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The PMTA Law Comes 10 Months Earlier – To all the well-informed folks in our vape community that have supported tobacco harm reduction as well as The Plume Room’smission” over the years, we send you our gratitude and a big hug inside this guest contribution in Spinfuel VAPE.


The FDA PMTA Shakedown

Some of you may already know that the entire vaping industry must file a PMTA with the FDA for every product they sell or plan to sell.

The previous due date was for making sure all vape products have properly filled PMTA was in 2022.

Then, on July 11th of this year (2019), the anti-harm reduction advocates pushed a judge to make the FDA collect ALL the PMTA (Pre Market Tobacco Application) within 10 months.  Because the FDA has decided not to appeal this ruling, there is a very real chance the vape industry could come crashing down in under a year.

Why is this Happening?


Well, to sum it up; the FDA’s own comment on the topic has stated that Filing a PMTA for every product 99% of the vape industry will exit the market. This is “polite speak” for saving Big Tobacco and KILLING the vape industry, along with jobs numbering more than 2 million Americans that own, operate, or staff retail and online vape stores.

Simply put, most every vape manufacturer won’t have the millions of dollars needed to file a PMTA for every single product they make, and if they did- there is no guarantee it would be approved.

PMTAs – Every Product, Every Option

Perhaps you know this already, but it bears repeating; when we say “every” product, that means every flavor of e-juice, every nicotine strength for that flavor, every size bottle it is offered in, and more.

It’s not surprising to anyone following corrupt politics on the topic of vaping. We’ve known that vaping is a disruptive technology that is unwanted and feared by the US system that profits from and protects Big Tobacco and Big Pharma industries, which profit from harmful (deadly) tobacco product sales and low success rate NRT options.

It’s a vicious cycle.


Fire Sales Caused by PMTAs

In the coming months you will see firesale pricing as many companies that are not willing to fight for this miracle technology exit the market. Hell, you’ve already seen many dozen companies just pack up and leave the industry because it’s nearly impossible to maintain sanity while dealing with this level of corruption and stupidity.

Most people/companies aren’t in it to fight for the right of adults to choose flavored harm reduction. Unfortunately, a lot won’t fight for their business, or their customers, for reasons above, as well as the impossible amount of money required to file the PMTAs.

We will Fight

While The Plume Room continue fighting the good fight, we urge you to support businesses that are also fighting. If you are seeing dirt cheap pricing, you can bet that the company doesn’t plan on sticking around to fight, or even fund the fight. Please don’t support these companies that are cashing out.

Now is the time to fight with your dollars spent, and who they are spent with.

As we’ve previously reported, The Plume Room, along with a handful of other vape shops and manufacturers, are involved in a case against the FDA. They are hoping that a judge hears their case soon. The companies fighting this injustice are not going to lay down and give up. Now more than ever, these fighters will appreciate your support.

*What can you do?*

Support companies that aren’t racing to the bottom.


If you are a vapor consumer, or love someone that is.

Call, write or fax your legislators and let them know what it happening with the PMTAs new deadline is NOT good for this country and its people. Even if vaping is not under fire in your state, there are many that don’t understand the crippling pathway the corrupt FDA has set forward for the vaping industry.

Be vocal, and let everyone know that without intervention, cigarettes will be the only product available. Ex-FDA’s Scott Gottlieb has stated that even that popular pod system that we hear about on the news will be hard pressed to make it through a PMTA. You know where this will leave smokers.


Troop/ The Plume Room


Troop is a vape advocate and co-owner of The Plume Room, a favorite vape juice manufacturer since 2012, and winners of several Spinfuel Choice Awards for their incredible line of e-liquids.

In appreciation, TPR created a special discount code for 15% off of your order at The Plume Room. Use “WeFightOn2019” at checkout.

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