“Shaped as an exquisite pen, the UPPEN, a portable refillable pod system, created for people pursuing elegance and style.”

Well, don’t hold back on the hyperbole, UPENDS. I think, after months of quarantine, we all need a little boasting around here. Of course, hyperbole doesn’t mean a thing if the device doesn’t perform, so we were thrilled to report that the UPPEN does exactly what it needs to, adding a little class and executive style to pod mod vaping. And with a price tag of $29.99, you’re going to be very impressed.


Let’s get into the specs and official description of the UPPEN.

UPPEN 1From the UPENDS press release: According to the testing carried out by the company, the antibacterial rate of the mouthpiece against three conventional bacteria within 24 hours was over 99.9%. Meanwhile, the delicate anti-loss-design pen cap avoids stains from blotting on the mouthpiece in daily carrying and storage.

The UPPEN Vape Pen is equipped with the latest flax-based ETCHIP™ technology. UPENDS UPPEN is the first mouth-to-lung vaping device that adopts a strip coil, which solves the problems of spitting and popping due to uneven working temperatures.

“UPPEN is designed for people chasing both hygiene and style.” Kevin Zor, the Product Director of UPENDS said, “We focus on each detail during use and strive for easier, more pleasant and perfect experience.”

Specifications of the UPPEN

  • Size: 16 * 134mm
  • Battery: 600mAh
  • Average Output: 10W
  • Capacity: 2.0ML
  • Resistance: 1.2ohm

UPPEN Package Includes

  •  The UPPEN Battery
  • UPPEN Refillable Pod
  • USB Cable
  •  User Guide & Warranty Card


Aesthetics of the UPPEN Vape Pen


Maybe hygiene isn’t the first thing we discuss when it comes to vaping. But after nearly three months of rampant virus infection, maybe we should. UPENDS claims to have designed the UPPEN with an “intimate” antibacterial mouthpiece, inspired by — of all things — a clarinet. Though the actual antibacterial qualities weren’t evident during our testing, we DID enjoy clean-tasting flavor and vapor throughout, something we can’t say about all mods that cross our desks.


That aside, the executive “Cross pen” aesthetic gives the UPPEN a definite advantage for any vapers seeking discretion. In fact, the UPPEN could sit easily in a front pocket or pen holder without garnering a second look.


UPPEN COIL PODThis look and feel is prevalent throughout, with no buttons or displays to confuse things or bog down users in unnecessary minutiae. Instead, the UPPEN uses a draw-activated format on its 10-watt device to keep things simple and functional, without an ounce of fuss for users.


The locking coil system was a highlight of the UPPEN’s design, perfectly replicating the “pen cap” look while also offering ample juice capacity for the size.

Vaping the UPENDS UPPEN Vape Pen


Pod mods are a dime a dozen, so we were pleasantly surprised by how smooth and potent the UPPEN’s vape quality was. Though it’s just a 10-watt pod mod, the patented ETCHIP coil technology delivered consistent, fast-ramping draws every time, with no “primer puffs” needed to get the most from each inhale. We may not see how much power is being put out with each puff, but know that the UPPEN isn’t holding back.


The 2.0mL capacity tank also delivered smooth e-liquid distribution to the vertically oriented strip coil, and I’m happy to report no dry hits occurred during our testing. The same goes for the flavor performance, which was strong and rich, whether using nic salt juices or standard liquids.

DRIP TIP UPPENFor the record, I found the UPPEN worked better and more consistently with nic salts, and I imagine most of the company’s target audience would agree. That said, my editor vaped a 50:50 Chai Latte e-liquid by The Plume Room.


The 1.2-ohm mouth-to-lung coil setup definitely delivered in the flavor and vapor department, and held its own in terms of longevity. Though the solid seven days of performance won’t win the UPPEN any durability records, there’s no doubt that the enjoyment it provides while it lasts is worth buying a few extra replacements.


If we had to make any complaints or suggestions, it would be in the battery life, which was just “okay” amid a sea of competing products that last longer. Though there’s a stated 600mAh cell inside the slender body, we didn’t feel the performance matched those expectations, needing steady recharges throughout a standard workday.


Thankfully, the USB charging was fairly quick, and had us back up and running before long.


  • Striking pen-like design
  • Excellent flavor and vapor production for a 10-watt device
  • Solid coil longevity


  • So-so battery performance
  • Lack of controls might turn off some users
  • Perhaps include a larger capacity tank option?

Bottom Line

UPPEN VAPE PEN KITAfter a few months of unwanted downtime, we were happy to see ANY mod cross our desks. But it was even better to enjoy a pod mod that raised the bar for discretion and style, without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Maybe the coils and battery could improve, but if our only complaint is that we wanted the experience to last LONGER, then it’s clear the UPENDS UPPENs is doing something right. Highly recommended got vape pen users.

You can Buy the UPPEN VAPE PEN directly from UPENDS.


Our Score: A