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Minister Mark Drakeford is Against Electronic Cigarettes

Despite the fact there are millions of people around the world who enjoy e-cigarettes it seems that politicians are joining the fight against the ever-growing popularity of these relatively new devices. UK Health Minister Mark Drakeford is the latest high-ranking politician to cast scorn and controversy upon the vape industry. Despite the fact that Drakeford acknowledges the products have a role to play in reducing the use of tobacco cigarettes.

Yet again it seems our politicians are singing from the same hymn sheet.  Each suggesting that e-cigarettes are “re-normalising” smoking and glamorizing this historic pastime. This then leads to the obvious conclusion which many politicians arrive. Electronic cigarettes are the devil incarnate and the gateway to an increased uptake of tobacco cigarettes. (What idiot would believe that?) So where is the evidence to back these claims?

What do Vapers say?

We have seen survey after survey looking at the relationship between tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes over the last few years. Time and time again Vapers have confirmed that these relatively new devices have assisted them in reducing their tobacco intake and indeed many people have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes altogether in flavor of electronic cigarettes. This comes despite the fact that vapes are not marketed or promoted as a smoking cessation device although it is obvious that many people find them useful for just this very thing.

When you also take into account the fact that tobacco products are significantly more expensive than their electronic counterparts, why would a previous tobacco user switch back from vapes? It is easy to forget the fight that many tobacco cigarette users have to ditch their habit so, again, why would previous tobacco cigarette users switch back from electronic cigarettes and undo all of their hard work?

Are we seeing the emergence of a three pronged attack on electronic cigarettes?

Initially regulators and health authorities around the world were the major critics of electronic cigarettes, often suggesting theories and ideas which have not been tested out, although lately we have seen politicians join the fight. If you look at the general consensus amongst the three parties, it does look as though we have a three pronged attack on the electronic cigarette industry with billions upon billions of dollars of tobacco taxes at stake. Do these three parties have a vested interest in attacking the electronic cigarette industry?

While debate is good, opinions should be respected and medical trials are required to clarify health concerns going forward, why don’t regulators, politicians and health authorities actually speak to electronic cigarette users themselves? Many of these bodies seem happy to spend significant amounts of taxpayer’s money on reports and studies while not including electronic cigarette users themselves, why?

Is the regulatory noose beginning to tighten?

There is speculation with regards to regulatory issues.  Governments and regulators around the world seriously underestimated the big rise in vaping. Electronic cigarette of have been around since the turn of the century. Yet, people believe it is a “niche market“. M0re then 10 million people have switched t0 vaping and left tobacco behind.

The situation has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. The industry is gaining strength. Tobacco companies are  acquiring their electronic cigarette counterparts while regulations become an issue in the long term. (They hope)

It will be difficult for regulators and governments around the world to introduce the taxes and regulations. They would like to press upon the industry as much as they get away with. There will be some changes, there will be a new regulatory structure and we will definitely see the introduction of electronic cigarette taxes.

However, taxes are unlikely to be anywhere near the levels afforded to tobacco cigarettes. The movement in favour of electronic cigarettes continues. Governments and regulators are well behind the curve. Reducing the availability of  e-cigarettes has the potential to alienate tens of millions of people around the globe. Imagine the Twitter War that would take place!

Politicians depend upon Vapers and smokers to remain in power – would you bite the hand that feeds you? That will depend. Should Big Tobacco or Big Pharma want in, or want vaping killed outright they will do so. Big Tobacco/Big Pharma will spread money around to corrupt politicians. There are more than enough corrupt bastards in governments that would gladly take the money.

Mark Benson