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How to Identify Trustworthy Kratom Vendors Online: A 2023 Guide

Finding a Reputable Kratom Supplier Online: What to Look For

Kratom’s rise in popularity means that there are now hundreds of vendors to choose from online. But not all kratom vendors are created equal when it comes to quality, purity, &transparency.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover how to identify reliable kratom suppliers online so you can feel confident buying premium kratom powder.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

Kratom legality and risks
Factors that make a high-quality kratom vendor
10 best online kratom vendors reviewed
Spotting & avoiding kratom vendor scams

By the end, you’ll know how to find a kratom vendor you can trust for top-shelf kratom at fair prices.


Is Kratom Legal to Buy in 2023? Current Laws

Kratom’s legality in 2023 depends on where you live. Currently, in the U.S., kratom is banned in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. It’s legal at the federal level, but some states and cities have imposed restrictions:

U.S. States Where Kratom is Banned

Rhode Island

U.S. States with Active Kratom Bans Pending Legislation

New York

U.S. Cities/Counties Where Kratom is Banned

San Diego, CA
Sarasota County, FL
Jerseyville, IL
Denver, CO

Kratom is controversial due to concerns about the potential for abuse, addiction, and side effects. Make sure it’s legal in your area before purchasing.

When used responsibly, kratom can provide benefits like pain relief, increased energy, and reduced anxiety. However, taking too high of doses can be risky.

It’s key to buy pure, high-quality kratom from trusted vendors and use caution with serving sizes. Now, let’s go over what makes a good kratom vendor.

What Makes a High-Quality Kratom Vendor?

Since kratom is unregulated, kratom powder quality can vary enormously between different vendors. Here are the key signs of a reputable kratom seller online:

Independent Lab Testing

Legitimate vendors will provide certificates of analysis (COAs) from independent labs showing:

Precise mitragynine & 7-hydroxy mitragynine levels
Screening for contaminants like heavy metals, mold, yeast, E. coli, salmonella
No presence of filler ingredients

COAs should be recent (within the past year) and easily accessible on their site or by request.

Good Manufacturing & Storage Practices

Quality vendors quickly dry and process raw kratom leaves after harvest to preserve potency. Kratom powder should be stored in climate-controlled facilities, away from heat, air, light, and moisture.

This maintains alkaloid levels and prevents spoilage or contamination.

Fair Pricing & Money-Back Guarantee

Reputable sellers stand behind their kratom with satisfaction guarantees. This allows you to get a refund if the potency or quality is less than expected.

High-quality kratom powder typically costs about $10-20 per ounce. Be wary of pricing that seems too low or high.

Organic Harvesting Methods

Kratom should be ethically sourced from regions known for quality, like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Leaves are best picked from mature kratom trees by hand.

Positive Customer Reviews

Check third-party review sites and social proof. Many positive reviews over the years in business indicate satisfied customers. Be cautious of vendors with no reviews or all 5-star reviews.

Good Customer Service

The vendor should have knowledgeable customer service available to answer questions before and after purchase. Response time and support quality are good indicators.

So, in summary, look for recent lab tests, fair prices, organic farming, stellar reviews, and great service. Now, let’s review the top 10 kratom vendors that check all the boxes.

Top 10 Kratom Vendors Online in 2023

Based on extensive research, here are the ten best places to buy kratom powder online:

1. Kenji Kratom

A newer vendor based in California, Kenji Kratom provides high-quality kratom in a range of veins, strains, and extracts that are meticulously lab-tested for purity and quality.

Their kratom is harvested by regional experts from mature trees and ground locally into a fine powder. Excellent customer service, fair prices, and a money-back guarantee.

Price: $9.99 – $124.99 per ounce

Popular strains: Green, Red, and  White Maeng Da

2. Golden Monk Kratom

With thousands of glowing customer reviews, Golden Monk Kratom is one of the most established and reputable vendors. They offer high-potency kratom powder and extracts that are meticulously lab-tested.

Golden Monk sources organic, fair-trade kratom from Indonesia and Malaysia. Their diverse strains are finely ground and ship super fast. Excellent prices and money-back guarantee.

Price: $12.99 – $149.99 per ounce

Popular strains: Red Bali, White Maeng Da, Green Malay

3. Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa stands out for harvesting fresh, organic kratom weekly and shipping immediately after manufacturing. This results in incredibly high alkaloid content.

Their diverse strains are fine ground from raw leaves. Super Speciosa provides thorough lab reports for lead and microbial safety, is free, and has excellent prices when buying bulk kratom powder.

Price: $7.99 – $124.99 per ounce

Popular strains: Red Maeng Da, White Thai, Green Hulu Kapuas

4. Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals is dedicated to providing high-quality, transparently lab-tested kratom. Their website has easily accessible COAs detailing exact purity and alkaloid percentages.

They import raw kratom from ethical Indonesian farms and grind it into a super fine powder in the U.S. Lots of strains are available at fair prices.

Price: $8 – $28 per ounce

Popular strains: Green Maeng Da, White Borneo, Red Bali

5. Kraken Kratom

Based in Oregon, Kraken Kratom offers an exceptional variety of strains, extracts, and sample packs sourced from mature trees in Southeast Asia.

They triple lab test their “Gold Standard” kratom powders for purity and publish results on their site. Excellent customer service and shipping times.

Price: $4.95 – $24.95 per ounce

Popular strains: Red Bali, Super Green Malay, White Maeng Da

6. TGM Shop

TGM Shop stands out by sourcing organic kratom grown wild in its native habitat, creating more balanced alkaloid profiles. They offer a nice selection of powders and extracts that are third-party lab-tested.

Their website has tons of educational resources for new kratom users. Modest prices & free shipping on orders over $50.

Price: $4.99 – $29.99 per ounce

Popular strains: White Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Bentuangie

7. Top Extracts

As the name suggests, Top Extracts offers some of the best kratom extracts on the market, which deliver enhanced potency. They also carry premium kratom powders and crushed leaves.

Top Extracts manufactures in cGMP-compliant facilities and provides independent heavy metals and microbial testing. The owner is very hands-on, and they have great customer service.

Price: $24.99 – $44.99 per ounce

Popular Products: 50X Black Diamond Extract, Red Vein Bali, Trainwreck Kratom

8. Kratom Spot

Based in California, Kratom Spot provides lab reports through their QR codes for each batch, showing they are free of contaminants and only contain pure kratom.

They import fair-trade kratom from Indonesia and offer wholesale prices on single-strain powders when buying in bulk. Quick shipping and excellent customer support.

Price: $11.99 – $159.99 per ounce

Popular strains: Green Maeng Da, White Sumatra, Red Bali

9. MitraGaia

MitraGaia is a reputable vendor known for its high-quality pure kratom sourced from mature trees in Indonesia. Their strains are finely ground and immediately vacuum-sealed after harvesting.

Detailed information on each strain’s origins and properties. MitraGaia provides free shipping, a rewards program, and top-notch customer service.

Price: $12 – $200 per ounce

Popular strains: White Elephant, Green Malay, Red Bentuangie

10. Original Harvest

Canada-based Original Harvest offers a unique line of multi-ingredient kratom blends for targeted benefits, including immunity, sleep, and nootropic support.

Their pure kratom strains are triple lab tested for contaminants before import to North America from Indonesian growers. Money-back guarantee.

Price: $12.99 – $199.99 per ounce

Popular Products: Immune Blend, Island Green Kratom, Detox Blend

So, in summary, these ten vendors are the top kratom suppliers online due to their exceptional product quality, testing, prices, and customer service.

Avoiding Kratom Vendor Scams Online

With kratom’s murky legal status, shady vendors are looking to scam buyers. Here are ways to avoid getting ripped off:

Research vendors extensively and read independent reviews before buying. Be wary of fake reviews.
Do not buy from brands that don’t provide recent 3rd party lab testing to verify quality.
Avoid vendors selling kratom at very low prices. This is a red flag for poor quality.
Do not buy kratom from marketplace sites like Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. High risk of fakes.
Be cautious of vendors touting kratom as a “cure-all” or making overt medicinal claims.
Do not finalize payment until you receive the product and can verify its legitimacy.
Avoid paying vendors via cryptocurrency or gift cards, which offer little fraud protection.

Stick to reputable sellers, inspect products upon arrival, and be skeptical of deals that seem too good to be true.

Buying Kratom Powder Online Safely: Key Tips

Here are some final tips for acquiring pure, high-quality kratom online safely:

Thoroughly research legality in your jurisdiction before purchase
Start low with dosage; kratom potency varies widely. 1-3 grams is ideal for most new users.
Only buy from trusted vendors that provide transparent lab testing and have positive customer feedback.
Look for money-back guarantees in case you are dissatisfied with quality.
Check lab tests for heavy metal content and signs of contamination
Store kratom powder away from moisture, heat, and sunlight to preserve potency
Avoid long-term daily use; risks of dependence and tolerance buildup

So there you have it – everything you need to confidently identify reliable kratom suppliers online. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to acquire pure, high-quality kratom powder from trusted vendors.

Where to Buy Top Shelf Lab-Tested Kratom

Kenji Kratom is a rising kratom vendor offering premium strains in a variety of veins, extracts, and strains.

They import fair trade kratom tested for quality and safety. Excellent customer service and satisfaction guarantee.

Shop their selection of the highest-quality kratom powder now!

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