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After medical marijuana laws are passed many patients find out it is not easy or inexpensive to get a doctor’s signature to qualify them for the program.

If you’ve tried to get a Medical Marijuana Card you know something about qualifying and cost. Here in New Hampshire our very own Publisher has a Card. It cost $250 for an evaluation by a chronic pain doctor, and $50 for the Card. In a legal dispensary the cost of cannabis products are 10 times the cost of prescription drugs.

It seems that doctors in Utah want to try this, but there are few takers.

Utah Doctors Can Offer Medical Marijuana ... But...

From Local Fox13 in Utah:

It’s been nearly a year since Utah’s largest health care companies announced they would allow physicians to begin recommending medical cannabis to qualifying patients. However, FOX 13 has found, many of those patients say they are struggling to find a physician willing to go there. Health care company representatives say it will take time to educate doctors about the new substance.

It should be noted that 8 cannabis companies in Utah have already been given permission to grow it.

Despite the cost involved, there are plenty of patients with numerous ailments where cannabis and/or CBD products can offer relief (not a curative though). The problem in Utah seems to be with the Doctors willing to try it out.

We find this hard to believe because it is literally impossible to overdose on cannabis. Now, we’re not talking Bootleg THC cartridges mixed with Vitamin E Acetate (that shit will kill you).

A Joke for Utah Doctors

Ever hear the one about the guy that over-smoked marijuana to the point of passing out? When he woke up he tried to rub something off his face, and it was the floor…. (sorry, a favorite joke from way back…) 

More from Fox13

Dr. Mark Briesacher, the chief of physicians for Intermountain Healthcare, said it is taking time for doctors to learn about cannabis and get comfortable recommending it to qualifying patients.

Come on Doctors, medical marijuana has been in use for years. There is plenty of evidence, studies, and willing patients in other states that have proven medical marijuana help all kinds of ailments. And surely, some of you fine doctors must have some experience toking up when you were young, no?