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MigVapor and Exxus Dry Herb/Wax Vaping Devices

An Up in Vape Review!

Greetings my friends!  I pray I still have some readers left after my uh…unannounced unwanted vacation. I have been playing hell here for the past 2-3 weeks with no relief in sight.  We had out grandkids visit for 5 days, I wound up sick as a dog, due to my not being around little kids I have lost the immunity that comes with spending a lot of time around little ones.

Our grandson is 8, our granddaughter is 14 months, it was great having them here for the few days we did, but on the day they were to go back to mom in Orlando, a scant hour and a half drive from our home I was just too sick to do much of anything.

After that my back problems seem to intensify, leaving me barely able to get around our home at much more than a pain shuffle or hobble, using my walker no less.  Then the weather turns to crap, we set new records for rainfall here two days running, at the end of a week we have had well more than an inch of rain, probably closer to the 15-inch mark.  For what it’s worth, our grandkids were here a month ago, and it seems like after they left I started falling apart… LOL.

So from that I really haven’t had any ambition whatsoever, I do apologize and will try harder to keep up with everything from here on out, the key word is try, I can do no more than that. I do hope all y’all understand.

Enough about me and my troubles, trials, and tribulations, let’s get to it shall we.  This column is going to be a review on a couple of dry herb/wax vaporizers that I was given to help with any future reviews I may do on any wax or, um…herbal remedies that may come up.

Up In Vape REVIEWSFirst will be the MigVapor Yabba Dabber ($42.95)  Based on the eGo style battery it uses I think a 650 mAh eGo style battery plus the tank that goes with it.  Just a note here this is mainly for vaping wax, if you want a tank for dry herb, that will be a separate purchase. I did receive a dry herb tank as well with this package, and was able to try it out on some herbal remedy that a friend had dropped off for me.

As for wax use, I couldn’t tell ya how well it works or doesn’t work as I have not had a chance to get any of the various wax flavors that are on the market. As for the dry herb tank, it will work well with this or even a mod that has a 510 connector.  This tank works very well for the intent for which it was designed, I had no complaints with it what so ever.

The vaporizer itself is very small. Well yea, picture a 650 mAh eGo style battery and you will know just how small it really is.  That is one thing I really did like about this device was the size, I could put it in one of the pockets of the vape case I carry with me whenever the opportunity allows for me to go out and about, (which hasn’t been very often lately sad to report).

The tank is also from MigVapor and is just as described a dry herb and concentrates it says on the box, it’s a bit large to sit on top of the battery but it does work.  Which would explain the slow ramp up time when using this tank on this device.  Hey….I had to try, if nothing more than to satisfy my own curiosity.

Really there is nothing to say that this is an inferior product, that is farthest thing from the truth.  I guess in order to do a right proper review I will have to shell out the $40 some odd dollars and get some wax to try.  About the only place I have even seen it sold is in the B & M stores here in town.

I have tried searching for it online but have not found any place that sells it, unless I am looking in the wrong places.  Which could very well be the case as I wouldn’t begin to know who would even sell it.  Most e juice sites don’t, nor do any of the online vendors that sell pretty much everything does not sell any of the wax products.

I can’t really find anything to complain about, about this device, except maybe the size, I don’t know, maybe if they had the 540 mAh size and a 900 mAh size versions of this, then again, you can find some low power mods that would probably do just as well, the jury is out on that one. Personally, I would like to see a 900 mAh version of this, as the size is perfect and it has the power to do what you need without being over the top.  Guess that about wraps up the MigVapor Yabba Dabber, dry herb/wax vaporizer.


For my second review I am going to talk about another dry herb/wax vaporizer.  This one is made or at least Up In Vape REVIEWSdistributed by Exxus. Here again is another eGo styled battery.  This one is called the Exxus Maxx, each of these, the Exxus and the MigVapor, both have a little dongle you use for charging, either off your computer, or by using a wall adapter.

How both of these differ is the Exxus comes with both a wax and a dry herb tank. I will say the Exxus is about the same size as the MigVapor device. The Exxus is quite a bit heavier, it just feels a bit more substantial in your hand.

Maybe part of that is due to the fact that the Exxus device has an almost baked on glaze if you will, it just feels better in the hand.  I forgot to mention both devices come with a little dabber I guess it’s called, what you would use to take a bit of wax and place it in the little cup to vape.

For what they are these 2 devices aren’t a bad deal, although for personal preference I like the Exxus Maxx the best.  Not that the MigVapor device is inferior, it is not. However due to the fact that you have to purchase an extra dry herb tank, for me at least, it isn’t the best deal out there.

Are there more and better devices on the market?  You bet your sweet bippy there are, bunches of ‘em, most with way more bells & whistles than you probably really need, but wanting more isn’t a bad thing.

However; if you like me and are just getting into the dry herb/wax vaporizers then these 2 entry level, (I’m guessing these are entry level) devices are not a bad deal at all.  Fact is, these two, even with having to buy the extra dry herb tank for the MigVapor one is still a decent deal overall.

That is gonna do it for me this time around, as I stated at the beginning of this column I will try and do better, it just been hell the past 30 days or so.  Together we shall continue on, deeming regulations and all.  Until next time Dos Vidonia, be well stay safe, God bless, and….VAPE ON!