing and worthy philanthropic endeavor.

With us today is Will Cohen, the founder of the Vape A Vet project and producer of the Bottle Ready to Vape line of eliquids. We’ll have a review for you of the liquids in the Bottle Ready to Vape line soon, but in the mean time, let’s get to know what Vape A Vet is all about and how the Bottle Ready to Vape eliquid line fits into their mission.

Spinfuel: So, Will, can you tell us a little about how you were introduced to vaping?

Will Cohen: I guess I started vaping for the same reason that most other people did.  I smoked since I was young and could tell that it was seriously affecting my health. Not only was it seriously impacting my personal well-being but I knew that I needed to stop if I intended to live to see my daughter grow up.  I had heard things about electronic cigarettes before, and had tried one once or twice before, but I knew it was time to make the change so once I set my mind to it, it happened.

Spinfuel: When and why did you decide to produce your own line of liquids? Did that come before or after you got the idea to found Vape A Vet?

Will Cohen: First, the idea of creating our own juice line came a few months after founding the Vape a Vet Project.  Month after month we had our hands out, begging for donations and hoping for increased help and support for the community.  Our need was rising exponentially, and while we had a few offers for help, and a couple extremely generous ones, it wasn’t close to meeting the need that we were facing.  Bottle Ready to Vape Liquids was started as a way of funding the Vape a Vet Project without having to rely entirely on the largess of the vaping community solely.  We feel that this way vapers can support the project by doing something they already do.

Spinfuel: Vape A Vet is obviously something you feel really strongly about. What is Vape A Vet’s mission?

Will Cohen: The Vape a Vet Project’s mission is simply, “To Help Veterans Conquer Smoking.”  Our mission is aimed at giving back to those who are ready to give the most for us.

Spinfuel: I noticed from your web site that you not only have the Bottle Ready to Vape line of eliquids to support Vape A Vet, but you’ve also partnered with a number of other eliquid producers. Can you tell me which ones specifically, and which of their flavors benefit Vape A Vet?

Will Cohen: Right now we’re working with 3 different companies; SNG Vapor, Indigo Vapor and Butt Out.  SNG has by far the most favors, donating proceeds from 7 different flavors to the Vape a Vet Project.  I would list them all but it would get kind of long, so you should really check them out on our website at

Spinfuel: Can you give us some idea of the process that goes into choosing which other eliquid producers to partner with for Vape A Vet?

Will Cohen: It’s really based on interest.  We want to make sure that the vendor is serious, and that they follow through on their commitment, but other than that, we welcome nearly everyone who’s shown interest and we have a lot more companies coming on board!  It’s really exciting for us!

Spinfuel: As vapers, we all appreciate knowing that our eliquids are of the highest quality. Can you briefly describe the quality assurance process used for the Bottle Ready to Vape line?

Will Cohen: Well first of all we only use the absolute highest quality ingredients we can source, from our flavors to our nicotine; we ensure that our ingredients are top notch.  It’s the same philosophy we have for the kits we send out with Vape a Vet.  We use only the best, because the people we’re helping deserve the best we can give.  We don’t cut corners anywhere, because you as a consumer and the people we serve only deserve the best we can give. We aren’t in this to get rich; we’re in this to enrich other people’s lives.

Spinfuel: With regard to the Vape A Vet project, can you tell me what has been accomplished so far and, if it’s not too early to say, what the project’s plans for the future might be?

Will Cohen: Well, I can’t give away too much, we have some pretty amazing plans in the works right now but I’ll tell you what we’ve done and a little about how we’re planning on moving forward.  To date the Vape a Vet Project has sent out nearly 200 kits to active duty and former members of the United States Military and their spouses. With each kit we send them a 30ml bottle of Bottle Ready to Vape liquids e-juice along with a list of shops that carry our juice.  We personally vetted each and every shop to make sure they only offer high quality products and services as well as fair prices and we recommend every single one of them.  We love the shops and local communities that work with us, and we love creating something amazing in the vaping world.

Spinfuel: With FDA regulations expected to affect the vaping scene in the near future, how have Vape A Vet, BRV and their partners made themselves ready to continue with, I think we all hope, little to no interruption in your mission?

Will Cohen: Well, we have extremely high standards at the lab employing our absolute best faith efforts to meet and exceed all possible regulatory requirements that we can foresee.  These steps hopefully will allow us to continue producing Bottle Ready to Vape with little to no interruptions or delays. It’s one of the reasons that we only produce 30ml bottles.  In the event the FDA requires childproof bottles we can easily make that transition, whereas doing so with smaller glass bottles is a problem.

We have also made Vape a Vet a registered non-profit organization so that we provide a high level of accountability and transparency to the people who help us, as well as the community as a whole.  Speaking about the community, as we continue to grow and expand, we need more organizations like this, more people giving back.  It helps show the world that not only are we passionate about our health and or hobby, but we’re passionate about helping the entire world be a better place.

Spinfuel: One more on the topic of regulation: Which regulations do you believe are necessary when it comes to vaping? Which do you believe are absolutely unnecessary?

Will Cohen: I completely agree with the age restrictions, warning labels on bottles, and all necessary steps to keep nicotine out of the hands of children.  A huge part of our belief is that you can’t legislate common sense and good parenting.  On the other hand, teenagers are naturally curious, so some steps should be taken to protect them.

Spinfuel: Lastly, is there anything you would like our readers to know that we haven’t covered so far?

Will Cohen: I would love people to continue spreading the good word about vaping, about Vape a Vet and get involved; speak up; take action.  If you like what we’re doing, if you want to help, tell your friends, tell your local vape shop.  There’s no better way to spread the message of vaping for a cause than by spreading the word about what we’re doing.  A single customer going to their local store and asking them to support Vape a Vet by carrying Bottle Ready to Vape does more good in that simple action than the largest donation.  Not only are you helping further the cause, and spread the word, but you’re getting more people vaping high quality e-liquids at an amazing price and they too are giving back each time they choose to continue to buy them. – END

We look forward to watching the progress of what we feel is a genuinely noble mission, and look forward to bringing you, our readers, an in-depth review of the BRV eliquid lineup that’s backing it.

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