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Traveling With Shrooms- Tips To Have A Safe Trip

The legalization of cannabis in the country ushered in a new wellness trend. Consumers’ awareness regarding the medicinal benefits of cannabis grew, and they no longer see it as a recreational aid. Psychedelics are following suit as they are being decriminalized and finding a use for medicinal purposes. Like cannabis, magic shrooms, or just mushrooms, are available through legit sellers, so you can try them to experience the mental wellness benefits they offer. You can even pack them along for your next vacation if you have enough experience with them. But you must know the basics of shroom consumption to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are some tips to go ahead confidently.

Have Adequate Experience For a Safe Trip

Before embarking on a journey with magic mushrooms, you must have adequate experience. It enables you to handle the highs and lows without getting into trouble. Although psilocybin is safe, you may experience something like never before. It can affect psychological processes and open up your perception powers. You will be in a better place if you have a few sessions in your track record.

Set the Scene

Set and setting are crucial when it comes to shroom tripping. Home is the safest place for a psilocybin session, but you plan it in your hotel room when traveling. Ensure you are away from the prying eyes and safely locked indoors. Choose the apt time, preferably later in the evening when you can stay in. Remember to put up a do-not-disturb tag outside the room because the last thing you want is someone knocking on your door in the middle of the session.

Pack Your Stash

If you plan to have a shroom experience while traveling, you should pack your stash. Buy quality products every time you stock up. You can check a legit store like canada cannabis dispensary to explore different products. Edibles and tea make a good pick for travelers as they are discreet. You still have to be strategic while packing your shrooms in your luggage, just as with cannabis. Put the package in your carry-on for a flight, or pack it securely in your car’s boot during a road trip. 

Eat Light for a Safe Trip

Although you may have some experience with shrooms, you cannot be too sure about the sessions. You may experience nausea if you consume them after a heavy meal. There are good chances of indulging during vacations, but you must eat light before a psychedelic experience. Experts recommend starting the session a few hours after a meal. You may eat a small snack such as fruits, nuts, or a smoothie before the dose. 

Go Slow and Easy

Slow and easy makes the best way to enter the psychedelic space, whether you do a shroom session at home or in a hotel room. If you are a seasoned consumer, you will probably know your tolerance levels and ideal dosage. Consider going a little lower with your usual shroom dose when away from home because it is always better to be on the safe side. Also, having a friend or partner during the trip helps.

Magic mushrooms can do wonders for relaxation and sound sleep, making them a great travel companion. But you must follow the rules to have a safe and enjoyable trip at home and away.