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Well, you know it had to happen. The disposable e cigar is here, for real this time, and Totally Wicked has them. Are they any good? How long do they last? How much do they cost? Lots of questions here, and lucky for you I have the answers. Well, Tom and I have the answers… So, let’s do this. – John Manzione


Totally Wicked eLiquid And The Disposable E Cigars

Well, you know it had to happen. The disposable cigar is here, for real this time, and Totally Wicked has them. Are they any good? How long do they last? How much do they cost? Lots of questions here, and lucky for you I have the answers. Well, Tom and I have the answers… So, let’s do this. – John Manzione

Tom McBride – The Big Ole Fat  E Cigar – $12.99

“Totally Wicked calls this simply the ‘Disposable e-Cigar’, I’d call it the Big Fat Stogie.” – Tom McBride

Specs: The size of a Long Corona Cigar, with a 1300mAh battery, lasts up to 1800 puffs. 

Dimensions: 154mm length x 18mm diameter. 

“Whoa!” When I looked over at John last week and saw him twiddling around with this huge cigar I thought to myself; “Dude, you can’t handle that!” So I went over to where he was sitting and told him I’d take it off his hands because he wouldn’t know a cigar from a pipe bomb. And then I did. Take it away I mean. Besides, I liked cigars. He didn’t. He gave it up without much of a fight.

With this ‘Big Fat Stogie’ Totally Wicked has to built a disposable eCigar that would appeal to the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world. People that love Big Fat Stogies but pretty much got the message about tobacco and cancer and all the rest. So they figured they’d make a product that looked very similar to the Long Corona, aka, the ‘Big Fat Stogie’ and see if anybody would bite. I’m hope customers to bite, because this eCigar is the real deal.

totally wicked eciagrTotally Wicked did a great job building a product that looked like a real cigar, and at 1300mAh and up to 1800 puffs (I got 1400+ over 5 days) it certainly vaped like a real cigar. And you know what? It damn well tasted every bit as good as a real cigar! Maybe even better. (It’s been a while). The only major difference, to me, between the big fat cigars I used to smoke and this eCigar was the “bite”. This disposable Corona is milder than what I remember the real cigars to be. It also didn’t make me cough, it didn’t make me nauseous, and best of all no one around complained about cigar smoke. Hallelujah!

Not For Every Day

The Totally Wicked Disposable eCigar is not an everyday eCigarette device. It’s also not a gimmick. You could certainly use them as cigars to give out at special occasions, even in a hospital maternity ward I would imagine, but it’s way too strong to use as an everyday eCig. Nor would Totally Wicked want you to, I bet. The best way to enjoy this ‘Big Fat Stogie’ is to enjoy them the same way you would a real cigar; on the golf course, in a card game, that sort of thing. Or, on occasion, in the office.

It feels like a cigar! It’s wrapped in what feels like tobacco leaves and it’s soft. I can, and did, bite into the end of it and carried it around in my teeth like a regular cigar. The light at the end goes well into the cigar so it looks a lot like a lit up cigar, not some ecigarette crystal LED or something. They did a helluva job making it look the part, taste the part, and create vapor that looked like it was coming from a big cigar.

The bottom line for me was this bad boy  tasted great, had a real cigar flavor, and it lasted all of 5 days. I was picking it up and puffing on it for 10-15 minutes at a time, many times a day. I counted the puffs for a while and extrapolating that bit of information I came out to a bit more than 1400 puffs. That may seem a lot less than their claim of 1800 puffs but when you consider the way I vape I think it was on the mark, and I could be off on the count, its not like I counted every single puff.

It’s been gone a few days now since I vaped the last bit of the eCigar and I’ve decided to order a couple of them to keep around for the times I want to feel like a big shot, or maybe for the golf course, something like that.  Because, to be perfectly honest, I loved the damned thing. I really did.

John Manzione – The Panatella eCigar

Soft bodied luxury Panatella e-cigar – Only $9.99

From the Totally Wicked Website; “These are fantastic for celebrations, poker nights or for when you just fancy one. The disposable e-cigar has a soft body and glows comfortingly at the end when you inhale, giving the look and flavor of a high quality cigar. The cigar is approximately the size of an Old Port or Hamlet cigar, with a 300mAh battery and 1.5ml of liquid, it can last up to 500 inhales.”

I hate cigars so when Tom came over and asked for the fat cigar I was more than happy to let him have it. I thought “Good! You write the review!” and I didn’t think about it again. Then a few days later we received a couple of the smaller cigars, the Panatella eCigar. I couldn’t wimp out again so I gave one to Jason and kept one for myself.

It’s funny that none of the female staff seemed interested in them, nor did any of the men offer it to them. It’s as though even as an electronic cigarette/cigar the apparent sexism carries over.

I waited a couple of days before opening my Panatella because, well, I just wasn’t in a hurry to vape a cigar. But eventually I did vape it, and the experience was the complete opposite of what I expected it to be.

totally wicked ecigar

Story Time

When I was a young guy this type of cigar showed up every once and a while at parties and card games (especially card games) and I couldn’t not smoke them back then. And man, they were bad. I think everybody thought they tasted like crap but no one was brave enough to say so. But I used to push on and smoke it, albeit slowly, throughout the night, always with this awful taste in my mouth. I remember thinking, as a cigarette smoker mind you, that if they could find a way to keep that unique cigar taste and remove the harshness of it than I’d really like them. Not everyday certainly, but I would more than likely enjoy them at card games at least. The flavor wasn’t bad; it was the harshness of the smoke. Cigars could really tear my throat up.

I don’t know if you can tell by the photo, but this Panatella is much larger than those tiny cigars called Swishers. These are the size of an actual cigar, smaller than the one Tom had by half, but still pretty hefty.

It’s as light as a feather and its soft with what feels like real tobacco leaves wrapped around it. The lit end goes deep into the cigar, about ¾ of inch I think, so it looks, feels, and behaves like a real cigar.

It produces a ton of vapor, more than I thought it would. I was vaping this thing while writing an opinion piece this week and every time I exhaled I had to stop typing and wait for the vapor to clear. I couldn’t see the keyboard for a few seconds. That doesn’t happen with many eCigarettes. But the coolest thing about it is that I could hold it in my teeth, chump down on it and vape it at the same time. I should also mention that since it’s an eCigar there are no long ashes to worry about, or any ashes actually, no stinking up the air, and no need for an ashtray. Vape away and then put it in your pocket, lay it down on your desk, table, wherever. This thing is awesomely cool!

I promise you this; the eCigar Panatella tastes like I had hoped the cigars I use to smoke would taste. In other words, there is a real cigar flavor here, but it doesn’t burn my mouth and it doesn’t give me that dreaded “cigar mouth”, i.e., bad breath, stale teeth and gums, it doesn’t burn my eyes when I let the vapor drift up slowly… you know what I mean if you’ve ever smoked a real cigar. Not only that, but I can inhale the vapor too, which is something I didn’t do when I tried to smoke a real cigar. Bottom line? I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I regretted giving the other one to Jason (who liked his as well).

The eCigar

It’s sort of weird, these eCigars. Looking at them you’d think it was a real cigar, so naturally knowing that it’s not you’d think it was some kind of gimmick; a joke product, good for a few laughs. But I’ll be damned if these things aren’t the real deal.

If you liked cigars when you used to smoke, or if you are a cigar smoker who wants to get off cigars but you’d miss them, this is the product that will keep you off real tobacco. I’m not kidding, these things are fun to vape, delicious to vape, and at $9.99 a pop, they are affordable. And, knowing Totally Wicked, once you try these and you know you like them (if you like real cigars you’re going to love these), then you can always look for YoYo sales or coupon codes and pick up several when you can get a deal on them.

Okay, I don’t want to scare anyone, but I made a video of myself vaping this cigar. Don’t be frightened when you see me. I’m told I have the darkest circles under my eyes then anyone else on the planet. That might be true, I don’t get a lot of sleep and what sleep I do get is awful. I’m showing you the video so that you can see that this is the real deal. It was taken on the second day that I had it, probably 150 puffs in, I’m at home, not the office, and I’m wearing a torn up t-shirt… you have been warned…Seriously, can you imagine if I tried to do what SmokenJoey does? OMG!

John Manzione

Tom McBride