Urbul CBD Mango Flavored Starter Kit Review – I’ve been using CBD eJuice for 3 years now. I do this to help control inflammation and pain, and without it I don’t believe I could function well enough to even type on my laptop. That said, of all the CBD eJuices I’ve vaped in various pod mods, until I discovered a new company called Urbul, the flavor, or ‘taste’ of CBD-for-vaping was plain awful. Urbul is the first company in my CBD journey to create a CBD eLiquid that is every bit as tasty as traditional eLiquid.

Urbul CBD Mango Flavored Starter Kit Review

Over the next several months we will review plenty of new products by Urbul, but today I’ll review just one, the Mango CBD Vape Pod Starter Kit. If you have an interest or need in CBD, this is one review you don’t want to miss.

The Mango Starter Kit contains everything you’ll need to begin experiencing the benefits of CBD; a simple pod mod (I’ll go over the specs later), a Mango flavored CBD pre-filled pod, a microUSB charger, and a brilliant 3rdparty lab report that lays out the superior quality of the CBD eJuice in your starter kit.


The prefilled Pods contain 1.4mL of handcrafted CBD juice. Each pod contains 250mg of CBD. On average, using the pod mod and the pod the user should get roughly 300 puffs from each pod. This is approximately 0.83mg per puff of clean, tasty, and most importantly, a precise dose every time.


The small pod mod features a 300mAh battery that should last several hours when used with a CBD filled pod. People just don’t vape CBD eJuice like they would a freebase nicotine eJuice. For myself, a heavy vaper, I’ll keep my Urbul vape pod on my desk, alongside my high wattage mod, sub-ohm tank, and High VG eLiquid.


Urbul CBD for Pain and Inflammation


There are dozens of ailments that CBD can address with various results. For myself CBD has proven to be the best anti-inflammatory on the market and offers me more pain relief than the opiates I used to take for years.


I’ve had to experiment with many, many CBD companies. Some were running scams, others were producing inconsistent CBD liquids, but they all produced lousy tasting CBD. Until now.


Urbul was the first to finally “get it” because they come from a long background in the vape industry, both with hardware and eJuice. They knew that in order to grow a healthy company in the CBD market, flavor had to be addressed and taken as seriously as producing the ultimate quality CBD.


Urbul Mango and More


I chose the Mango CBD prefilled pods because I enjoy Mango eLiquids. Since the entire starter kit would set me back just $50 ($42.50 if I were to buy a monthly subscription), I took a leap of faith and gave them a try.


Pod Mods are not known for their ability to produce big vapor clouds, and CBD eJuice in particular isn’t much of a vapor producer. I’m not going to tell you that the Pod Mod and Prefilled Pod that makes up my Urbul Pod Mod Starter Kit produced clouds of vapor, because it didn’t it. But the mango flavor was sublime. That made all the difference in the world.


Urbul’s CBD

The following information from the Urbul Mission Statement is the reason I tried Urbul. It’s also the reason I remain a customer.



Urbul’s CBD is derived from 100% organically grown industrial hemp. They work with local farmers in the state of Colorado to make sure all the hemp is co2 extracted and thoroughly tested in-house for purity. Urbul never compromises quality and settles for anything less than the best. After trying out their Mango and Blood Orange, I can attest to this.


Urbul Wants Unbiased Transparency


All of Urbul’s formulations are sent to third party iso/iec accredited 17025 labs for unbiased testing. They want all of us to know exactly what we’re putting into our body. They provide a copy of the individual lab results for every product they make and ship.


Data Driven Formulations


Urbul’s goal is to standardize the CBD industry by establishing measurable dosages that make sense. As of now there are no recommended daily values for cannabinoid consumption. Urbul’s formulas are all designed for ease of use and, most importantly…. consistency.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee from Urbul


Urbul states that they stand behind all their products. They say they work hard to ensure that the quality is second to none, and I can tell you from experience that this is certainly the truth.


Urbul believes in their products so much that if any product doesn’t meet your expectations, you to send it back within 30 days of delivery (not 30 days from the order) and we will gladly give you the opportunity to exchange for another product or receive a full refund, including the shipping.


At some point I will delve deeper into Urbul as a company, and review their entire line of CBD products, including tinctures and even gummy bears. Urbul’s CBD selection offers several flavored variants, and I’ll review them all down the road. My next review will cover their “Blood Orange” 30mL bottles containing 1000mg of highest-quality CBD (with 0% THC), that I’ve been using in various pod mods.


We at Spinfuel VAPE have published some great ‘Knowledge Base’ articles on CBD and its uses. We realize that many companies are producing poor to middlin’ quality CBD, while others do an okay job. That said, Urbul stands out for two reasons; the purity of the CBD they produce, and the delicious flavors.


In the past vaping CBD for pain relief and its anti-inflammatory properties was like “taking my medicine”, and certainly not “enjoying” the process. I did it because a good CBD blend works for me better than drugs like Mobic, a prescription level anti-inflammatory that can eventually do a number on your gut. So, despite the terrible taste of nearly every CBD blend I’ve tried, I continued to use it.


Pain and inflammation relief that comes from CBD usage has been highly researched and the benefits have been proven effective. These ‘Studies’ show that CBD disrupts pain receptors, and trigger release of dopamine and serotonin. For myself, this is critical.


CBD is legal in all 50 states and my pain clinic encouraged me to give it a try a long time ago because the other anti-inflammatory drugs I was taking just didn’t work well enough.


The Study on CBD and pain relief can be found here:


Urbul CBD is the Real Thing


I can tell you from personal experience that CBD has made a huge improvement in my quality of life. I can also tell you that Urbul the FIRST company I’ve tried that I truly believe in. I’ve used CBD for a long time, with mixed results dependent on the company I buy from, and ever since my Urbul products arrived I have experienced incredible relief in my joints, and more-than-expected pain relief.


I keep my Urbul pod mod charged and next to me all the time now. Every 4-6 hours I’ll put down my cloud machine and pick up my Mango CBD pod mod and vape for 5 to 10 minutes, and almost instantly I’ll begin to fell my pain levels go down and my joint flexibility improve.


With Urbul I know what I’m vaping, and I know the quality is second to none. Best of all, this is CBD vaping with real eJuice level flavor. Finally.


If you need to address one or more of the ailments that CBD can help with, I stand behind Urbul.


Note*Spinfuel VAPE, and this author, do not profit in any way for writing about Urbul products. Not everyone needs, or wants, a CBD solution, but for those that do the best I’ve found is CBD from Urbul.


John Manzione

Publisher – Spinfuel VAPE