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Introduction to the Utillian 721


There are several ways to enjoy cannabis flowers these days. From the old, tried and true rolled joint, to newer methods like ‘convection’ devices. The Utillian 721 dry herb vaporizer uses this new convection method, and man, what a difference it makes when it comes to getting the best flavor possible. Of course, the Utillian 721 isn’t just for dry herbs or cannabis flowers, it can handle cannabis wax as well (with the adapter). Over the past month I’ve been using this vaporizer for various strains and found that with finely ground flowers the Utillian 721 is hard to beat.


Offering the convenience of portability and ease of use, the Utillian 721 performs better than any other dry herb device I’ve used this year. Admittedly, I’ve used only half a dozen or so, but I’ve finally nailed down some quality vapor with this new Utillian 721.

Utillian 721 Dry Herb (Cannabis) Vaporizer Review

Feature Highlights of the Utillian 721

Screen Shot 2017 12 21 at 11.57.57 AMThe Utillian 721($219.00CAD at TVAPE) is said to have a 15% increase in battery life over its predecessor, the 720. (I haven’t been into cannabis vaping long enough to have used the 720, so this information comes from a few friends that testify to the increase). The Utillian 721 offers 8 temperature settings for finer control over the vape experience than the earlier 720. (The Utillian 720 had 4 temperature settings).


The additional temperature options in the 721 are needed in this industry because of the increase of various strains that require different optimal temperatures for getting the most out of the expensive flowers. THC heavy strains or CBD heavy strains require certain temperatures in order to release their magical effects. And here I was thinking all I needed to do was heat the flowers as high as I could.


Coming from more than 7 years as a Vaper of e-liquids, I found it difficult to accept the price structure of most dry herb vaporizers. The Utillian 721 in USD is about $175, give or take, and only the highest performing mods with expensive chipsets in the e-liquid vape market approach this price level. That said, the more I learned about these types of devices the more I appreciated what goes into them in order to make sense of the high price tags.


The Utillian 721 is actually one of the more affordable options for a device of this quality. Most convection types cost well over $200USD, making the Utillian 721 an appealing option.


The design of the Utillian 721 is both simple and sophisticated. The 721 chassis is made of an anodized aluminum shell, covered with a rubberized finish, making it comfortable to hold and providing a good grip.  The heating chamber is a high-grade stainless-steel. And, once you’ve added your grounded flowers it’s a matter of pressing a single fire button.

Using the Utillian 721

– Basic Operation

Basic Operations of the Utillian 721 Vaporizer

Turn the unit on by clicking the fire button 5 times quickly.

  1. Click it two more times in order to cycle through various different temperature settings.
  2. The user can press and hold the button to activate a boost mode, if desired.
  3. Filling the chamber is a matter of removing the magnetic “lip” and to pack the chamber.
  4. Once the LED indicator goes to a solid light it’s ready to vape. If it flashes, it hasn’t reached the right temperature.
  5. As a safety measure, the Utillian 721 will automatically shuts off after 5 minutes or if you need to manually turn it off you can click the fire button 5 times.

Vaping with the Utillian 721


Before using this brilliant vaporizer make sure you grind up your flowers first. Trying to vape buds without grinding is the biggest mistake new vapers make. These vaporizers work best when the flowers are finely ground. Do not pack down the chamber, that will restrict airflow. One of the nice things about the Utillian 721 is that as large as the chamber is, you can put as much, or as little, herb as you want into the chamber. Convection heating makes it possible to get a quality vape going with a half-filled chamber or a fully chamber.

31Od27d5saL. SX355Use the wax canister only if you decide to vape cannabis wax.


The vapor quality of the Utillian 721 is quite good. That said, if you vape e-liquid in a box mod and a sub-ohm tank you won’t be getting the same huge clouds with any dry herb vaporizer. I kept reading about dry herb vaporizers and their amazing amount of vapor and I expected the same “great” vapor that my SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm could provide… that’s not going to happen. Still, you’ll get some decent cannabis clouds once you get the hang of using it. Other devices I’ve used in past several months don’t come close to what the Utillian 721 is capable of.


As I mentioned earlier, different strains require different temperature settings. Choosing the right temperature setting not only improves the quality of the vapor and flavor, but also the effect of both the THC and CBD levels.  When I fill the chamber with a heavy THC strain I use a higher temperature than I do when I’m vaping closer to a 1:1 THC/CBD strain.  While it’s true that a higher temperature will naturally increase the amount of vapor, it’s not always the way to go. If it was, why have 8 different settings?


I’ve only used wax once in the Utillian 721, and I can tell you that the higher temperatures work best for wax. The lower temperatures are best for high-CBD strains of flowers. It will take some experimentation to know which temperatures work best for whatever strains you pick up at your local dispensary. But don’t forget about the boost mode, which can come in handy by kicking up the base temperature by an extra 5 degrees.

Bottom Line

The Utillian 721 is one of the best, if not the best, dry herb convection vaporizers I’ve used this year. It’s simple, attractive, and durable. It’s internal battery is fast to recharge, and the battery life will take you through several vape sessions before you’ll need to recharge.


Should the Utillian 721 become your first dry herb vaporizer, please do not forget to pick up a decent grinder. I’ve seen so many people attempt to open their flower canisters and put the herb directly into the chamber and expecting a great vape. It won’t happen. All dry herb vaporizers need ground up flowers in order to work properly. You can pick up a good grinder for $20-$50, and it is well worth it. If you purchase the Utillian 721 at TVAPE you can get a excellent Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder for free.


Score: A

Included in the Utillian 721 Kit

The Utillian 721 Includes:

  • Utillian 721
  • Dab tool
  • Wax Canister
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB cable
  • O rings screen set
  • Extra mouthpiece stem

Utillian 721 Specs:

  • Cross compatibility (dry herb and wax)
  • Convection heating
  • 8 temperature settings due to the newly added boost mode (170C, 175C, 180C, 185C, 190C, 195C, 210C, 215C)
  • Single Button Operation
  • Swiveling plastic mouthpiece
  • 18650 Polymer lithium-ion 2100 mAh battery (15% increase in battery life)