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Benefits of Vaping CBD? Indeed there is…

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive derivative from the cannabis plant that has been hailed as an all-encompassing remedy, treating anything from chronic pain to psychosis. As research has filtered in over the past few decades, it has become clearer how CBD and cannabis general is able to influence the body to improve health – cannabinoids mostly function in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).


Therefore, it now makes sense why CBD can help with conditions that, at first glance, are nothing alike. The discovery that the body has a system which modulates so many psychological and physical variables has been ground-breaking for medical science, and cannabinoid medicine promises to give doctors new weapons in the battle against pain, inflammation, mental health conditions and even neurodegenerative diseases.

Everything about cannabis is versatile – there are so many different strains and ways of consuming the herb. An extraordinarily popular method is to vape with devices that accept either dry herb, concentrates or CBD e-liquid. The cannabis industry is simply picking up on the success that vaping has had among tobacco users, many of whom have given up combustible cigarettes for vaping as it doesn’t cause a cluster of health issues.

Here are a few unique benefits of vaping CBD.

The Unique Benefits of Vaping CBD

It’s Fast!


Some drugs take so long to kick in that they beg the question of whether it’s worth having them in the first place. But that doesn’t happen with vaping CBD e-liquid and vape oil, because of the way in which it gets into the bloodstream and the ECS.

Most good vaporizers take just a few seconds to warm up and form viscous, therapeutic vapor. After inhaling, the cannabinoids in the vapor begin to permeate small air sacs called alveoli in the lungs, before passing through to the bloodstream. There, CBD can begin to stimulate or suppress whatever is needed, in order to boost endocannabinoid tone and rebalance the ECS.

This is not just useful, but necessary for acute pain conditions like multiple sclerosis (MS), a type of neuropathic pain, and fibromyalgia, a condition for which there is no cure, but is perhaps caused by irregularities in the ECS. With MS and fibromyalgia, waiting an hour or more for orally-consumed treatment to take effect is simply not sufficient in reducing pain and other symptoms, nor does it protect quality of life.

But the intensity of the discomfort can be quelled drastically within a few minutes of a CBD vape session, and even quicker if dissolving a concentrate product into the e-liquid, such as CBD crystals.

Whether you just want a relaxing time consuming a small quantity of CBD, or you’re looking to consume much higher doses to treat a serious ailment, vaping has you covered.

Increased Bioavailability


CBD molecules are quite big, and not all can be successfully absorbed into the bloodstream. The percentage that can is referred to as the bioavailability. Each CBD consumption method has a different bioavailability, but vaping CBD outdoes all the rest.

While oral consumption methods provide prolonged therapeutic effects, since the cannabinoids must negotiate the “first-pass metabolism” before being taken into the bloodstream, the bioavailability is gradually chipped away at. Under-the-tongue sublingual absorption, either with a CBD tincture oil or spray, has a higher bioavailability than edibles, but still does not compare to vaping.

Because the bioavailability of vaping is higher than other methods, a smaller dose can produce exactly the same effects, since more of what is taken becomes active in the endocannabinoid system. This more efficient way of consuming CBD is naturally more cost-effective, and for those who are taking enormous quantities of CBD daily, these savings are significant.

It’s Safer than Smoking

The dangers of cannabis smoking are nowhere near as great as those from tobacco smoking but smoking of any sort is still harmful for the lungs and skin. Unlike tobacco, however, cannabis does not constrict the lungs – instead, it is a bronchodilator.

However, the carcinogens present in smoke pose a serious health risk, and the inevitable tar build-up in the lungs clogs up the airways and reduces lung capacity. In addition, free radicals from smoke are damaging to the skin, as they can speed up the aging process. Not to mention, when smoking a high-CBD strain of cannabis or hemp, some cannabinoids are going to be destroyed in the burning plant matter, reducing effectiveness.

Yet with vaping CBD, no plant matter is destroyed because there’s no burning – and as nothing is burned, no carcinogens, toxins or skin-ruining free radicals are formed. E-liquid or dry herb does not to be combusted for the cannabinoids to activate, and vaping makes good use of lower temperatures to provide a safer, but still pleasurable experience.

It’s Authentic

Cannabis use has long been a part of the counter-culture, and for many, the act of kicking back and smoking a joint is one to be relished, and a habit not easily lost. Vaping helps to recreate the same relaxing scene, and it’s possible to have fun, too – such as taking in huge draws with the aim of blowing massive clouds of vapor.

Vaping can be an enjoyable hobby, as well, for those who decide to modify their device, redesigning it precisely to their specifications. The vape community has grown significantly in recent years, and can be a great place to meet new, like-minded people.

There’s No High

As opposed to vaping a cannabis strain with THC, when vaping CBD e-liquid there are no psychoactive effects. CBD is non-intoxicating and non-psychotropic and is unable to having a psychoactive influence on the mind because it doesn’t bind with CB1 receptors – the THC-CB1 connection is where the high comes from.

The slow progression of cannabis in society has largely been down to the hesitancy over the “high” that traditionally came from medicating with it. However, now the public has access to products like CBD vape oil, many who once shunned cannabis are reconsidering. Interestingly, the New Yorker recently reported that the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users were seniors. Children can also benefit from non-psychoactive CBD.