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The recent release of the new hardware from Triple 7 (777 eCigs), the Magnum series, comes just in time to coincide with our July is eJuice review of several e-Shisha e-Liquids from Triple 7. Our review of the new Magnum hardware will include the use of e-Shisha and e-Liquid and let me tell you, I am expecting great results. After all, wherever you can use e-liquid you can use e-shisha.

Triple 7’s e-Shisha was originally released along side their best-selling e-Hookah. Now there are a total of 24 e-Shisha flavors, and we’ve got the lowdown on each on every one. Read our e-hookah Review Here

What is e-Shisha?

Well, without getting too technical, e-Shisha is made using the same basic ingredients used in making e-Liquids. It is a more flavorful version of e-Liquid however. When you vape e-Shisha is any device you’ll notice it is a more intense flavor experience. Triple 7’s e-Shisha has been a hit with us here at Spinfuel because more than anything, flavor is king. In addition to the intense flavor profile you will also experience (usually) a stronger vapor production.

Nicotine or No?

Many fans of e-Shisha and communal vaping with an e-Hookah often vape zero-nicotine because it is a flavor and vapor experience, not really a smoking alternative, and when you ‘communal vape’ you tend to vape for hours on end and when there is no nicotine present in the e-shisha there is no worry about nicotine overconsumption. Vaping e-Shisha this way is becoming a hugely popular way to enjoy the pleasure of hookah ‘smoking’ without the dangers presented by tobacco-based shisha. Electronic Hookah clubs are popping up all over.

Triple 7 offers e-Shisha in 12mg and 18mg strengths, along with a non-nicotine version. For Vapers using e-Shisha in the same manner as they would normal e-Liquid, nicotine will, more than likely, be necessary. During our review of the e-shisha flavors we vaped at 12MG nicotine, as well as zero-nicotine.

The Flavors

  • Apple Martini
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Berry Burst
  • Berryliscious Lemonade
  • Carnival Apple
  • Chocolate Bliss
  • Citrus Cooler
  • Exploding Grape
  • Fruity Cocktail
  • Georgia Peach
  • Grape Zinger
  • Havana Fusion
  • Luscious Pear
  • Melon Paradise
  • Oozin’ Berry
  • Raging Sevens
  • Refreshing Vanilla Bean
  • Spicy Apple Twist
  • Splash Of Sunrise
  • Triple 7 Mai-Tai
  • Tropical Kiwi
  • Watermelon Mojito

The Spinfuel Review

This is not our normal Spinfuel e-Liquid Team Review. Having said that, we just couldn’t leave out Triple 7’s e-Shisha from our July is eJuice celebration because e-shisha is such a flavorful experience. E-Shisha is “fun” to vape, especially when using an actual 2-nozzle e-Hookah. Because we are shining a light on e-Liquids this month, having an e-Shisha review in the mix seemed like a logical move.

The Teams

With 24 flavors to experience we divided up into three two-person teams. We have two Triple 7 e-Hookahs (reviewed here) that have become a regular part of our communal vaping hardware because of the intimacy of vaping with a partner. Despite using the same e-Hookah a couple can still enjoy their own e-shisha flavor because the Triple 7 e-Hookah provides for two flavors, one in each nozzle/mouthpiece. A night doesn’t go by when there are at least two people vaping from one of the e-Hookahs around here. Back when Dave was vaping he and Angel would always vape from one of the e-Hookahs.

Triple 7 sent us plenty of e-Shisha, in 12mg nicotine and zero-nicotine flavors. We have used e-Shisha in numerous devices and all they performed well, but for this review we decided that the e-Hookah was the best way to go, for the most part. You might, on occasion, read a comment or two about one of the team members using a particular e-Shisha flavor in another device, but it was an e-Hookah experience most of the time. And like I said above, when we do our review on the Triple 7 Magnum series we’ll use e-Shisha in them, as well as regular e-Liquids.

The Flavor Review

E-Shisha from Triple 7 has an intense flavor profile. Formulated with the same ingredients as normal e-Liquid, mainly PG and VG, distilled water, and flavoring, e-shisha produces extraordinary amount of flavor and vapor. Whether or not you’re vaping with an actual e-Hookah from Triple 7 or in an eGo-style battery and clearomizer, you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of vapor and authentic flavors. Each of the flavors reproduced faithfully, though some were better than others. Or, a better way to put it is that some flavors appealed to the team more than others did. As you will see, most e-shisha flavors are fruity flavors, and some combinations work better than others.

When choosing an e-Shisha flavor you should choose flavors that appeal to you either as an e-Liquid or as the real thing. You’ll find each flavor to be as authentic as any e-Liquid you’ve used in the past. For instance, if you love peach e-Liquids or peaches you buy from the grocery store or farm stand, you will love the e-shisha called “Georgia Peach”. So, look for the flavors you like when choosing the e-shisha flavors you might want to try.

It was agreed upfront that each of the 24 flavors produced an abundant amount of vapor, a mild but noticeable throat hit, and all were very flavorful. Some might be surprised by the strong flavors in all e-shishas and Triple 7 certainly didn’t hold back on the amount of flavor in all 24 blends.

The Taste Test

We did not set a 72-hour period where all we did was vape Triple 7 e-shisha. Instead we spent about 3 weeks going through the flavors, making notes on each one and how much we enjoyed it…or not. We then compiled all the notes, read through them, and put together a narrative that was best representative of our impressions of the 24 flavors.

Apple Martini

Angel Marie:  A nice, crisp apple flavor with a hint of something I can’t quite understand. Not an alcohol flavor, but something citrus-y, or fizzy. I liked it. 4 Stars

Nicole: Definitely a crisp apple flavor, which is the dominant one in this blend. Not so sure about the martini part of it though. I would have preferred a straight up apple. Liked the sweetness factor though, not too sweet but sweet enough. 3.75 Stars


Bermuda Triangle

Angel Marie: Very fruity, but what was strange was an authentic Kiwi flavor dominating over the melon and watermelon flavor. Kiwi is a good flavor, but not on the sweeter side of various fruits. 3.5 Stars

 Nicole: I like this one a lot. Kiwi makes a good vape, very fresh, but also kind of mild. Nice watermelon flavor too, but the melon blend I didn’t really get.  4 Stars


Berry Burst

Angel Marie: LOVED the minty coolness of this one. Rich, deep berries, blueberry, raspberry, etc., but the minty taste was awesome. 5 Stars

Nicole: You get this burst, really, of sweet flavorful berries and as soon as your taste buds fully realize it you’re hit with a cool, non-menthol minty flavor. Excellent is every way. 5 Stars


Berryliscious Lemonade

Angel Marie: This one was a curious mix of deep berry flavors and a very lemony taste. I enjoyed it, but I’m not so sure I would vape this regularly. 4 Stars

Nicole: I’m not crazy about a lemonade flavor unless there is a lot of sweetness to take away the sharp tang of lemons. This was sweet, and actually did eliminate the tang of the lemonade for the most part. I like it a lot, though anything with lemons in it is not going to be something I vape every day. There are simply too many other flavors I like more than lemon. 3.5 Stars


Carnival Apple

Angel Marie: One of the best caramel apple flavors I’ve tasted. Here is where an e-shisha can really shine. Very rich caramel with a sweeter apple flavor than the apple martini. 5 Stars

Nicole: Caramel really shines in an e-shisha liquid. You get a mouthful of real caramel flavors, and the apple is more of a red apple than green apple. An overall delight and one I would add to my rotation. 4.75 Stars


Chocolate Bliss

Angel Marie: I instantly tasted both the banana and the chocolate and was reminded of a chocolate covered frozen banana I had at a fair up north a few years back. Definitely delicious, a real keeper. 5 Stars

Nicole: These guys know their chocolate and this one was exceptionally pleasant. Sweet smooth milk chocolate with an abundance of banana flavors. Supremely mixed for the best of both flavors. 5 Stars

Citrus Cooler

Angel Marie: The name doesn’t convey the real flavor of this one. I loved the combination of a lemon and lime but what really brought this home for me was the awesome mint flavor. I mean real mint, not minty-fresh, but rather a real mint that you would add to a mint julep summer cocktail. 4.5 Stars

Nicole:  I liked the mint and the lemon-lime for a short time, probably 4 of 5 hours of vaping, but then the lemon-lime wore out its welcome. I would say this would make a nice vape on a summer day, with an e-Hookah or anything else. 4 Stars

Exploding Grape

Angel Marie: I think Triple 7 calls this “exploding” grape because it’s like the difference between a grape drink and Welch’s Grape Juice. One is sweet and other is like concentrated grape syrup. Exploding grape is a VERY grape-y flavor that many people won’t like. I liked it for a while, but then even I thought there was just too much grape to deal with. 3 Stars

Nicole: I adored the heavy grape flavor of this vape. A sweet, powerful grape flavor that would work in any situation where you want to heavy grape vape. But be warned, this is not some weak grape-like flavor… this is the real thing. 5 Stars


Fruity Cocktail

Angel Marie: There is no way this could have worked without plenty of sweet flavors because it’s a combination of all kinds of fruit. It combines into one of the fruitiest cocktails you can imagine. With a nice sweetener added in to calm the fruitiness it works very well. 4.5 Stars

Nicole: You know you are vaping something with lots of fruit, only you’re not sure which fruits you taste. It’s complicated, but a good vape anyway. Great as an e-shisha and intensely flavorful with lots of vapor. 4 Stars


Georgia Peach

John: One of the finest peach flavors I’ve had to date. The peach flavor is so real, so authentic that you could believe that someone took a peach and put it in a blender, bottled it and now you’re vaping it. My favorite e-shisha! 5 Stars

Tom: I have to admit that as a peach flavored e-shisha this is as real as it gets. A nice sweet, but fresh tasting peach, nothing more, nothing less, the perfect e-shisha. 5 Stars


Grape Zinger

John:  Take a nice juicy grape eJuice and throw in some lemon and you have this Grape Zinger. I would have preferred leaving out the lemon. 3.5 Stars

Tom: A nice surprise really, and one I never expected I would try. To many people grape and lemon just don’t work well, to others they would great. It’s a very good grape/lemon vape. 4.5 Stars 

Havana Fusion

John: Not sure why the word Havana is in the name. This is a nice watermelon, cherry, and mint blend. I loved it and the choice to mix in some cherries was inspired. Sweet cherries and a nice mint with hints of watermelon. Sure, count me in. 5 Stars

 Tom: This one works because of a great blend of very flavorful choices. The cherry is a splendid taste, and the mint for a cool finish was exceptional. This is awesome stuff. 5 Stars


Luscious Pear

John: This is my wife’s favorite e-shisha, hands down. I’m not too sure about this only because I have a thing about pears. However, if you like pears, especially sweet red pears, this is one you’re really going to like. 4 Stars

Tom: I’ve had a few pear-flavored e-Liquids and I thought no one did a “great” job with pear flavoring. Maybe its because this is an e-shisha so the flavored is “enhanced”, but to me this is one of the best pear flavored vaping liquid around. 5 Stars


Melon Paradise

Julia: For me the dominant flavor was a nice sweet cantaloupe, with a touch of pineapple and a hint of lemon. Very complex layering, and if you’re a fruit loving Vaper this is a great choice for an e-shisha. 5 Stars

Jason: A very unique blend of a lot of different fruits, and because it has a bit of lemon in it you get a sweet fruit mix and a citrus flavor on top. A terrific choice for e-Shisha. 4.5 Stars


Oozin’ Berry

Julia: A straight up, very blueberry e-shisha! There are plenty of blueberry flavors in e-Liquids, but for an e-shisha this is a heavy, fruity blueberry. If you like blueberries you’ll love it. 4 Stars

Jason:  Blueberry, blueberry, blueberry. Ripe, authentic blueberries that, if you are into blueberry vapes, will amaze you that blueberry eJuice can be this deeply flavored. 5 Stars


Raging Sevens

Julia: This is supposed to be some kind of energy drink flavor, but to me is was completely unrecognizable. I just didn’t like it. 2 Stars

Jason: I’m not sure, but it reminds me of some kind of Gatorade or red bull flavors. But since I hardly ever drink anything like this I couldn’t put my finger on anything that could give me a reference. So, a weird but nice flavor, but not something I could vape for a long time. 3 Stars

Refreshing Vanilla Bean

Julia: Oh now this is vanilla! So richly vanilla you can’t believe it. This e-shisha is really heavy on flavor! Tons of vapor only adds to an amazing vape. It’s like french vanilla ice cream and Vanilla bean ice cream. 5 Stars

Jason: This isn’t my favorite because it’s very sweet, but at the same time it has an amazing vanilla flavor. If I were a vanilla Vaper as much as some people this would be ideal. 4 Stars

Spicy Apple Twist

Julia: Spicy Apple is like the apple pie you eat during the holidays. With just a piece of cinnamon is makes all the difference in the world. What a wonderful flavor sensation! 4.5 Stars

Jason: This is a really nice vape. Love the cinnamon touch in this sweet apple flavor. Nicely balanced too. I vaped this is a number of devices and that spicy apple flavor delivered through all of them. Loved it! 5 Stars

Splash Of Sunrise

Julia: I usually don’t like orange e-Liquids, and I still don’t. But, an orange flavor in an e-shisha is much different. A more intense flavor but also sweeter, it’s just what an orange vape needs. 4 Stars

Jason: I agree that this is a sweet orange vape, and it makes a much better e-shisha than e-Liquid, but I’m still not a big fan of orange. 3.5 Stars

Triple 7 Mai-Tai

Julia: Cranberry, Orange, and Cherry…boy I bet some fruit lovers would really like this one. But cranberry? I just don’t get how cranberry can be made a good vape. Sorry, but this one doesn’t work. 2 Stars

Jason:  I loved this one. I don’t know what it is, the orange and cherry combo are awesome. The cranberry added a touch of tartness, which is fine. Something really special about Triple 7 Mai-Tai, it has to be tried to fully understand it. 5 Stars

Tropical Kiwi

Julia: This is supposed to be an assortment of fruits with emphasis of Kiwi, and once again the Kiwi outweighs everything else. I just didn’t like it. 2 Stars

Jason: This is just too much of a jumbled flavor combination to be able to identify any of the flavors. I don’t think they mix well. Good vapor, but a strange flavor. 3 Stars

Watermelon Mojito

Julia: Watermelon, lemon-lime, and mint… sounds awful doesn’t it? But, it’s a great flavor combo. I don’t know how, but it is really close to a mojito. A wonderful vape but not an all-day vape. 5 Stars

Jason: I agree that this is a good replication of a real mojito, and as a once and a while vape this could be pretty good. I enjoyed the time I spent with it, but I just wouldn’t go out of my way to open a bottle, put it in a cartomizer or clearomizer, and vape it. There are just too many other flavors I would go to first.  4 Stars


To vape e-Shisha is to vape for flavor, vapor, and the fun of vaping. It is our collective opinion that while e-shisha is made like e-Liquid we all know it is best to use e-Shisha not as an alternative to smoking, but as an alternative to normal vaping. In other words, e-Shisha is the perfect remedy for the vaping “blahs”. For times when you just aren’t getting much satisfaction from anything you vape, when even your favorite flavors from your favorite brands won’t give you the satisfaction you need, then pull our a bottle of e-Shisha and load it up into any PV or APV or e-Hookah you want and experience something completely different.

Do we think there will be a day when people ditch everyday e-Liquids and go for an e-Shisha instead? No, not at all. And we don’t think Triple 7 believes that either. Triple 7 has an extensive line of both e-Liquids and e-shishas, and many of the flavors available in the e-Liquid line are not transferrable to an e-shisha. One of our favorite e-Liquids from Triple 7 is their Italian Crème, which as an e-Shisha just wouldn’t work. At least we don’t so.

Once again we return to the element of e-Shisha being fun, pleasurable in a different way that e-Liquids are. Our experience with e-shisha has been like desert after a big meal, not the big meal itself.

Last Word and Buying Advice

If you’ve never experienced an e-shisha before than you don’t know just how flavorful vapor can be. No matter what e-Liquid you vape, no matter what brand you vape, an e-shisha is going to be an intense flavor experience. One that shouldn’t be missed. Our buying advice; since you can use any vaping device to vape e-Shisha, you should head over to Triple 7 and pick one or two out and try them. Until you do, all this is just an abstract. E-Shisha is something different. Sometimes it’s downright magical.

Julia Barnes, Jason Little, John Manzione, Nicole Henderson, and Angel Marie