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– A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

This next line is a truly exotic and an ‘acquired taste’ for most Vapers. However, those of you with a curious palate and a need to search the world for the rare and unique, please join us on the Unbroken Journey!

This vendor has taken their first plunge into the vape industry by releasing a line of flavors made from natural botanical extracts derived from RARE fruits of the Amazon. Unbroken is about a journey to find the most unique flavors out there to create a unique vaping experience. The Unbroken name comes from the true flavors never getting “broken” and never tainted because they are naturally extracted. ‘Unbroken’ plans to continue to develop their line by traveling the world to find even more unique tasting pleasures.
Let’s see how true ‘to the tee’ the descriptions of these new and exotic fruits from the Amazon emerge into the blends we are about to vape…


Raw – Raw e juice has a delicate flavor with a sharp, fruitful cherry taste derived from the Pitanga fruit of the coastal region of Brazil. Raw will refresh your palate with every vape.

Rain – Rain e juice captures the crispy, sour-tasting Cupuacu fruit that has notes of pear, banana, and chocolate with a hint of menthol in every creamy, satisfying vape.

Haven – Fruity and tart, Haven’s full flavor is derived from the Guaraná fruit and green apple. The ethereal, sweet, fresh taste of Haven delivers a unique, jolting vape every time.

Aurora – Aurora is a distinct blend of apple, pear, and a grape with caramel and sugary nuances that boast a tart, but subtle sour citrus flavor.

Root – Derived from the Jabuticaba fruit with its sweet attractive sub acid tang, Root has a unique strong grape-like flavor that captures the unique flavor of tropical islands.

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Unbroken Liquid Particulars

Unbroken Liquids come in cool green glass square bottles with glass childproof droppers. The retail price for B&M shops is $23.99. All I could find online is information for wholesale and on the Unbroken web site a future “shop” link.logo for Unbroken

Some vendors choose to just sell wholesale which is something as a B&M owner I truly respect and appreciate. I’m not sure if this is the case, but kudos if it is!!

The cost for Unbroken e Liquid is a little bit more than your average premium price of $22/30ml and averages out to $.79/ml. It’s not much more and I imagine there is a price to pay for all of the research and the natural extraction of flavoring involved instead of simply buying one and just mixing it up. These blends are 50vg/50pg. The nicotine levels available are: 0mg, 4mg, 8mg, and 16mg.


I love the look of these bottles and the packaging alone practically sells it because it is unique. The square green glass bottles with black childproof caps are very appealing to the eye. The labels are bright and you know they are something different right away. Only the flavor and company names appear on the front label with the big, bold photos. I have to admit as soon as they arrived at the shop, I was instantly intrigued.

The back label has a brief description of the flavor profile, which you will need if you decide to follow Unbroken on their unique journey of flavors. I was only familiar with the Starfruit and Guarana myself. There is a warning, batch code, size, mg level, and the name again. I’m on board with the packaging and the marketing that I have seen.


We have four flavors to cover in this review. I’m Dori, the head writer, and will kick every flavor off with my thoughts as the team follows. Remember as always, taste is subjective. My team has different palates and I value each opinion. Let’s see what we come up with for these unique blends that are sure to be an experience!!


“Raw is a delicate flavor with a hint of sweet, sugary cherry. Derived from the Pitanga fruit of the coastal region of Brazil, Raw captures a sharp, fruitful taste that delivers consistent flavor throughout every draw. The indigenous inhabitants of Brazil use Pitanga as a source of Vitamin C and calcium.”

rawDori: 4.5 stars. Raw is definitely different, but I think it’s different in a good way. The pitanga is a fruit used in Brazil as a source of Vitamin C and calcium. They describe it as having a “delicate” flavor. I get a raw, fruity flavor that is delicately sweet. It is refreshing, smooth, and the flavor does last the entire way throughout the vape. I do not get much of the cherry that they mention as a flavor that I note. This one is hard to put into words. You would really like this if you were a health food junkie. Some people are really into “juicing”. If I ran the right mix of vegetables and a couple fruits for the sweetness through a juicer…I think that is the flavor I taste when I say “RAW”. I liked this one because-call me corny-but it made me feel healthier while I was vaping it! I’m not usually into anything as off the wall as “Raw”. I enjoyed it from 30-50 watts in the Production RDA with a .3-ohm coil build. At 30 watts, the raw fruit flavor was more dominant and it was a tad bitter with a touch of sweetness. At 50 watts, the rawness of the fruit dies down some, and the sweetness comes out more. So this depends on how you like the flavor-you can mess with the wattage and it will change it up a bit. The vapor production was good as well and there was just a mild throat hit.

Alicia: 3.5 stars. Raw, wow. This is such a strange flavor. This includes Pitanga in the profile, which is to be a delicate flavor with hints of sweet cherry. Okay, so, I do get undertones of semi-sweet cherries tucked in on the inhale. But as for the delicate taste, delicate in my mind would be something smooth and easily vaped. This, well, it’s just not. The cherry flavor isn’t bad but what it’s mixed with just kind of completely throws me off. It’s like some kind of fruit that tastes somewhat like grapefruit but has more of an earthy taste to it than actual grapefruit. It’s hard to explain. It’s not bad, but it’s not good. It’s just strange. It’s also one of those flavors that you can’t really decide if you like it or not, so you keep vaping it trying to figure it out. I’m using my Velocity RDA built to .36 ohms on my HexOhm v2.1 around 60 – 65 watts.

Scott: 4 stars. This had a very unique flavor. On the inhale, like Alicia, I did get what tasted like a sweet cherry flavor making me think this was going to be a tasty vape. When I exhaled, it was weird because the sweetness was gone and it ended up being a tart, but rooty flavor. Not that it was too overpowering of a tart and rooty flavor, but it was enough to make you want to try it again to make sure you were tasting it right. I enjoyed this because it was different, but don’t know that I could vape it all of the time. I vaped these all on an unregulated box with a Freakshow RDA built to .3 ohms.
Dana: 2 stars. Raw has a lightly sweet aroma. It is very unique and I can’t quite describe the flavor on the inhale other than very bitter and grass like. Unlike Dori, I taste bitter cherry on the exhale. Raw left a very bitter taste in my mouth after vaping. Again, if you don ‘t like sweet eliquids, give this one a try. I vaped all of these eliquids on my Smok M80 mod with an Atty RDA built at .4 ohms.

Louis: 3 stars. This juice smelled slightly sweet, but kind of earthy. It also smells a lot more like cherry then it tastes. The inhale was kind of sweet or fruity, but the exhale was bitter and kind of earthy. It could have been a cherry that was picked too early or something. I do agree with Dori, as I turned up the watts with this it did get a lot sweeter, but I still think the bitter exhale kind of ruined it for me. I did look up the kind of cherry that they were trying to mimic and I found out that the good news is it can be used as a natural bug repellent, so yeah, well, there’s that at least. For these eliquids, I am using a Lethal RDA with 2 extra air holes drilled out with coils that read 0.35 and an IPV3 mod.


“Rain boasts a blend of pear, banana, chocolate, and passion fruit. Its flavor is derived from the fruit of the Cupuacu tree, which is grown in the northern region of the Amazon. The Cupuacu fruit is harvested once it has “rained” down and fallen to the ground. A touch of menthol was added to this creamy exotic flavor for extra refreshment.”

rainDori: 3 stars. This is one of the funkiest blends I have ever encountered. It will definitely be an acquired taste. The Cupuaco fruit from the Amazon rainforest has the flavor of a pear, banana, passion fruit, and even notes of chocolate combined. If this isn’t an odd combination already–add a hint of menthol to the blend! On the inhale, the Cupuacu is pungent and I believe I taste more of the passion fruit than anything before the menthol completely takes over. The exhale is mostly menthol with tiny notes of faint tropical fruit dancing in the background. I liked the exhale better. I liked this best around 30-40 watts.
Alicia: 3.25 stars. I was really excited to get to this one. The flavor profile was extremely attractive to me since I do like menthol vapes now and again. Pear and banana and throw in some chocolate on top of it, all with a touch of menthol, heck yes! But then I tasted it, and I have to admit, I was disappointed. Now, the disappointment came from it not matching the flavor profile. But the taste, it’s not bad. To me, this is more of a menthol grapefruit flavor. Yes, grapefruit, not chocolate, not banana, not pear, but grapefruit. Since I like grapefruit, it’s not too much of a big deal. It’s tart with just a very, very, very (I can’t say very enough here) light sweetness to it. And then add in the menthol. As the other team members are saying, it’s potent. It’s not a light menthol at all. It’s strong and has that “in your face” boldness to it. The inhale is where you can taste the grapefruit. It’s definitely noticeable at the beginning of the inhale but as the inhale continues the menthol comes out and takes over. The exhale starts off with more of the menthol that took over the inhale. It continues throughout the entire exhale until the end. At the very end of the exhale, just a tiny touch of citrus peaks through.

Scott: 3 stars. Rain was way too strong on the menthol taste. I got a very, very light hint of banana on this, but it was so hard to decipher any of the other flavors because of the overpowering menthol taste. For someone that likes strong menthol flavor, this may be a good one for them. For me, it was too much and it really didn’t hit the mark as to what the flavor profile stated. The only reason I didn’t go lower is because it was a smooth menthol flavor.
Dana: 3 stars. Rain has a nice menthol aroma. It has a sour citrus inhale with a strong menthol finish. If menthol is your go to eliquid, then give Rain a try. I personally do not care for menthol or very sour eliquids, so this flavor was not for me. It is one of the most unique menthol flavors out there that I have ever tasted.

Louis: 3 stars. This was a confusing mixture that was slightly misleading as well. The bottle states that it’s a blend of pear, banana, and chocolate with hints of menthol. The menthol definitely isn’t hinting, it’s full on screaming. It’s a sinus clearing kind of menthol too; my airways were tingling as soon as I inhaled. Thankfully on the exhale, it tones down some and ends in a little sweetness from the pear/banana. I found there wasn’t a lot of flavor with the pear and banana however, only the slight sweetness and I couldn’t taste chocolate at all. I did like that the menthol calms down and gets sweeter as you vaped though.


“ Haven gives the full flavor of green apple with a touch of Guarana, a flavor that is round, rooty, and berry-like. Its taste profile is derived from the Guarana fruit of the northern Amazon region of Brazil, which has a main ingredient that is identical to caffeine. Guarana produces small coffee bean-sized seeds that look ‘like the eyes of people.’ ”

havenDori: 5 stars. Haven is the blend I like the best so far. I like the guarana and apple pairing. On the inhale, I taste a smooth green apple flavor with a rooty note. This is from the guarana I assume since its described as round, rooty, and berry-like. In the exhale, I note more of the guarana coming out. There is a sweetness present throughout this vape that makes it really smooth and blend well. The throat hit was mild and vapor production was decent. I liked this best around 35 watts also.
Alicia: 3 stars. The smell reminds me of a green jolly rancher. However, the taste couldn’t possibly be any further from that. Like Scott and Dori, I do get a fresh apple on the inhale mixed with just a touch of a berry-like flavor that also has a root feeling to it, which would be the Guarana. There is a very light touch of sweetness from the apple but it’s not too noticeable, which is a downfall for me. The exhale is pretty close to being all guarana with just a slight touch of apple mixed in at the very end. Also, the exhale starts to become pretty harsh the longer that I vape this. My throat was beginning to feel irritated, almost like it does when I’m vaping a higher nicotine level.

Scott: 5 stars. Haven was very different when you think about its flavor profile. The inhale gives you a big mixture of different flavors and is very enjoyable. I enjoyed the taste of the apple because it was a fresh apple, not candied. It had a mixture of berry blended in with it. On the exhale, I noticed a mixture of sweetness with the apple and berries. Like Dori, I agree the root having the berry flavor adds a nice sweetness to this vape.
Dana: 3 stars. Haven has a very nice apple aroma. This eliquid has a lightly sweet green apple inhale and a very strong tobacco exhale. Haven has a chewing tobacco like taste that was left in my mouth after vaping. Anyone that likes a strong tobacco taste should love this eliquid. I played with the wattage and found that lower watts worked best with these eliquids. Setting it higher brought out more bitterness that I did not care for.

Louis: 3.5 stars. On the inhale of haven, I immediately could taste the guarana. It was slightly bitter at first, but heading into the exhale, I could taste an apple which got even sweeter at the end. The major sweetness on the exhale kind of reminded me of bubble gum. I experimented with the wattage a little and the higher I went, the more the bitter came through at the beginning. It would make the exhale taste more floral than sweet. I liked Haven best at around 35-40 watts.


“Aurora, derived from the Carambola fruit, or starfruit, of northeastern Brazil, carries light tart and tangy undertones, without any domineering characteristics. Its ultra-unique sweet citrus flavor can be compared to a mix of apple, pear, and grape with caramel and sugary nuances.”

AuroraDori: 4 stars. Aurora is truly tart and tangy. On the inhale, the tartness is what I taste first, but it’s quickly mellowed out by the sweetness that swirls in perhaps from the caramel nuance. The tart is like a soured tart though. It’s a very odd, acquired tart fruit flavor. I like this one better at 40 watts. When I bump this up to 40 watts, the tart and tangy dies down a lot and I get a nice, natural fruit sweetness. The sugary caramel flavor really comes out in the exhale here. I bumped my number up when I tried it this way because this is enjoyable and unique. Aurora has a mild throat hit and great vapor production.
Alicia: 5 stars. The smoothness of Aurora was a pleasant surprise after vaping some of the other flavors. This one I think might be my favorite from this line. It’s smooth and sweet, yet tart and tangy all at the same time. Unlike Dori and Scott, I get some of the caramel on the inhale and none on the exhale. The caramel is very light and only comes out right at the beginning of the inhale. So, the inhale begins with just a touch a caramel and is followed by a sweet grape flavor with subtle hints of tart apple mixed in. The exhale transforms and starts off with a more dominate apple flavor that is sweet this time and is followed by a crisp pear flavor that is really tasty!

Scott: 4 stars. This one was a very complex blend of apples, pears, and grapes. On the inhale, I tasted a delicious mixture of pear and grape. It was a slight bit on the tart side, but not enough to ruin the flavor for me. It wasn’t a candied flavor either, but a crisp refreshing taste. On the exhale, I tasted a mixture of the grape, apple, and caramel. The grape seems to fade fast, but left me with a sweet and tart apple taste in my mouth reminding me of a caramel apple from a fair. As the sweetness faded, I was left with a crisp apple flavor lingering in the back my tongue.
Dana: 3 stars. Aurora has a sweet, fruity aroma. I tasted a berry or grape like flavor on the inhale, and a sweet pear on the exhale. This eliquid still had a tad of bitterness even at the lower wattage setting or I would have given it a higher rating. It is a very complex eliquid that is worth trying as you may bring out other flavors that I did not find. Anyone that doesn’t like a sweet eliquid should give this one a try.

Louis: 2.25 stars. As soon as I opened this bottle, I could smell an overly sweet grape candy flavor. On the inhale, however, I got a tart sourness that continued through the exhale, but ended on a slightly sweeter note. Honestly, at first this juice reminded me of grape medicine and/or lemon scented cleaning product. It got sweeter as you vaped, but not by much. It was like a star fruit that went bad.


“Root has strong grape and berry-like undertones, being derived from the Jabuticaba fruit of southeast Brazil. The fruit grows from the trunk of the tree up to the branches. Root captures a unique tropical taste of the islands while remaining sweet with an attractive sub-acid tang.”

Dori: 4 stars. Root is another smooth vape that will be an acquired taste. Root has an earthy sense to it that a lot of tobacco lovers would be drawn to. On the inhale, the flavor is earthy with notes of fruit popping up in the background. I do get a little grape note. These fruits do grow from the trunk of the tree up to the branches. Unbroken manages to add a nice touch of sweetness in with the earthiness to balance out the exhale. Root is smooth, has a mild throat hit, and has a decent vapor production. I liked this best around 35 watts.
Alicia: 1 star. Root, well, I’m not sure what to say about this one. I’m on the same page as Dana. It definitely is one that I couldn’t vape much of. I agree with everyone on the earthiness of this, but for me I got a different type of earthy from it. To me, the inhale tasted like mold or mildew. I tried this at all different heat settings and I just couldn’t get that taste to go away. From the inhale throughout exhale, that’s all that I could taste. I tried to find the fruit tones that Dori was able to get popping through here and there, but I just couldn’t find them. Sweetness, I couldn’t find that either. Grape or berries? Nope, not even a little tiny touch of either of them. So, yes, this is one that just didn’t sit well with my taste buds.

Scott: 3.75 stars. Root also has very unique flavor. This eliquid has a very rich, earthy smell in flavor with a slight hint of what could be grape. The earthy part is very strong on the inhale with a grape undertone. On the exhale, I still taste an earthy tone, but not as strong, giving it a more enjoyable taste. Like Dori, I agree this may be one that the tobacco people might like or even flavored cigar lovers.
Dana: 1 star. Root has a strong aroma. It has a slightly sweet, obscure inhale and a very strong earthy exhale. I just can’t vape this eliquid no matter how hard I tried. I did try it at various watts and even put it on an unregulated mod and still could not enjoy it at all. It has to be one of the strangest eliquids that I have ever tasted.
Unbroken eliquids are the most complex vaping liquids that I have ever tried. Although not my cup of tea, they are worth giving a try to sample some of the most unique flavors that you will ever encounter. You will experience flavors that you will not find in any other vaping eliquid. I recommend playing with your wattage to bring out all of the flavors in each blend.

Louis: 2 stars. This eliquid in my opinion was misleading in some ways, but spot on in others. The bottle claims it has a grape, berry, and a tropical taste to it, but the name of the juice is a lot closer to what it actually tastes like. I could mainly taste a radish like taste. It even smelled like something pulled it straight out of the dirt. As I continued to vape it, the bitterness that tasted like radish started to wear thin, however it never really got any better then tasting like a garden salad without seasonings or dressing. I prefer sweeter vapes so this one didn’t do too much for me.


Unbroken was a pleasant experience even though I may have had different outcomes with all of the eliquids. I truly enjoy trying new and exciting eliquids and the Unbroken team has gone out there and done something different. They have dared to be unique. I like the risk. There were even a few fives thrown out there. I know there are vapers around the world who would appreciate one or more of these blends, so what are YOU waiting for??? I’m excited to see where they travel next!!
As always, the team and I all have a unique way of tasting flavors but you’ll know who you relate to most after you read all of the reviews. We all have our own style. These are our opinions and it is nice to have different views sometimes on the same product.

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – Team One – Dori Odosso and company